How to Delete Disabled AdSense Account Permanently in 12 Minutes Easily

Do you have multiple Adsense accounts? You are intense with your Adsense account? If you want to know how to delete disabled Adsense account permanently, this article is for you, and please read carefully.

Although according to Google Adsense policies, google doesn’t allow the creation of multiple Adsense accounts for one person.

In some cases, Google disabled your AdSense account because you created a Google AdSense account some years ago and completely forgot about that and created a new one. Then you will receive a mail from Google AdSense Team that “You already have an AdSense account, please close that to continue with this one.”

What is Google AdSense?

Google Adsense is a Google product that shows advertisements for automatic text, images, and video on the publisher’s website or blog.

Most bloggers depend on it. If AdSense approves your blog, you can check your Google Adsense earnings by Google Adsense login to place ads on your blog. With this, you can earn money in two ways. 

  • Impressions: This gives money to the number of times your ads are viewed each day. You can assume it provides $1 in every 1,000 views. 
  • Clicks: It depends on how many clicks were received on your ads.

Once your account is approved in Google Adsense, you can look at your ads in your Google Adsense Account, and you can decide where the ads will look on your blog.

When visitors or users visit your blog, view ads, and click on them, you will earn. The more click you get, the more money you will make. 

Once it’s $ 100, you can transfer it to the check or direct your bank account.

How to Delete Disabled AdSense Account Permanently

Not just on the blog or website, it also works on YouTube. People mostly like to watch a good video rather than reading a post or article; because of that, YouTube is the world’s 2nd best search engine.

You will notice you see some advertisements while watching videos on YouTube. These are nothing but Google Adsense youtube ads.

If there are no visitors to your blog, you will not benefit from AdSense ads.

Quick Steps to Delete Disabled AdSense Account Permanently

Delete Disabled AdSense Account
Google does not allow a user to keep multiple Adsense accounts. According to Adsense Privacy and policies, one person should have one Google Adsense Account.
Login first
Login into Your Disable AdSense Account.
Open Gmail account
Now, Open the Gmail Account of Disabled AdSense Account
Open menu
Click on the Menu Option and go to Google Accounts
Click payments
Now, in the left-hand side menus, click on payments and subscription
Click manage payment methods
Now, in the payment section, click on manage payment method.
Add a payment option
Now a page will open in front of you; if the payment method is already there, then it's okay. Otherwise, add a payment option.
Close payment profile
After adding the payment option, click on the setting tab on the left-hand side and then click on close payment Profile.

After This, your Google AdSense account will be deleted permanently.

Primary Reasons Google Will Ban AdSense Accounts

How To Delete Disabled AdSense Account Permanently
Reasons – Delete Disabled AdSense Account Permanently

Fraudulent Clicks – Google is extremely good at determining invalid clicks. Some publishers have thought that by contacting friends and family, having them search for their site, find, and then click on the ads keeps them in the clear, but this is a considerable risk and not at all worth the minimal rewards you might receive. Others have attempted to cloak their traffic or use automated software that will click on the sites for them, which, of course, is unacceptable and deemed invalid activity.

Fake Traffic – Publishers will either purchase loads of invalid traffic from often-shady sources or buy websites where most traffic is coming from shady sources. Often this traffic will have no interest in the particular subject but results in clicks that cost the advertiser money. This type of traffic is harmful to advertisers because they’re paying for traffic that will, ultimately, not convert for them. Sticking to search engine optimization (SEO) is a safer route for bloggers and site owners.

Previously Banned Account – Sometimes, publishers that have previously been banned will attempt to sign up for another account by changing their name, using a friend’s contact information, etc. Google is very adept at catching this and will shut you down when caught.

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This article will tell you how to delete disabled AdSense account in just a few steps.

Nowadays, Google Adsense is the top Ad network globally, so some policies use Google Adsense account if you break the Adsense policy; Google obviously disables/banned your Adsense account.

AdSense is one of the most popular advertising companies, through which you can make good money.

How to Delete Disabled AdSense Account Permanently

If you are a Google AdSense publisher, this article is helpful for you, so let’s get started.

Why you Need to Delete Google AdSense Account?

  1. One of the most popular reasons is “Google does not allow one person to create multiple Adsense accounts.”
  2. You create a Google Adsense account some years ago and completely forgot about that and want to create a new one; before deleting the old account, you can’t create a new one.

Before Delete Disabled Adsense Account Keeps These Thing in your Mind:

  • If you use Google Adsense Ads code on your website, please remove that before deleting your disabled Adsense account.
  • If you delete your Adsense account, the other user you can access your Adsense account can not access your Adsense account before deleting Adsense; remove the user first.
  • If your account balance is greater than the cancellation threshold, clear that you get your payment after that, cancel your Adsense account.
  • If your account is associated with the Custom Search Engine, you can’t show an ad before associating with a new one.
  • To back up your records, download your record file in CSV format.

How to Delete Disabled Adsense Account Permanently?

Deleting your disabled Adsense account is too easy. Just follow the steps given below. Let's start the procedure of how you can delete your Adsense account.

Google AdSense account cancel form is no longer working. But here's a solution, permanently cancel your disabled Google AdSense Account with screenshots.

Just follow these steps to delete disabled AdSense account permanently, with a proper image guide.

Open Google account

How to Delete Disabled AdSense Account Permanently
Open Account – Delete Disabled AdSense Account Permanently

Open your web browser, type “Google My Account” on the Google search engine, and open the first link.

Sign in first

If you are not Signed in, please sign in with a google account that you want to delete permanently.

Open payments and subscriptions

How To Delete Disabled AdSense Account Permanently In 1 Minute
Open Payments Section – Delete Disabled AdSense Account Permanently

Now click on “Payments and Subscriptions” from the left-hand side.

Click manage payment methods

How To Delete Disabled AdSense Account Permanently In 1 Minute
Click Payment Methods – Delete Disabled AdSense Account Permanently

Now click on the “Manage Payment Methods” under the “Payments and Subscriptions” tab.

Add payment method

How To Delete Disabled AdSense Account Permanently In 1 Minute
Add Method – Delete Disabled AdSense Account Permanently

If you add a payment method before, that’s a significant go-to “Step 7”, or if you do not add any payment method, follow this step, go ahead and add your payment method.

Save information

Fill in your card details & address info and click on the Save button.

Go to settings

How To Delete Disabled AdSense Account Permanently In 1 Minute 3
Click Settings – Delete Disabled AdSense Account Permanently

After adding the payment method, you will see this and go to settings from the left-hand side.

Close profile

How To Delete Disabled AdSense Account Permanently In 1 Minute
Close Profile – Delete Disabled AdSense Account Permanently

Scroll down, and you will see “Payments profile status” click on “Close Payments Profile.

Choose reason

How To Delete Disabled AdSense Account Permanently In 1 Minute
Choose Reason – Delete Disabled AdSense Account Permanently

Choose why you want to close your payment profile and click Continue.

After completing these steps, your Google Adsense account will delete permanently, and you will receive an email from the Google team.

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FAQs About How To Delete Adsense Account

  1. Your AdSense account for this login is currently disabled error fix?

    It means your AdSense account got disabled. Now you can’t access that.

  2. How to get back a disabled AdSense account?

    Once your Google AdSense account is disabled, you can’t get that back.

  3. How to create a new AdSense account after being disabled?

    It is effortless. Go to Google AdSense and sign up with a new Gmail id and password. But remember, don’t use any details already used before in a disabled account.

  4. Can I have more than one AdSense account?

    As per the AdSense rule, a person can’t have more than 1 Google AdSense account.
    But there are various tricks through which let people have multiple AdSense accounts.

  5. How do I remove AdSense from my Blogger?

    1. Log in to Go to in your browser and sign in with your Google account.
    2. Go to Earnings. To do that, click on Earnings from the left side panel.
    3. Navigate to “Your AdSense ad-display settings.” Select No, right after the Show ads on the blog text.
    4. Save your changes.

Final Words on Delete Disabled AdSense Account Permanently

In this post, we write about permanently deleting a disabled Adsense account. If you like this article and it helps you, please don’t forget to like and share it with your friends.

If you have any problems, you may ask; even if you have a problem deleting, disabling the AdSense account, email me or comment below. I definitely answer it, and if this information is good, then share it.

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