How to Increase AdSense Earnings – 14 Adsense Optimization Tips

Becoming an Adsense publisher is a dream that every blogger. Having a title as an Adsense blogger gives a proud feeling for any blogger. We don't say it's too hard to get high AdSense revenue. Still, we must say, with proper strategies and investing 10 min per day for Adsense optimization, you can significantly improve your estimated Adsense earnings with your current traffic. Just keep reading on how to increase AdSense earnings easily.

How to Increase AdSense Earnings?

No doubt, Google Adsense is the best ad network available on the market till now. As you know, AdSense is Google's property, and it's worth becoming a part of it that offer good revenue to the bloggers and online publishers. 

People Used to ask These Questions:

Best Quick Tips to Make Money With Google AdSense

How To Increase AdSense Earnings Adsense Optimization
Earnings – How to Increase AdSense Earnings | AdSense Optimization

Google has rules that some bloggers seem to miss when reading the terms of service. As a result, many website owners have found out the hard way that they'd violated a Google policy and have lost their account forever. 

Track AdSense performance to double your revenue

To boost your Google AdSense earnings, you must understand what works best for your unique audience.

Your traffic source and location matters

AdSense ads perform best when your traffic is from search engines. Also, interest-based ads might not perform as well if you are getting more direct traffic. Many people complain about low CPC and low AdSense income, despite millions of impressions per month.

Write more engaging content

One of the most effective ways to increase AdSense revenue is to write more content. There’s no secret that websites that produce the most content grow more quickly than sites that produce less.

Use 5 ad blocks on all your pages

Always put 5 ad blocks on all your pages. This increases the number of available ad slots on your site, resulting in more advertisers bidding on locations on your site.

Make sure your website or blog is responsive and optimized for mobile

The number of people who use mobile devices is high. Also, make sure you're using responsive ads so Google can send appropriate ad sizes to mobile devices viewing your site.

If your ad slots and ad designs perform well accordingly, then Google Adsense will be a money-making machine for you. Web admins spend lots of time increasing their ad revenue without improving their traffic. These small tips will increase AdSense earnings and double your AdSense income with existing traffic. 

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Understanding the Logic of AdSense Optimization

Getting Adsense approval from Adsense is a challenging task. Once the blogger achieves the same, the next goal is to increase the revenue from it. As Adsense is the top ad network company, it offers a great platform to gain more from ads. It provides a wide variety of advertisements and reasonable CPS rates compared to other ad networks and increases AdSense earnings?

In recent times, due to fierce competition, it turned very challenging to earn good revenue through Adsense. You might get thousands of visitors daily, but the money you receive might not be up to that level. It might be due to some mistakes in making money from Adsense.

Here we listed the simple techniques to increase Adsense earnings. We share our personal experience with Adsense and the revenue journey from few dollars to 20$ to 30$ daily. We will explain the practical methods of how we doubled our Adsense earnings by making some changes in the website template & settings of the Adsense account. Anybody can improve their Adsense ad revenues by up to 250%.

Tips to Increase AdSense Earnings

There are many ways to Increase AdSense Earnings. With some proven techniques, it is possible to experience at least a 150% boost in your present income. The only thing you need to consider in optimizing the Adsense while increasing traffic to the content. 

Proven strategies to Increase AdSense Earnings. Make your Google AdSense earnings double by following these strategies and Adsense optimization:

1. High Paying Keyword Selection for Blog

How to make extra money with AdSense?

If you want to get high CPC value, selecting appropriate but top-paying keywords for the content is necessary. 

We suggest you Google Keyword Planner to find the high-paying keywords, or you can get better results with this awesome tool.

How to Increase AdSense Earnings | AdSense Optimization

It's always recommended to write on the trending topics and current issues that the public would love to share. Trending topic improves click-through-rate and so social shares. Likewise, writing on trending and targeted keywords is always beneficial. 

We recommend you choose high CPC paying keywords while writing the content for your blogs. Such a keyword niche will drive more traffic and give you a massive opportunity to make more money from Adsense. Look for keywords that have higher monthly searches and low competition. This way you will improve traffic and so the income. 

2. Organic Traffic from USA & UK and European Countries

Organic traffic is highly recommended to get more money from the Adsense account and to increase AdSense earnings. The Adsense ads perform well and generate the best results when your site visitors are directly from the search engines, especially from the US, UK, and Canada. 

For better content marketing, it's always recommended to focus on the US and UK audience while writing the pages and developing your blog content. You must able to drive geo-targeted traffic to improve Adsense earnings. 

If you get huge traffic from countries like the UK and the USA, you will definitely end up with a high CPC. 

How To Increase AdSense Earnings – AdSense Optimization

Whenever your pages are searched and visited by users from the US, UK countries, they can see relevant ads on all your blog pages. Your ad slots serve the ads related to and associated with those countries. This will improve the higher bidding on your ad slots and so the ad revenue. 

How to Increase AdSense Earnings – 13 Adsense Optimization Tips
Create Search Engine – How To Increase AdSense Earnings – AdSense Optimization

Help people know what they need on your website. Add customizable search boxes to your web pages and display relevant and fast results with support from Google.

How To Increase AdSense Earnings – AdSense Optimization
Basic Settings – How To Increase AdSense Earnings – AdSense Optimization

Google Adsense offers several ways to monetize the content, and “Adsense for the search” is one of them. Like most pro bloggers, it's recommended to take advantage of different ad strategies offered by the Adsense account to increase AdSense earnings.

Adsense for search helps increase your ad earning, and on the other side, it allows your readers to find the content on your website. 

How To Increase AdSense Earnings – AdSense Optimization

The “AdSense for the search” is a free product by Adsense itself, allowing you to add a Custom Search Engine on your website to get the search or web results for the visitors searching on your site. It will help you to get more revenue as well as with user navigation. You can show search results on the blog page and the Google search page within the site. Both help you to increase revenue from Adsense. 

4. Place your Ads Correctly

Just like the ads' selection makes the revenue, similarly, where you paste the ad is equally important. Displaying advertisements at the proper place is very important. 

To Increase AdSense Earnings we Highly Recommend to Follow these Ad Spaces:
How To Increase AdSense Earnings  Adsense Optimization
Ad Spaces – How to Increase AdSense Earnings – AdSense Optimization

Placing and positioning ads can affect a lot to increase AdSense's earnings. The ad placement that might generate more ad revenue on the heavy content page will not work the same with the boost in Adsense income on the page having a higher bounce rate. You always try various ad spots and find which work better on your website's different placements. 

To increase AdSense earnings and get more clicks, it is always recommended to place ads in the right place. 

How To Increase AdSense Earnings – AdSense Optimization

The best place is at the top of the article. As maximum time visitors do not go to the bottom of the page, it is the best place to show ads. So, keep adding one image immediately after the post’s title. Adding pictures at the end can also work a great many times. 

At the same time, one image needs to be added at the middle of the article.

5. Using Text Ads and Image/Rich Ads

How To Increase AdSense Earnings  Adsense Optimization
Type of Ads – How to Increase AdSense Earnings | AdSense Optimization

It is not that only image ads grab more attention to clicks & drive better results, but according to many publishers, text ads work more prominent for certain niche sites. 

You need to choose & display either text ads or image/ richer media ads derived by AdSense, or you could also choose the recommended default option allowing Adsense to show both types. Onwards, Adsense will show the most performing ads with the highest bid independent of the ad type you prefer to show on your web pages. 

It may lead to decreasing the competition for bidding prices on your ad slots by tackling the ad type. The result decreases in the estimated ad revenue. Thus, it is recommended to use both types of ads. 

Moreover, you may examine both ads for a month, and according to the results for your own niche blog, decide to add the ad type that can more relate to the text of your content. 

6. Inserting Ads in-Between Post Content

To increase AdSense earnings, you need to add AdSense ads between the blog post. It is always better to configure the ads for Adsense optimization. 

Making money with Adsense is one of the active sources for publishers. Still, for increasing the Adsense earnings and practicing at its full extent, you are required to place the targeted ads at the right places in your site to enhance your CTR & CPM that'll increase estimated Adsense revenue. You can change and configure ads that can go perfectly, matching the page background and colors. 

Moreover, by adding “text ads” + “link ads” + “image ads” in the size of (300×250) + (720x 90 size); it can help boost your ad revenue. 

How to Increase AdSense Earnings | AdSense Optimization

For better user engagement, it always suggested adding 5 to 6 quality images or a video while writing the blog post to offer an excellent user experience to your users and improve the click-through rate. 

7. Targeting Ad Placements

The placement targeting is yet another proven technique through which you can boost the Adsense revenue. 

How To Increase AdSense Earnings  Adsense Optimization
Data – How to Increase AdSense Earnings | AdSense Optimization

It would help if you were careful while placing your ads so that Adsense provides top CPC ads where your readers are most likely to click. 

When you create a channel, you get an option for adding more details about the ad types. Then it asks to put the ad for auction in the market by opting for the placement targeting. This increases the ad’s value and thereby clicks for your site. 

Advertisers prefer particular ad placements to display their advertisements. Such ads that are placement-targeted may not be relevant to the content. Those are chosen intelligently by advertisers to match between what your visitors are interested in and what advertisers can show. This is how Adsense works hard to maximize your CTR & CPM. 

It is the key to targeting ad placements that your site's users click on your ads can affect Adsense, and it will then provide you the top-paying AdSense ads. 

8. Use URL Blocking

All the Adsense publishers are not able to target high paying CPC keyword that gives high CPC. But if you are one of those getting low CPC, you can block these ads from the settings panel to increase Adsense earning. 

If you know of the ads, URLs & ad networks generating the lower-paying CPC, you can prevent them from showing ads on your website by configuring the option of “Allow & block ads” shown in the Adsense dashboard. 

Keep updating the low CPC Adsense list of URLs to block & increase earnings. You can prevent such an advertiser’s URL and can experience a boost in the Adsense revenue. 

How to Increase AdSense Earnings | AdSense Optimization

It is ideal for blocking the URLs paying minimal per click to get ads only from those who offer higher pay per click. Such URLs are termed as ‘blacklist.’ You can have your blacklist of such URLs. 

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9. Blocking The Category

How to Increase AdSense Earnings – 13 Adsense Optimization Tips
Blocking Controls – How to Increase AdSense Earnings | AdSense Optimization

Here, in the Adsense feature, it is possible to block the ads that perform very poorly. Like blocking URLs, you can even block such categories. It's recommended to prevent the types of serving ad impressions but produces only a pretty small income.

The Adsense statistics provide details about the percentages of ad views and estimated earnings for each category for a particular period. You need to check the reports according to the groups under which the ads are showing on your website. And if you find any category having a higher percentage of total impressions but low paying CPC, then you need to block them directly. 

It is effortless to block the category with AdSense’s new interface. This feature makes it easier to see which ads are performing poorly to block such categories and generate good revenue from quality ad categories. 

10. Targeting Contextual Advertising

Adsense is a contextual ad network. Its works are directly related to the content of the page and the header and footer of the material. 

It's better to use simple font style, size, and few links interconnected to your internal pages and adding not more than 5-7 targeted keywords.

How to Increase AdSense Earnings | AdSense Optimization

It's recommended to show the ads via Adsense that can relate to the context of the content. Targeting the ads to the content is the best technique to increase the revenue from Adsense. 

To target contextual ads and match the ads to the page content, Adsense needs to find what the web page is talking about. It is structured using the content factors like the number of words used, keyword placed, font size, and colors, including the page's complete link structure. 

11. AdSense and YouTube

If your content is visual or you are a video publisher, YouTube can be a great place to boost revenue. 

Youtube is the most trending social network in the last few years. People are interested to see videos more than reading the text. If you use this, and make the videos out of your content and upload them with the URL added into the description, it will improve the traffic and page views

Moreover, uploading the videos to YouTube can help you to monetize your copyrighted videos. Depending on the traffic you get for your YouTube videos, you can earn quite higher. 

12. Hire an Adsense Optimization Certified Partners

How To Increase AdSense Earnings  Adsense Optimization
Revenue Growth – How To Increase AdSense Earnings | AdSense Optimization

It is always good to see through the eyes of the specialist. The Adsense certified partners (like; Ezoic) use the tools to automate the optimization of placements, ad-types, colors, and sizes to boost your website monetization by 300%. Such tools can be helpful for you and can offer you increased AdSense earnings.

13. Use AdSense Anchor Ads for AdSense Optimization

Use AdSense anchor ads. Not vignette ads, but anchor ads. To do this, you can go to “ad formats,” then click on “In-page ads,” “Match content,” and “Anchor.” 

Anchor ads are key. These are ads that will stick to the edge of the user’s screen and are easily dismissible.

How To Increase AdSense Earnings | AdSense Optimization

Do not click on “Vignette” Those are the ones where someone clicks a link, and a vignette ad will show up, then they’ll have to close out of that ad and go somewhere else where they’ll have to click on another link.

14. Blend Ads Well with Theme and Site Design

The ads on a site must blend well with the theme in terms of design and color. If it is overly attractive and sticks out from the rest of the page, it is not a good thing. It should also stand out from the rest if you want users to notice and click it.

You can mix and match similar as well as complementary colors in a balanced way. For example, you may use the text color and font style in your ad that matches that of the content on the page and let the background of your ad and other elements contrast.

FAQs About How to Increase AdSense Earnings

  1. Which are the best ways to boost Google AdSense revenue?

    Use proper Ad placement for your blog. Google gives bloggers all they need to be successful. Search for high-paying keywords. Edit the design of your selected ads. Always monitor your results to understand your visitors better.

  2. How to earn more money from AdSense?

    Change the size of your ads. Experimenting with replacing 300×250 ad boxes with 300×600. Insert banner ads into your text. You can try out different positioning within your text to see what receives the most engagement.

  3. What are the proven strategies to increase AdSense revenue?

    Replace your 728×90 with a 970×90. Similarly, a larger leaderboard size helps the ads stand out more to both new and returning visitors. Align ads with content. Most visitors will skip to the start of the article. Moving the ad down might actually be better in this case.

Final Words on How to Easily Increase AdSense Earnings

Your account approval mail from Google Adsense is the first step towards your success. Well, to keep your success moving upward, it is most important to do lots of hard work. With the above-listed tips, you can make your Adsense account reliable. You can start earning more and more each month through your Adsense accounts. 

So, plan your new content to earn a good amount through Adsense. Design your content accordingly; add relevant ads that can give you maximum returns. Block the ads that are not useful for you. Place the ads in the right place. The results will definitely in your favor. 

While many things with Adsense are out of your control, you can still use these Adsense optimization tips to increase AdSense earnings.

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