How to Improve Core Web Vitals Ranking Factor: 4 Easy Ways

Google has released the Core Web Vitals report in Google Webmaster Tools, which expresses the quality signals they use to improve User experience. So how to improve the core web vitals ranking factor?

The report aims to help site owners fix poor user experiences by improving core web vitals. Webmasters need to optimize their site's core web vitals as it is an SEO signal, and future algorithmic updates may take this factor seriously.

What are Core Web Vitals?

How to Improve Core Web Vitals Ranking Factor
Results – How to Improve Core Web Vitals Ranking Factor

Core web vitals are essential for the page to provide a great user experience, focusing on loading, interactivity, and visual stability. Core Web Vitals is a collection of items that Google considers necessary for the overall web page user experience to improve core web vitals ranking factors.

Core Web Vitals are a subset of factors that will be part of Google’s page experience score.

How to Improve Core Web Vitals Ranking Factor

Page experience will be a mixture of factors that Google considers necessary for user experience, including:

1: Mobile-friendliness: Your page is optimized for mobile browsing.

2: Safe-browsing: Your page contains no malicious (malware) or misleading content (phishing).

3: HTTPS security: The page is served in HTTPS.

4: No intrusive interstitials: Your page should not have elements that obstruct your main content (such as a popup covering most of the content immediately after the user land on your page).

Some websites that have good Core Web Vitals scores include:

  • Google Search
  • Wikipedia
  • YouTube
  • Amazon
  • Twitter

These websites are all fast, responsive, and visually stable, which makes them a pleasure to use.

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Core Web Vitals Basically Consists of 3 Facts

How To Improve Core Web Vitals Ranking Factor
Factors – How to Improve Core Web Vitals Ranking Factor

Core Web Vitals are nothing new to webmasters. Still, Google announced its plan to update the algorithm under these elements, spurring a heightened urgency to optimize its core web vitals. This is true for digital marketing experts, but for newbies scratching their heads and wondering what Core Web Vitals are about, this brief guide is for you.

Core Web Vitals Report

How To Improve Core Web Vitals Ranking Factor
Report – How to Improve Core Web Vitals Ranking Factor

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How to Track Your Website’s Core Web Vitals

Tracking and improving the Core web Vitals ranking factor is as simple as going into the search console and looking at each web property case-to-case basis. You’ll need to go in and see around with this to analyze where you stand.

What Metrics do Core Web Vitals Consider?

These parameters can be implemented in many page speed testing tools like WebPageTest and Google PageSpeed.

How To Improve Core Web Vitals Ranking Factor
Web Vital Reports – How to Improve Core Web Vitals Ranking Factor

The quality of the on-page experience depends on several factors. 

Core Web Vitals combines the main elements of a page-loading experience while the user accesses and interacts with its elements.

Now, let’s learn more about each Core Web Vitals metric.

How Important are Core Web Vitals for SEO?

Google says they will use improved core web vitals as page experience signals if several pages have equally great, relevant content. So, optimizing the core vitals should not be prioritized over quality content, search intent, and page authority.

There are a few reasons why you should care about Core Web Vitals:

  • They impact your search ranking. Google has already announced that Core Web Vitals will be a factor in their search ranking algorithm. This means that websites with good Core Web Vitals scores will likely appear higher in search results.
  • They improve your user experience. Users are likelier to stay on your website and engage with your content if it loads quickly and is visually stable. This means that good Core Web Vitals scores can lead to increased website traffic and conversions.
  • They make your website more accessible. People with disabilities, such as slow internet connections or visual impairments, may be more likely to have a good experience on your website if it has good Core Web Vitals scores.

How to Improve Your Core Web Vitals?

How to Improve Core Web Vitals Ranking Factor
GTmetrix Report – How to Improve Core Web Vitals Ranking Factor

There are some things you can do to improve your Core Web Vitals scores:

  • Optimize your images. Large images can take a long time to load, so optimizing them for the web is essential. This means using smaller file sizes and compressing them without sacrificing quality.
  • Minify your code. Minimizing your code will remove unnecessary whitespace and comments, loading your pages faster.
  • Use a content delivery network (CDN). A CDN will deliver your web pages from servers that are closer to your users, which can improve loading times.
  • Test your website on different devices and browsers. Ensure your website loads quickly and looks good on various devices and browsers.

If you want to know how your website performs with Google’s Core Web Vitals and how to improve core web vitals, the company has helpfully provided some valuable tools to help you get to grips with your website’s vital signs and give it a regular health check.

These include:

  • Search Console
  • PageSpeed Insights
  • Lighthouse
  • Chrome DevTools
  • Chrome UX Report
  • Web Vitals Extension

Each can help you monitor your Core Web Vitals differently to improve core web vitals. We suggest deep diving into these tools to better understand how they can help you improve Core Web Vitals and boost your search engine rankings.

Improve Your LCP to Improve Core Web Vitals

How to Improve Core Web Vitals Ranking Factor
Page Speed Results – How to Improve Core Web Vitals Ranking Factor

According to Google, these are the most common causes of bad LCP and suggestions on how to optimize them to improve core web vitals:

  • Slow server response times
    • Optimize your server
    • Route users to a nearby CDN
    • Cache assets
  • Render-blocking CSS and JavaScript
    • Minify CSS
    • Inline critical CSS 
    • Minify and compress JavaScript files
    • Minimize unused polyfills
  • Slow resource load times
    • Optimize and compress images
    • Preload important resources
    • Compress text files
  • Client-side rendering
    • Minimize critical JavaScript
    • Use server-side rendering
    • Use pre-rendering

Improve Your FID to Improve Core Web Vitals

To improve your First Input Delay, you can do the following to improve core web vitals:

  • Break up Long Tasks
  • Optimize your page for interaction readiness
    • First-party script execution can delay interaction readiness.
    • Third-party script execution can delay interaction latency.
  • Use a web worker
  • Reduce JavaScript execution time
    • Defer unused JavaScript
    • Minimize unused polyfills

Improve Your CLS to Improve Core Web Vitals

Improving the Cumulative Layout Shift can be achieved by optimizing the following causes of poor CLS to improve core web vitals:

  • Images without dimensions
    • Always include width and height size attributes on your images and videos.
    • Each image should use the same aspect ratio.
  • Ads, embeds, and iframes without dimensions
    • Statically reserve space for the ad slot
    • Take care when placing non-sticky ads near the top of the viewport.
    • Eliminate shifts by reserving the largest possible size for the ad slot
    • Choose the most likely size for the ad slot based on historical data.
  • Dynamically injected content
    • Avoid inserting new content above existing content.
    • Reserve sufficient space in the viewport
  • Web Fonts causing FOIT/FOUT
    • Modify the rendering behavior of custom fonts with font-display
    • The Font Loading API can reduce the time needed to get fonts.
    • Use <link rel=preload> on the critical web fonts

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Audit Your Site for Security Issues

Along with mobile usage functionality, website security will also play a role in determining the page experience. Google is committed to ensuring that SERP websites are secure for users to view without the risk of security issues.

The main security issues to be aware of are malware, unwanted software, phishing, and deceptive content.

How to Improve Core Web Vitals Ranking Factor

An easy way to check whether or not your website has issues that could put your users at risk and look at the Security issues report in Google Search Console.

How to Improve Core Web Vitals Ranking Factor
Security Issues – How to Improve Core Web Vitals Ranking Factor

This report can be found under the Security & Manual Actions heading.

FAQs About How to Improve Core Web Vitals:

  1. Does CLS affect SEO?

    CLS score will affect your SEO. While it's likely a minor factor, your CLS score (along with the other Web Vitals) may reflect the traffic you get from search engines.

  2. What is Web Vital?

    Web Vitals is an algorithm from Google to see how they measure your site for one of their crucial website quality indicators.

  3. What is the largest Contentful paint?

    Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) is a Core Web Vitals metric and measures when the viewport's largest content element becomes visible. It determines when the page's main content has finished rendering on the screen.

Final Words on Improve Core Web Vitals Ranking Factor:

When it comes to search engine rankings, user experience becomes more critical. While high-quality content and a well-thought-out SEO plan should remain one of your top priorities, you must think carefully about user experience and how you can improve core web vitals ranking factors.

Google put site speed and user experience front and center again. We’ve always looked at SEO as a priority. Although the tips mentioned above can help you improve Core Web Vitals ranking factor scores, you should do this to offer your visitors a better user experience.

Have you checked your Website Core Web Vitals? What are your reports suggesting? Feel free to comment below. We will be happy to assist you further.

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