How to Optimize WordPress eCommerce Website For Conversions

Maintaining any eCommerce platform is far more challenging than building up one. Have you ever considered how customer engagement affects your business and how to optimize WordPress eCommerce website conversions?

The conversion rate is everything for you once you start an online business. You cannot approach the customer physically; all your activities are restricted within certain boundaries to optimize WordPress eCommerce website conversations. 

You can improvise your business skill online to optimize the WordPress eCommerce website. The customer only interacts with your website, so it needs to be efficient enough to serve its purpose. Apart from agile networking and functionalities, your customer should not get stuck to avail of your service; if they do, you should be aware of it. 

The growth of your business entirely depends on the conversion rate. You have no choice but to take up stern methods to generate more customers. It means more sales. The entire journey is quite feasible with WordPress.

This post will describe eCommerce conversion rates, why they are essential, and how to optimize WordPress eCommerce website conversions. We will reveal secrets that will help you track your WooCommerce site's progress more simply.

Let's take a glance at the steps to increase and optimize the WordPress eCommerce website for conversations:

WordPress is a popular content management system (CMS) that can be used to create various websites, including eCommerce. However, to maximize conversions on your WordPress eCommerce website, you need to optimize it for conversions.

What are Conversions?

In the context of eCommerce, conversions refer to the number of visitors to your website who take a desired action, such as making a purchase. Optimizing your WordPress eCommerce website for conversions means making changes to your website to increase the number of visitors who take the desired action.

Why is Conversion Optimization Important?

Conversion optimization is crucial because it can help you to increase your sales and revenue. By optimizing your website for conversions, you can make it more likely that visitors will take the desired action, such as making a purchase.

How to Optimize Your WordPress eCommerce Website for Conversions?

You can do several things to optimize your WordPress eCommerce website for conversions. Here are some of the most important:

  1. Choose the right products and services. The first step to optimizing your website for conversions is to choose the right products and services. You must offer products and services your target audience wants and needs.
  2. Create a clear and concise call to action. Your call to action is the text that tells visitors what you want them to do. It should be clear, concise, and easy to understand.
  3. Use high-quality images and videos. Images and videos can help to increase conversions by making your products more appealing to visitors. Make sure to use high-quality photos and videos that accurately represent your products.
  4. Write clear and informative product descriptions. Your product descriptions should be clear and informative. They should tell visitors everything they need about your products, including the features, benefits, and price.
  5. Make it easy for visitors to checkout. The checkout process should be easy and straightforward. Ensure to include all required information, such as shipping address and payment information.
  6. Offer discounts and promotions. Deals and promotions can help to increase conversions by making your products more affordable.
  7. Use social media and email marketing. Social media and email marketing can help you to reach a wider audience and promote your products. Include clear calls to action in your social media and email marketing campaigns.
  8. Track your results. It is crucial to track your results to see what is working and what is not. This will help you to make changes to your website to improve your conversions.

Following these tips, you can optimize your WordPress eCommerce website for conversions. This will help you to increase your sales and revenue. You need to track your results to analyze the effectiveness of your conversion optimization efforts. There are several ways to do this, including:

  • Google Analytics. Google Analytics is a free web analytics tool that can track various metrics, including website traffic, conversions, and bounce rate.
  • WooCommerce Analytics. WooCommerce Analytics is a plugin that can track conversions for WooCommerce stores.
  • Heatmaps. Heatmaps can show you where visitors are clicking on your website. This can help you to identify areas of your website that are not converting well.

By tracking your results, you can see what is working and what is not. This will help you to make changes to your website to improve your conversions.

Below we have shared an example of a bar graph representing different optimization techniques for WordPress eCommerce websites:

Optimization Techniques for WordPress eCommerce Websites
Optimization Techniques for WordPress eCommerce Websites

This graph visually represents the different optimization techniques for a WordPress eCommerce website and their respective conversion rates. We have stated each bar is colored differently, and the height of each bar represents the conversion rate percentage.

Now let's have a look at all the aspects and detailed guide on how to optimize WordPress eCommerce website for conversions:

How to Calculate the eCommerce Conversion Rate?

You can calculate the eCommerce conversion rate by comparing the total number of site visitors with the number of people who purchase on your site.

A Quick Example: suppose in a day, 1000 visitors have visited your online store, and only 20 have made a purchase.

In this case, the conversion rate for purchase action or event will be (the number of visitors purchasing ÷ total number of visitors) * 100 = (20÷1000) * 100 = 2%.

Buying products is not the only metric to measure conversion rate. You can calculate the rate based on other metrics as well.

Design for Navigation Friendliness

The traditional design principles for conversion apply to WordPress sites as well. With the user attention spans constantly decreasing, the website design must be attention-grabbing, making the users want to stay longer. Above-the-fold design, use of interactive design elements, design, and content of the CTA buttons all constitute navigation friendliness.

A decluttered design with optimum use of whitespace is a must if you don’t want customers driven away at the first look at your site. The users visiting your website should have a clear navigational roadmap to easily find what they are looking for with minimal effort.

While WordPress is a content management platform, the responsibility of formulating and formatting the content rests on your shoulders. The content needs to be a breeze, and its formatting needs to be done so that it is broken down into easily consumable chunks for the users. WordPress lets you edit the permalinks to reflect what the post or product page is about in the case of blogs on the website. This not only enhances user comprehension, it also factors in SEO and boosts the discoverability of your website.

Write Detailed Product Descriptions

It doesn't matter where you’re selling your products and what technology you’re using; you need a solid sales pitch. In e-commerce, you usually have a single web page to pitch a product, containing a few important elements like your product images and description.

Here is an example of an accurate product description from Amazon:

Optimize WordPress eCommerce Website For Conversions
Example From Amazon – Optimize WordPress eCommerce Website

That product description is your pitch. While usually brief, it’s your chance to drive the product's value home. You’ll want to talk in the voice of your customer, mention the benefits and results most important to them, and make your product stand out among competitors.

Because the customer can’t see it in person, you must also accurately describe size specifications.

Online Chat Support 

It is convenient for many users to text you when they face any difficulties in optimizing WordPress eCommerce website conversations. Calling customer service may not be comfortable for many customers. Introduce online chat support on the landing page to guide your customers to reach you. 

  • Offer required assistance with real-time feedback. 
  • Integrate comprehensive WordPress tools like Drift and customize the live chat experience. 
  • To engage casual visitors, create an automated message system on different pages. 
  • Switch to more focused chat support on the checkout page. 

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Make Your WordPress Website Mobile-Friendly

Today, mobile and tablet browsing has overtaken the desktop. With so many people reading, shopping, and browsing the internet on their mobile devices, you could lose a lot of traffic if your WordPress website is not mobile-friendly.

Work on your website design and layout to make it mobile-friendly, and don’t forget to test it on many devices.

Input Trust Signals

Secure Website - Optimize WordPress eCommerce Website
Secure Website – Optimize WordPress eCommerce Website

Show your customers how credible your brand or service is to optimize WordPress eCommerce website conversions. It is skeptical for new users to understand your brand value. Data breaches and errors keep shoppers worried. As a result, they feel reluctant to make online payments. 

  • Help the customer to find your demonstration. Show them imagery and messaging with trusted customers to earn their confidence. 
  • You can display third-party options, SSL info, technical security, and accreditations. 
  • Use tools like Google Optimize or WordPress plugins like Nelio to have secured payment. 

A credible return policy and product value can help to convince your customers. 

Improve Your Site Navigation

Optimize your navigation menu to minimize confusion and help your shoppers quickly find what they want. To do that, you should build a logical navigation structure. Create a diagram that categorizes your main and specific topics to guide the hierarchy of your information.

Try displaying the following as well:

  • Search bar: Customers can type in the item they’re looking for.
  • Visual search: Shoppers can upload photos of an item, and your site shows pictures of similar products from your store.
  • Wishlist and cart icons: These let customers quickly access their saved items.

Monitor your performance with your business intelligence tools upon applying navigation menu changes. By improving your navigation, you ease visitors’ browsing and shopping experience to optimize WordPress eCommerce website conversions.

Add Multiple Payment Options 

Optimize WordPress eCommerce Website For Conversions
Payment Options – Optimize WordPress eCommerce Website

You have to organize a wide range of payment methods to optimize WordPress eCommerce website conversions. Starting from e-wallet to UPI transactions, you must not exclude convenient payment options from your end. This way, you will open up scopes for a global audience. 

  • WordPress best goes with eCommerce to make localization easy. 
  • Without building different gateways, you can take help from plugins like Stripe’s official, PayPal, etc. 

Allow Push Notifications

Use push notifications to grab the eyes of potential audiences to optimize WordPress eCommerce website conversions. With advanced technology, you can observe customer behavior. By integrating modern plugins, understanding customers’ activity has become more comfortable. 

  • Send Push notifications to the targeted audience. 
  • Use personalized, segmented push notifications like social media ads and email marketing. 
  • It is proven that push notifications can earn a 10% conversion rate. 
  • Choose multiple reasons and frame the content accordingly – cross-sell initiatives, seasonal promotions, customized cart campaigns, etc. 
  • Choose a content tone that may trigger the customer’s interest. The notification does not create digital clutter for the users, so you can try it out frequently. 

Use Product Videos

Video is quickly rising as one of the best marketing and sales tools in almost any industry. Here are some interesting stats on the power of video marketing:

  • Including a video on your landing page can boost your conversion rate by up to 80%.
  • Video increases organic search traffic on a website by 157%.

With e-commerce, video can dramatically uplift leads, sales, and revenue. Here are 5 powerful ways of effectively using video in e-commerce: 

  1. The “how-to” video: Demonstrate how to use your product.
  2. The “product-in-use” video: Try to use actors who look like your target audience and demonstrate the product in action.
  3. The “close-up” video: This zooms in on your product to show the details, the craftsmanship, and other aspects you want to highlight to entice users to buy.
  4. The “installation” video: Describes how to install or assemble your product.
  5. The “story” video: This is where you describe the story of your product and how or why it came to be. This video is a great opportunity to use emotion to draw your shoppers in.

Design an Impressive Homepage

Using impressive homepage designs is one of the evergreen marketing tips to increase your customers’ trust and optimize WordPress eCommerce website conversions.

Captivate your shoppers through eye-catching designs and elements, especially your header or the space above the fold.

Below is a sample homepage of Pretty Little Thing. It is an amazing website for women who love shopping for fashion. Shoppers can buy clothing, shoes, accessories, and beauty products all on a single site. 

Optimize WordPress eCommerce Website For Conversions
 Pretty Little Thing – Optimize WordPress eCommerce Website

See the homepage sample of Adidas below, one of the most iconic websites on the internet today. They’re one of the best websites to buy athletic shoes and clothing. 

Optimize WordPress eCommerce Website For Conversions
Adidas – Optimize WordPress eCommerce Website

They regularly collaborate with big brands to bring in the trendiest items you can find online. 

Demonstrate Social Proof 

Optimize WordPress eCommerce Website For Conversions
Social Proof – Optimize WordPress eCommerce Website

Suppose you are new in business and have not earned reasonable credibility. In that case, it’s time for you to put your foot down to make a better status to optimize WordPress eCommerce website conversions. It is nearly impossible to entice your customer only with imagery. Use previous customers’ comments and likeliness about your brand. 

  • Customer testimonials, ratings, comparisons, and reviews can convince visitors to shop with you. 
  • Earning more credibility requires a lot of patience; however, you can efficiently trace the whole process through some technicalities. 
  • WordPress made it relatively easy to manage, add, and display your previous customers' social poof left.
  • Developers choose the instant theme with different built-in widgets or install testimonial plugins with modern stylization and format.  

Integrate FAQs Section

Optimize WordPress eCommerce Website For Conversions
Amazon Flex FAQs Example – Optimize WordPress eCommerce Website

Count how many nights you have spent drafting your business proposals? Think about how the developers have struggled with you to introduce various features. You cannot expect the visitors to know all the features, functionalities, and the system to operate them. There is no point if the functions are left unexplored. So, guide them to optimize WordPress eCommerce website conversions. 

  • Create a FAQ page. Include the possible queries customers may have. And answer them clearly. WordPress eCommerce site displays the answers to FAQs with exact formatting. 
  • You cannot be sure about it; you have cleared all their doubts. Leave room for your customers to ask you new queries. WordPress highlights and overcome roadblocks by creating a visible bridge between you and your customers. 

Bring the Customers Back 

Instead of targeting new customers, attracting the ones who abandoned their carts is relatively easy. It can be frequent practice for individual customers. Either they are facing a particular problem, or they casually move out. Try out finding the reason to optimize WordPress eCommerce website conversions. 

  • Send this particular customer a push notification at the time they abandon their cart. Ask them if there is any problem while checking out. Suppose there is any, try to solve it.
  • You will find some of your customers never responding to your notification. Introduce some discounts for them. It might sound tricky to choose one out of so many visitors. Again with WordPress, customization is possible. 
  • This software can track the customer’s behavior and provide real-time responses. You can also use retargeting advertisements on social media platforms.

More interesting topics for you:

Always Conduct A/B Tests

A/B testing is the key to increasing average eCommerce conversion rates. It simply means you should test the same element by making minor changes to those elements and then check the impact on conversions. This is an easy way to assess what your customers like more.

You can A/B test different website elements, such as the headline of your landing page, placement of graphics, testimonials, popups, CTAs, and more. Direct half of the traffic to page A and the other half to page B. 

Measure the performance of both pages, and you can easily know what change boosted your conversions.

Don't Compromise with Site Speed 

Site Speed - Optimize WordPress eCommerce Website
Site Speed – Optimize WordPress eCommerce Website

A standard website loading time is less than two seconds; a one-second delay in loading time can reduce a 7% conversion rate. I am sure you would not allow it to happen. So check how much loading time your eCommerce website has to optimize WordPress eCommerce website conversions. 

WordPress plugins come in handy to optimize WordPress eCommerce website conversions. It would be best if you rectified where you are lagging. Because you see, be it increasing the conversion rate or speeding up your website, this software has a solution for every reason. Sit with the developers and try to find out the customer’s behavior. Once you install WordPress, you don’t need to worry about your website, though monitoring is essential.

FAQs About Optimize WordPress eCommerce Website For Conversions:

Is SEO important for eCommerce?

SEO is a critical necessity for e-commerce websites. Your products need to rank higher than your competitors, and they need to display the right way so potential customers can find the products they need in the SERPs and choose your site to click on.

What is the e-commerce conversion rate?

Google defines e-commerce Conversion Rate as: “The ratio of transactions to sessions, expressed as a percentage. For example, a ratio of one transaction to every ten sessions would be expressed as an E-commerce Conversion Rate of 10%”.

What causes a low conversion rate?

One common reason for a low conversion rate is that people don't like what they see when they land on your site or, even worse, can't find the information they need. Check your analytics software's conversion rate metrics, user flow, and bounce rate to see where the issue is.

Conclusion: Optimize WordPress eCommerce Website For Conversions

There are so many ways to optimize WordPress eCommerce website conversions. But you don't need to apply all the things at a time. If you can implement some of your site's major changes, it will reward you with a great return.

The overall shopping experience of your WordPress e-commerce site is also an important factor in converting customers. It must be aesthetically and technically well-designed, easy to navigate, and fast.

To make things work, you must build trust, have amazing customer service, and many other elements mentioned in the article to optimize WordPress eCommerce website conversions. Making all the different parts work in the real world on your WordPress site can increase customer numbers coming through your online store.

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