Why You Should Not Start a Blog: 16 Honest Reasons

So, today's question is, why you should not start a blog? When someone asks us about blogging, becoming a blogger, or how to start a blog, there is one question we always ask first: Why do you want to become a blogger or why you should not start a blog?

Trust me when we say there is room for us in the blogging world; we are happy to welcome anyone into this business as those before we included ourselves. After all, it is a community, and we do best when we all support each other. But you should know some reasons why you should not start a blog.

Blogging can be incredibly exciting but not everyone should start a blog.

Why You Should Not Start a Blog

So what are those reasons? You know we are going to tell you. Look at these reasons why you should not start a blog, so if you are on the fence about your blogging career, you can think twice.

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Why Developing a Blog isn't Easy

To develop a blog, you work on it. Sometimes this can happen relatively well, without too much difficulty. But once again, it can take months and months to develop and grow a blog. And it’s not just about traffic.

If you don’t like writing or exploring new ideas to share with other people, blogging will be nearly impossible for you to do, and you should not start a blog.

Why You Should Not Start a Blog

From time traffic grows well, but creating a list of emails can be more difficult. We must do a lot of tests, and we can count on some failures. The last thing about the development of his blog is that it can be psychologically stressful. It would help if you were prepared to spend lots of hours on it. So this could be a reason why you should not start a blog.

Migration to Another Server Can be Painful

If you started your blog on a free blog platform, at one point, you would feel the need to migrate to a self-hosted platform. The reason is that it can allow you to have more control.

This can be a complicated and painful process if you have had this free blog for a long time because you will have many pages of links to point to a new address. So, if you don't have patience, you should not start a blog.

You Want to Get Rich Quickly

Why You Should Not Start a Blog
Not for Money – Why You Should Not Start a Blog

Blogging is not for getting rich quickly. You have to be into it for the long run. Some bloggers start making money from day one, but that’s incredibly rare. The truth is that it can take many months before you see any money, and even then, your hourly wage will be shockingly low.

The delay in income is why so many people stop blogging. So, if you want to blog for the money, you should not start a blog.

 It Could be Time Waster

A common rumor currently negatively affecting many ambitious freelance writers is they start a blog site because they have heard they must. Next, they fall in love with the blog and then spend way too much time on it.

Most are in charge of identifying the paying customers they require and investigating what they are blogging about or why they are blogging.

Pushing that ‘publish’ button on whatever you want to say can become addictive. It’s not unusual for writers to tell most of the time:

This month's goals include posting twice a week on each of my three personal blogs, and I need to do some marketing to find clients.

Why You Should Not Start a Blog

The blogging sucks up all your free time, the marketing falls to the bottom of your priority list, and next year, you may still starving, so that is why you should not start a blog.

You Prefer Being Anonymous

Don’t blog if you prefer to remain anonymous. You have to put yourself out there. Anonymous blogs don’t do well.

People want to know who wrote the post they’re reading. It’s also impossible to build a following if you don’t put yourself out there. Reading a blog post is a time investment. I don’t invest my precious time reading anonymous blogs.

Anonymous blogs tell readers that your blog is inferior and that you’re ashamed of what you’ve written, or worse, it’s spammy content designed to con people out of money.

Blogging Takes Regular Work

We heard all alone how passive income through the internet. But what we think is that people often do not understand that generating passive income takes work. It takes work to make every effort, which takes staff to develop everything.

Keep this in mind: “Do not judge each day stage to the harvesting you’re doing, but the seeds you sow.” Robert Louis Stevenson

Why You Should Not Start a Blog

For example, we could wake up, and that looking at my emails, I see some notifications of sales affiliations. It is tempting to see it and think: “Cool, I won so many dollars today. I’m going to play football or tennis.” But, as soon as you start doing that, your passive income begins to decline. So, if you are this kind of person, you should not start a blog.

Distractions Can Take on Appearance of Knowledge

Last month we read an article, “Why should you not read blogs.” This had been confusion among readers as they read the article. Sure, a blog and wondered if they were to stop. The writer said that reading blogs became a great source of distraction.

Why You Should Not Start A Blog
Reading Blogs – Why You Should Not Start a Blog

It was like going to the disturbance of knowledge. He always said I have to know this thing. Unless this is your job, you do not know everything about smartphones' technology or the latest social networks like Facebook. Take a little time to read these things, but do not spend your life on them.

You Hate Learning New Things

If you hate learning new things, blogging is not for you. There’s actually a lot to blogging.

Blogging is more than just writing. There’s a lot of technology, statistical analysis, business stuff, networking… the list sometimes seems endless.

The good part, you don’t have to know it all to start your blog. These are things you’ll learn over time.

The Blogging Landscape Constantly Changes

No reading can prepare you for how quickly things change in the blogging world. Just as you learn one thing, you have to re-learn it all over again.

Google algorithms are a prime example. The structures are constantly changing and forcing you to change your approach repeatedly. So if you cannot generate new content ideas, you should not start a blog.

Being Different and be Heard is Important

Why You Should Not Start a Blog
Online Presence – Why You Should Not Start a Blog

There is nearly 100K blog every day created, as we already know. And if you want to distinguish yourself, you have to have a strong brand. And part of your brand is to be heard.

Our means communication, so if you want people to interact with you, then you must be worthwhile for them to listen. I try to find my “voice.” I work on it every time I write. I want to avoid the typical scenario “courses” and pretend to discuss blogging with my pals. If you cannot do this, you should not start a blog.

It's Same as Managing a Business

If you make blogging work at home, you need to manage like any business. That is to say, produce marketing, sales, accounting, security, and other things minor changes to do. Of course, you can get help if you are not keen on specific points.

After all, it would help if you concentrated on writing and developing your business. But it is essential to realize that, in fact, you should see pro-treat blogging as if it were a business. Take it seriously if that is what allows you to feed your family, and if you cannot, this could be why you should not start a blog.

You Want to Quit Your Day Job

Many bloggers have day jobs, and successful blogs run during the evening. It can take years before your blog earns a full-time income, which is why it is wise to stay in blogging and writing while you still have your current job.

Then, once you are established as a blogger and writer, you can make the jump to full-time blogger craziness. So if you want to blog to quit your job, you should not start a blog.

You are Responsible For Hundreds of People

Why You Should Not Start a Blog 13 Honest Reasons
Responsibility – Why You Should Not Start a Blog

When your audience starts to grow and has more than 500 or a thousand visitors a day, you gradually feel the stress rising. You can have that feeling of hypersensitivity before publishing an article.

Once again, this can be a sign of stress, but most often, it’s because you worked for two days on an essential item, and you do not want hundreds or thousands of people are disillusions.

Why You Should Not Start a Blog

The fundamental responsibility, however, is to yourself. If you go out to drink instead of publishing a new article, then you can only blame yourself if you sleep instead of working, like. When you work for yourself, you need to find your motivation.

You may Become Obsessed With Success

You’ll want to consistently post more and more to chase your stats and grow them. You’ll want more comments, likes, email subscribers, etc. This will force you to be run by your blog.

You won’t have a break from your blog. Your blog will control you.

Why You Should Not Start a Blog

In return, your time with family and friends will start to suffer. Sound familiar? It’s a cycle of time and money. So, if you are not ready for all this, you should not start a blog.

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Stress and Depression Stalking You

Why You Should Not Start a Blog
Stress and Depression – Why You Should Not Start a Blog

Some people must think that working at home is similar to coffee, lunch, tennis, and afternoon movies. Of course, you can, but you will not hold long, as we mentioned.

Working for itself is instead of spending nights trying to solve problems, hours scratching their heads to find creative campaign ideas, and not eating because you were too busy. And what can happen if you are not careful? Then you can start to become stressed and anxious without even knowing it. Here are some signs:


If you can’t close your eyes & fall asleep, you are thinking of working ideas, and then you have a good chance of being stressed.

Weight Loss / Weight Gain:

If you eat too much or not enough, and it is not due to work, when you drag to a path leading to significant stress can be very hard to trace.

Relationship Problems:

Your girlfriend-boyfriends, your husband, or your wife knows you well. If they start to growl a bit because you cram into your work or if they tell you that you have changed, so pay attention to this.

It may seem insignificant, but it can be challenging to resolve once this type of dirty tension catches you. Think of the iceberg that sank the Titanic. Stress is like that.

You only notice a small amount on the surface, but many more things underneath can cause these problems. So if you are not prepared to handle all these, you should not start a blog.

FAQs About Why You Should Not Start a Blog

  1. Reasons why you shouldn’t start a blog?

    Blogging has the potential to completely change your mindset on a variety of topics, which means it has the potential to upset your lifestyle upside down in different ways.

  2. Why do you want to become a blogger?

    When someone asks you about blogging, becoming a blogger, or how to start a blog, you always ask yourself one question: Why do you want to become a blogger?

  3. 5 Reasons why you should not start a blog?

    1. You have an internet addiction.
    2. You want to get rich quickly.
    3. No fixed income.
    4. Increased time on the computer and the internet.
    5. Blogging takes time.

Final Words on Why You Should Not Start a Blog

There you have it. These are the most significant reasons you should not start a blog. To sum it up, You should not start a blog because most of you reading this will inevitably fail and fail miserably.

We didn't write this post for most people, though, but if you think you can do it, our good wishes are with you. Be successful.

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