WordPress Ping List for Fast Indexing of New Posts

WordPress ping list is handy for extending your blog to major search engines. We all know that blogs have a significant advantage over fixed/dynamic sites in the form of ping.

This WordPress ping list for fast indexing new posts will help you SEO and get instant traffic from various sources. Moreover, quality XML-RPC ping services can help you get your post indexed as soon as you publish it.

What is WordPress Ping List?

WordPress sends a ping to all Ping services listed under your Ping Update service whenever you publish, edit, or modify a post whenever you publish, edit, or modify a post. So this way, Ping Services gets notified about new posts, and search engines will index them quickly.

WordPress Ping List is a list of ping services that quickly index our blog posts in major search engines.

WordPress Ping List for Fast Indexing of New Posts

Whenever you publish or update a post, and if you are a WordPress user, you have the advantage of pinging. WordPress has a built-in advantage to automatically ping popular update services.

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Default WordPress Ping List

Most people use Ping-o-Matic, which, with just one “ping” from you, will let many other services know that you’ve updated. As for why Ping-O-Matic puts it best.

WordPress makes this easy for you by listing Ping-O-Matic’s server ( by default. All you need to do is sit back and let it work for you!

How to Update WordPress Ping List

Generally, If you install WordPress, WordPress has a 1 ping list in your WordPress main dashboard, and that is Per our recommendation, you need to update this list for the fastest search engine indexing and SEO ranking.

Process to Add or Update Your WordPress Ping List

Updating WordPress ping services is just the first step to SEO, and there are many things you need to do to SEO optimization of your blog.

By default, WordPress already pings some of the major search engines for us, but we can always extend our Ping list by manually adding them to our ping list.

WordPress Ping List for Fast Indexing of New Posts

Indexing is a necessary part of the blogging world. No matter how many posts you have published, they are useless if they are not indexed.

List of  WordPress Ping Service:

1. Copy the WordPress Ping List From Below

You might find lists with more ping services, but most of them are not working. We regularly test all the services, add new services to the list, and remove the discontinued WordPress ping services.

WordPress Ping List for Fast Indexing of New Posts

We have collected a ping site list to index your blog posts at lightning speed, which will help you ping more services. Here is a list of links.
WordPress Ping List For Super Faster Indexing Of New Posts
Settings – WordPress Ping List for Fast Indexing of New Posts

2. Log in to your WordPress dashboard and go to Settings » Writing » Update Services

WordPress Ping List For Super Faster Indexing Of New Posts
Paste List – WordPress Ping List for Fast Indexing of New Posts

3. Paste the Copied! Ping List Below Under the Existing URL and Click On ‘Save Changes’ 

WordPress Ping List For Super Faster Indexing Of New Posts
Save – WordPress Ping List for Fast Indexing of New Posts

Your ping list is updated. WordPress automatically notifies the above ping services whenever you publish a new post or modify an existing post. Suppose you use WordPress Seo by Yoast plugin. It automatically pings Google and Bing. You can select yahoo and ask to ping for faster indexing from Yoast plugin Dashboard.

Official Statement From Yoast – WordPress Ping List for Fast Indexing Of New Posts:
WordPress Ping List for Fast Indexing Of New Posts
Yoast Statement – WordPress Ping List for Fast Indexing of New Posts

It is not about putting hundreds of pings services full of broken URLs in your WordPress that matters. You can only put ten to fifteen pings URLs in your WordPress, which is ok.

Some Extra Ways to Index Your Blog Posts Fast

Link your newly Published Content from your Already existing pages – This also helps quickly index your new content on search engines.

Share your New Content On Social media Platforms – Sharing your Content on social media platforms also helps index your content and allows search engine crawlers to quickly index your content.

Submit your website Sitemap to Search Engines – Every Major Search engine has this feature to submit your sitemap. Be it Bing, Google, Yahoo, Yandex, or any other. All major Search engines nowadays have the feature to add your sitemap to search engines. After that, Search engine crawlers regularly crawl your sitemap for new content and quickly index them.

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How to Check if a Ping Service is Still Working?

After you enter the website or blog that provides the ping service list, copy one of the URLs, and put it in your browser to open the address.

If the address opens, it should show you things related to ping services. For example, it will tell you they only accept posts or show you something related to ping services.

FAQs About WordPress Ping List for Fast Indexing of New Posts

  1. What is WordPress Ping List?

    WordPress Ping List is a list of ping services that automatically pings and notifies major search engines whenever we update our content or publish new content. This helps our content to get indexed in search engines quickly.

  2. Is it guaranteed that your blog posts will be quickly indexed after updating the ping list?

    No, We never know when google will index our content, but doing this small thing can significantly help index your content faster than usual.

  3. Do WordPress Pings search engines by default?

    Yes, WordPress, by default, pings major search engines, but we manually add extra ping lists to add more ping services to get our blog posts indexed even faster. Also, adding this is unnecessary as your blog content will get indexed without this, but you have added a WordPress ping list to make the process faster.

Final Words on WordPress Ping List

Adding a ping list is a quick and easy process for any WordPress user, novice or professional. According to Bill Gales from the SEO company HigherVisibility, “You will see plenty of benefits in traffic sourced from search engines because these services will utilize a push system that sends signals that there is new content available for visitors consumption.”

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