16 Strategies to Drive Traffic to eCommerce Website for Free

Have you been wondering about the way to drive traffic to your eCommerce website? As a brand new eCommerce website, your main struggle will drive traffic to eCommerce website store.

In fact, driving traffic and also bringing leads is recognized as a big challenge confronting companies nowadays.

This article is a guide about drive traffic to eCommerce website.

The key is to drive high-quality traffic to the eCommerce website to ensure that your visitors are indeed interested in buying your products. To help you do just that, here are strategies to drive traffic to eCommerce website.

Main Fact – Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If you would like to add content marketing into your all-around marketing to increase online store traffic, it is necessary to know that SEO will help you get traffic to your website.

Strategies to Drive Traffic to eCommerce Website for Free
SEO – Best Strategies to Drive Traffic to Ecommerce Website

SEO can be a marketing method used to support your retail business site to get found on google search engine success by men and women interested in what you have to offer to drive traffic to eCommerce website.

6 Quick Tips to Drive Traffic to Ecommerce Website Without Buying Ads

Strategies to Drive Traffic to eCommerce Website for Free
Traffic Growth – Strategies to Drive Traffic to eCommerce Website

A good strategy means attracting the right people to drive traffic to your e-commerce website.

Boost your traffic without buying ads

We want to remind you that not all traffic on your website is equal. You want high-quality web traffic. Write compelling headlines. A headline is one of the most essential elements of your content—links to the post from your blog will also help to gain visibility.

Start re-engagement with your customers

Start re-engaging your users if you are not doing so. Engaged customers can bring more business than new users.

You need to post premium content

What is the premium content? Typically, it consists of valuable, consistent, and enjoyable publications all-around. You must have an established method of producing and publishing premium content on your website.

Utilize social media for more traffic to your e-commerce website

Social media is promotion, sales, links, shares, and cultural relevance. It’s something that every e-commerce retailer has to take seriously and devote meaningful time and effort toward.

Optimize your store for the right keywords

SEO is a marketing tactic to help your e-commerce site appear in search engine results for different keywords. So, whenever someone enters a search term in Google, your website will appear in the top results.

You need to do audience research

Figuring out the best way to reach potential customers requires understanding who those people are. The most likely people to buy your product are your target audience. you need to capture their attention and achieve great conversion rates.

Proven Tips to Drive Traffic to Ecommerce Website

Online Marketing Strategies to Drive Traffic to eCommerce Website
Online Marketing – Strategies to Drive Traffic to eCommerce Website

Concentrate on this quick checklist for better sales and conversations to drive traffic to the eCommerce website.

  • Add keyword phrases related to your eCommerce retail outlet in your blog site content.
  • Incorporate external backlinks in your material pointing that will become relevant gurus in your sector.
  • Create a website of dimensions links, and so Google spiders your entire site.
  • Create a sitemap and distribute it towards significant search engines like bing and yahoo.
  • Include search term descriptions about all merchandise images.
  • Publish detailed descriptions.
  • Boost your website to carry out at top-rated speeds.
  • Construct links directed to your subject material from state-of-the-art sites.

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Structure Your URLs to Extract Product Data

A URL (short for Uniform Resource Locator) is the address of a resource on the internet.

Strategies to Drive Traffic to eCommerce Website for Free
Clean URL Structure – Strategies to Drive Traffic to eCommerce Website

What would you instead click?




Lee Jackson, Digital Marketing Consultant and founder of Web Presence, shares this eCommerce marketing tip to drive traffic to eCommerce website.

Can you quickly extract the entire session and conversion data for all of your products In Google Analytics? If you structure your URLs with data gathering in mind, it should only take a few seconds.

Make better business decisions, and be more efficient by structuring your URLs with data gathering in mind.

Best Strategies to Drive Traffic to Ecommerce Website

By placing your products in a /popular/ folder, you can easily gather the data by visiting the Google Analytics Landing Page Report and filtering all URLs within the /popular/ folder.

You could go one step further and gather data for all products within a specific category by adding category folders to your URLs, i.e.,/products/cameras/. Just visit the Landing Page Report in Google Analytics and filter all the URLs within the /cameras/ folder.

Create Relevant and Appealing Content

Search Engine Optimization Strategies to Drive Traffic to eCommerce Website
Appealing Content – Strategies to Drive Traffic to eCommerce Website

Creating relevant and engaging content can do wonders for you to get more traffic. With carefully crafted content, not only will you be able to generate backlinks, but also you’ll get more referral traffic. You can even rank your web pages for the right keywords, bringing you truckloads of traffic through the search engines to drive traffic to eCommerce website.

There is no quick and easy way to get traffic unless you pay for it, and building up a consistent stream of visitors takes time and effort.

Best Strategies to Drive Traffic to Ecommerce Website

No matter what kind of eCommerce business you’re running, you stand to gain from publishing relevant and high-quality content. Let’s say you’re running a dropshipping store, and your pocket for using paid ads isn’t as deep.

One of the best things to drive traffic to eCommerce website is to publish relevant content to bring people into your dropshipping website. Once they’re on your website reading your blog posts, you can insert the products you’re selling (strategically) into your blog posts.

That way, it becomes almost impossible for your audience to miss the product you selling. Of course, that’s just one of the ways you can use relevant content to succeed in dropshipping.

You can input countless other strategies. It will help if you read comprehensive dropshipping guides to learn about the tried-and-tested policies to generate organic traffic and sales to drive traffic to eCommerce website.

To help you create content that can address your target audiences’ pinpoints, you will need to find topics or questions they ask and search for online. 

Encourage Product Reviews

16 Strategies to Drive Traffic to eCommerce Website for Free
Product Reviews – Strategies to Drive Traffic to eCommerce Website

Reviews are a critical way of building trust around your online store and products. Online buyers can’t see merchants or their items in-person, so they make purchasing decisions through the phenomenon of social proof, which determines what is correct behavior by looking to others to drive traffic to eCommerce website.

Store visitors read the product reviews of past customers and use the feedback to decide whether they should buy your product.

Encourage customers to leave more reviews by encouraging feedback in an email. A few days after the buyer receives the item, send an email to request feedback on their shopping experience politely. You can even incentivize reviews by offering a discount or entry into a contest in exchange for feedback to drive traffic to eCommerce website.

Use Right Tools to Drive Traffic to eCommerce Website

Using keyword research tools like AnswerthePublic, you can type your keywords in the search box. The tool will give you the topics and questions people commonly search online about specific keywords to drive traffic to the eCommerce website.

AnswerthePublic will also show you a visualization format of your search's related keywords and questions. Additionally, if you click on the green dots beside each line, you’ll be taken to a Google search results page where you can see the top-ranking websites that have these keywords. It will also give you insights into how top-ranking websites optimize the keywords in their content and apply them to your content.

Finding topics or questions that your target audience wants answers to can help you answer their burning questions in your content and provide solutions to their problems.  If your content manages to address your potential customer's pain points, then you’d be in a perfect position to sell your products.

Make Sure Your Website is Fast and User Friendly

Before you decide to invite a large number of new potential customers to your online shop, you’ll make sure they do not encounter a few everyday website speed bumps once they get there.

Even a 1-second slow down on the site may decrease conversion rates by seven percent and adversely affect your engine ranks. That’s lots of wasted advertising resources.

Best Strategies To Drive Traffic To Ecommerce Website
Site Speed – Best Strategies to Drive Traffic to Ecommerce Website

Run your website through a free speed band like Pingdom to check your website rate. You will get ideas about an acceleration grade and suggest improving traffic to the eCommerce website.

As soon as you’ve examined your site's swiftness, attack the cheapest hanging fresh fruit that’ll enhance speed probably the most.

Start Question and Answers

Strategies to Drive Traffic to eCommerce Website for Free
Q&A – Best Strategies to Drive Traffic to Ecommerce Website

Generating social network involvement is critical to keep loyal, active followers and your community in good shape. We want to introduce you to another option that will ensure increased involvement: organize weekly questions and answers to drive traffic to the eCommerce website.

Choose a day a week and encourage your community to post questions about your products, your business, your hobbies, or whatever seems relevant.

Best Strategies to Drive Traffic to Ecommerce Website
For example: “Have you already used our new application? If you have any doubts, this Thursday, we will be ready to answer all your questions on the forum.”

This strategy activates customer care and loyalty action and directs more traffic, creating more involvement and, therefore, more visibility to your brand. Questions bring about comments, which increase the rank of your website. Your customers will be satisfied not only because you answered their questions but because someone is listening.

Try to Optimize Product Pages

Search Engine Optimization Strategies to Drive Traffic to eCommerce Website
Search Engine Optimization – Strategies to Drive Traffic to eCommerce Website

When potential customers arrive at a product page on your website, they will decide whether or not they’re interested in your product by examining all aspects of the page. We’ve already mentioned product descriptions, but they are only one part of your product pages.

To optimize your product pages for search engines, you need to work on these parts of your pages to drive traffic to eCommerce website:

  • Product name: If your products have unique names, that will certainly catch your shoppers' eye, but it won’t mean anything to search engines. That is why you should add common search terms or keyword phrases that Google will recognize and know how to categorize.

The best way to go about this is to put yourself in the visitor’s position and think about what they may be searching for. For instance, if you know that a particular product feature is sought, it should be included in the product name.

  • Images: Product images are essential as they give customers an idea of what they can expect from them. They are also important for SEO because Google can “read” images. To optimize your images, include keywords in their filename, as well as the Alt text after you’ve uploaded the image.

Also, Google Images search is a reliable source of valuable organic traffic to drive traffic to eCommerce website. So by optimizing your images, you will increase your chances to drive traffic to eCommerce website.

  • Videos: Customers feel more confident about purchasing a product after they’ve seen a video. Your video can provide basic information about a product, a how-to instruction, or reviews of your product.
  • FAQ content: Include some FAQ content in your product pages to simplify and speed up conversion. You can provide answers to basic questions a customer might have about the item and your policies.

Always Write With Perfect Angle

Content should always be created with your distinctive value proposal in mind. Exactly what value idea? It’s not only like something fancy. It’s what makes your website unique to drive traffic to the eCommerce website.

Your rewrite on a service or product that other people also offer, publish it in some different manner.

Best Strategies to Drive Traffic to ECommerce Website

Your online visitors will invest 15 secs or much less on a web page. Use all of those mere seconds to reinforce why your item offers something that no one otherwise can.

Track your Website Traffic

When you track your website traffic, you will know from which platforms your web traffic is coming. You will see if it came from your ads, organic searches, or other marketing methods you employed.

This tool will also show your traffic sources, referring and destination websites, plus competitors and similar sites.

Best Strategies to Drive Traffic to Ecommerce Website

As you determine which platforms your ideal traffic is coming from, you can focus on doubling your marketing efforts on the right platforms. Tracking is also a great way to assess the results of the marketing strategies you’re using.

It can tell you which among the marketing methods you’re running are bringing you relevant traffic. With website traffic estimator tools like SimilarWeb, you can check your website’s estimated monthly average traffic and a trend of your number of visitors for the last six months.

Best Strategies To Drive Traffic To Ecommerce Website
Tracking – Best Strategies to Drive Traffic to Ecommerce Website

With this data, you can assess which strategies in different areas, like your social media or SEO campaigns, drive your website. 

Let’s say the bulk of your traffic comes from the search engines; if that’s the case, then you might want to consider optimizing your website content for the search engines so that you can get even more traffic.

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Use Influencer Marketing

Let us guess: You want better brand visibility, don’t you? Not only that, but you also wish for more leads, sign-ups, followers, and sales, am I correct?

It doesn’t matter if you’re running a corporate website, blog site, or eCommerce site; influencer marketing can do wonders for your business. When you think about how thousands of people follow influencers and how they can influence these people to purchase your products, it isn’t hard to imagine how influencer marketing has become the go-to marketing strategy of online entrepreneurs.

However, before starting your influencer marketing campaign, you need to first look for the right influencers. 

The best thing that you can do is to be consistent, lay a solid foundation, and your traffic will gradually increase over time. Beware of sites or people that promise you millions of hits overnight or fast SEO rankings. These are all scams.

Best Strategies to Drive Traffic to Ecommerce Website

You can use tools like Buzzsumo to search for influencers within your niche and get information about their page authority, domain authority, number of followers, and more.

The tool also allows you to add filters to your search and find influencers based on the kind of content that they share.  Using tools like these, you can easily find influencers without going through multiple social media platforms and searching manually.

Once you find the influencer who best matches your marketing needs, you can build your campaign to promote your brand.

Always Provide Social Proof

People will love and trust the products which you are offering to them. It is a proven way to drive high-quality traffic to your eCommerce website and build trust.

Best Strategies To Drive Traffic To Ecommerce Website
Amazon Example – Best Strategies to Drive Traffic to Ecommerce Website

Social proof is precisely what it sounds like and what you hear. It’s proof that your customers love and trust a brand enough to buy from it.

Send Targeted Promotional Emails

  • You have been faithfully building a subscriber listing. Now, what should you do with it?
  • Did you know that replicate customers invest 81% much more, on average, compared to new customers?

Whatever you're offering online, you should drive traffic to take action.

Best Strategies to Drive Traffic to Ecommerce Website

Marketing emails develop loyalty to hold customers returning for more. You are letting your own “best customers” in upon something unique before other people. It may be an opportunity to get a repeat selling, wrapped inside a discount. Everybody benefits.

Trending topics are likely to perform well and drive more traffic to your site. It’s easy to discover what’s hot on each social channel in their respective trending sections.

You can also find the most popular topics within your niche using a tool such as Buzzsumo.

What About Competitions

Competitors Strategies to Drive Traffic to eCommerce Website for Free
Competitors – Strategies to Drive Traffic to eCommerce Website

You can compete on social media sites, although you don’t need to limit it to social media. Encouraging customers to engage by posting photos, sharing top tips, or funny anecdotes can build a community and improve your brand awareness. Everyone loves a fun competition.

FAQs About Getting Visitors to Your Website

  1. How to improve the navigation and performance of your site for more sales?

    Come at it from a potential customer’s point of view. Are topics easy to find? Do the links make it obvious where visitors can locate the information they’re looking for? Also, make sure to optimize your page-loading speed.

  2. What should you know about increasing your online store traffic?

    From a marketing perspective, the good news is the process of getting your first customer versus your one hundredth is the same. But for traffic to successfully result in sales and profit, there are some essential requirements to ensure that traffic converts and the cost is sustainable.

  3. How to understand what eCommerce marketing is?

    Ecommerce marketing is the practice of generating awareness, sales, and brand loyalty for an online store. Marketing for e-commerce businesses uses strategies like search engine optimization (SEO), email marketing, and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.

  4. How to network offline with people of similar interests?

    What Can You Do Offline?
    To succeed with your offline efforts, learn to listen, and communicate better.
    1. Attend local meetups
    2. Attend Industry Related Conferences
    3. Attend Workshops

Final Words on Strategies to Drive Traffic to Ecommerce Website

eCommerce businesses are here to stay. With internet users increasing by the millions every year, effective eCommerce marketing strategies must stand out and be recognized, remembered, and trusted by new and loyal consumers.

There are tons of ways to drive traffic to your online store, from social media to in-person marketing and everything in between. The most effective method depends on your hard work, dedication, and optimization.

Let us know in the comments which channels you’ve tried and which ones work for your business.

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