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Proven Strategies to Improve Blog Traffic in 2024 by 300%

By Hilary Smith

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Reviewed by: Patrick Brian

How to Improve Blog Traffic by 300% With Easy Steps

So, the question for every blogger and web admin is, how can anyone improve their blog traffic and audience? As of this year, there were over 700+ million blogs online.

If your blog is one of them, how would you ensure it stands out among the countless websites online? How would you make your blog more click-worthy than others?

Writing and posting blog posts is not the hardest part of running a blog. Driving high-quality and consistent blog traffic is what most people struggle with. It is a challenge every blogger has to face and overcome to see success in blogging.

Here are some best ways to overcome this and ensure you are not blogging in vain but that traffic is coming to your site after you hit publish.

If you’re a new blogger wondering how to drive traffic to a new blog or a seasoned blogger wondering how to increase your blog traffic in 2024, these strategies to improve your blog audience and traffic will help you generate more traffic to your blog.

Now, some of these may be new, and some you may be already using. For those that you think you are already using, do you know exactly why you are using them and how they are helping your traffic grow, or are you just doing them because you saw other bloggers do it? Let's find out the exact reasons below.

What is a Blog's Target Audience?

Let’s start with the very basics here. Simply put, your blog’s target audience is the readers you can help the most.

They’re the people who find the most value in your articles and who are most likely to fall in love with your content.

How to Improve Blog Audience 2024

Therefore, regardless of what you do with your blog, you should always keep your target audience in mind.

Why is Blog Traffic Important?

The quantity of people who have visited a specific website on the internet is known as web traffic. Because of interactions between the user's device and the website, each user is recorded as a session or visit with a start and finish time.

Furthermore, web traffic is unique to each page on the website; as a result, each page's traffic is set up separately from that of other pages.

Here are some of the reasons why traffic is critical:

  • You earn more money as a result of conversions and sales.
  • Increased brand recognition and website exposure.
  • You can also earn money through sponsored posts and advertisements.

Well, traffic is beneficial to your website, and there is no hidden secret there. The only real issue is determining how to increase traffic to your website; this is what we will explain to you below in detail.

Definitive Working Quick Tips to Improve Blog Traffic:

Improve Blog Traffic
Analyze Trends to Improve Your Blog Traffic

Let's learn everything you need to know to grow your audience faster, how to get more traffic in 2024, and how to ensure that your readers keep coming back.

Find Powerful Topics to Write About:

Whether you write, do podcasts or create videos, you want to do it around important topics to you and others.

Experiment With Your Newsletter Sign-up Forms:

Try changing color in forms; adding or removing a few words or sentences can affect how many signs up your email list can get. It could be a big difference in improving blog audience, somewhere between 1-150%.

Try Your Best to Know Your Audience:

The first step in developing blog post topic ideas is considering your audience. Think about those who you imagine being your blog’s ideal readers. Think about what questions they might have related to your overall blog topic.

Regularly Add Informative Content:

You need to create excellent content that attracts a specific audience. The more attractive your blog content is, the sooner you'll experience success.

Encourage Readers to Download Your Content as PDF:

If people don’t have the time to read it, you could be wasting your time writing blog content that will not be read. Give your visitors the option to download a PDF version of your blog's articles to read when it’s more convenient for them.

Things do not always go the way we want. In this article on improving the blog audience, we will talk about some aspects of blogging in which few people speak. We are here to help you improve your blog audience and proven strategies to increase your blog traffic.

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Write Evergreen Content for Your Blog 

What is the importance of evergreen content? Evergreen content means your content is always fresh whether someone reads it 2 years after its publication or later. It remains informative and fresh and does not go out of season after publication.

A topic on how to lose weight is evergreen because what works today will work 10 years from now. On the other hand, a post about last night’s football match will not be relevant months down the line.

Make sure your blog content is well-researched and evergreen. That way, people can still read and enjoy your posts three years after you publish them.

Create Content Ideas

First, you should create some great ideas for blog posts to improve your blog audience. So many marketers get stuck here, and we have heard marketers saying a million times that there’s nothing or not enough exciting things for their business to write about that wouldn’t have been covered yet.

They couldn’t be more wrong. Here we have brought just some of the sources of inspiration for you:

Customer live chat: What are your clients asking on your website, messenger and other live discussions on the web?

Client meetings: Whatever your company provides, ask the customer to describe the main challenges in their business right now.

Events: Industry events are another great opportunity to learn what related topics are relevant to your customers.

Forums and threadsQuora is perfect for us, and we are sure there’s one for your industry, too.

Book and product reviews: Review negative reviews of a competitor or product used with your service. Write about something that seems to be a challenge or a source of frustration for your customers.

Leading blogs, podcasts, and vlogs: It’s impossible to list all my favorites, but a shout-out to The Fizzle, Buffer, Agorapulse, and How I Built This podcasts.

Social media discussions: Ask a question on LinkedIn and participate in discussions or, even better, engage your audience in creating content.

Popular social content: Use tools like Buzzsumo to find influencers on your topic and the most popular content. Always a good idea to reference some of the content your audience is already familiar with.

Don’t stress too much about the quality of ideas – make it your routine to gather inspirational phrases.

I use ToDoist to gather ideas on the go. Some of the ideas are more concrete and worth a blog post. Some are vague and perhaps just inspirational lines from a podcast, but they can be useful for a sentence or two in a future post.

Use Images & Videos to Improve Blog Traffic

Give preference to images that add value to your post by being related to the content in question and more likely to be shared.

Embedding a video has great SEO benefits. For SEO purposes, make sure that these images or videos are properly tagged as well.

Strategies to Improve Blog Traffic in 2024

Remember that not all your readers will find your posts on your blog. Many will probably find you through social media or content curation platforms. This means that the post's title and media aspects are all critical.

Identify Content Your Readers Prefer

How to Get More Blog Traffic?
Write Content for Readers

Identifying the reader's favorite content helps determine what your audience wants. You should experiment with different content forms on your blog and pay attention to your audience's preferences.

If you feel your blog’s audience is not growing quickly enough, No problem. You’re not alone. Every blogger and web admin has had that feeling in their lifetime.

How to Improve Blog Audience

By measuring post views, shares, comments, and time on the page, you'll likely notice what your readers want from you, and it will be the content you should focus on and master.

How to Improve Blog Audience by 300% With Easy Steps
Use Backlinks to Improve Blog Traffic

Attribution links are the currency of the web. In addition to linking to posts you’ve referenced, you can also refer to and link back to one of your own related posts, which will also help your blog’s SEO.

Links are one of the most crucial ranking factors considered by search engines. It is not just the quantity of links that matters but also the quality of those links.

Before publishing free content online or asking other websites to link to yours, you must pick a keyword you want to rank for. This should be a non-branded keyword like ‘Free SEO Courses,’ as these types of keywords are the ones that will bring new customers to your site.

Make Your Content Readable

Search engines and users like longer, more comprehensive content articles that provide all the necessary details.

Slight difficulty reading through or knowing will defer your customers, who will exit without looking at all the helpful information you offered.

Marketers who prioritize blogging are 13 times more likely to see a positive return on investment.

Strategies to Improve Blog Traffic

To resolve this problem before it happens, you must make all your content readable to improve your blog traffic and audience. An excellent place to begin would be to present your post in bite-size sentences utilizing a friendly strengthen and many pictures.

Create a Content Calendar

Following a detailed schedule will help you blog consistently and tie your blog topics to your other marketing initiatives.

The calendar should include content creation and straightforward content sharing on social media and curation and syndication sites. Increasing your blog traffic by 300% could be an X factor.

Make Sure Your Blog Is Mobile Friendly

Last year, more than 50% of all global internet traffic and searches were made on mobile devices. Therefore, ensuring that your blog loads fast and properly from a mobile device is important.

A mobile-friendly blog is a blog that loads everything on the site properly from a mobile device. It means all your blog pages are properly shown to your viewers. 

Many blogs look perfect on a laptop or computer, but when you open them on a mobile device, the pages don’t load properly and look messy. This leaves a bad impression and reduces the chances of people returning to your blog.

Increase Blog Visibility

Increase Blog Visibility to Improve Blog Traffic
Increase Blog Visibility to Improve Blog Traffic

There isn’t one set-and-forget tool that generates free and high-quality website traffic to your website. Instead, a mix of channels works together to drive visitors. Some require effort, some need time, and some require money. These are the channels that can drive massive traffic to your website:

  • Use online directory listings.
  • Work on On-page SEO.
  • Off-page SEO.
  • Email marketing is vital to improve blog audience.
  • Don't ignore social media.
  • Give online ads a try.

Improve Blog Audience with People

It is vital to know that 99% of the people you will meet are real. It can be a great source of energy and inspiration. With your blog, you can discuss with your readers and even watch them right by offering an appointment if you do not live far away.

Suppose you work hard to help your readers who will give you support. Try to answer comments to improve the blog audience.

Publish a Kindle Book

In the recent past, you needed to have thousands of dollars to have your book published by one of the renowned publishing companies. That has changed. These books get 31% more sales on the Amazon Kindle Store.  Anyone who has a good idea can now put together an e-book, post it on Amazon and succeed in getting more organic traffic to their blog.

Now, to get more blog traffic using your Kindle book, you have to do the following:

  • Include your site backlink inside the book.
  • Offer free giveaways.

Note that the higher your ranking on the Kindle Store, the more traffic the book will channel to your blog.

Sure, linking directly to your site will help you get traffic, but to get even more visitors and stand out, consider giving free giveaways. Go the extra mile and place a call-to-action on the third page of your e-book and place a link back to your blog or website landing page.

In most cases, free books can provide 1000+ visitors weekly and more than 6,500 site visitors monthly. It is also important to note that free downloads attract audiences' attention and rank higher than paid Kindle books.

Offer Value to Your Readers

Most people don’t sit around on their computers all day, just looking for any old content to read. It’s not that easy.

To attract the right people when you increase blog traffic, you must make sure you are creating content that has value to your audience.

For example, suppose you are a martial arts studio looking to appeal to women who make household decisions for their families. In that case, you may want to create a video tutorial on women’s self-defense moves.

It’s content that you can do well since you are a martial arts studio, but it’s also important to your target audience, who may be interested in personal safety. That overlap is how great content is made.

Add More Ways to Share Your Content

How to Improve Blog Audience by 300% With Easy Steps
Content Share Options to Improve Blog Traffic

Put yourself in the reader’s place before you work on improving your blog audience. Suppose you found a meaningful post that your Facebook friends would like to read. After that, what do you do? Click on the Facebook share button on the blog post. But if there is no such button, do you take the extra steps to copy the link, write something, and paste it into your feed?

We are 100% sure you are not going to do that. Ensure that you provide relevant social-share buttons for your posts. It is a proven way to improve blog audience and increase website traffic by 300%.

Get the Right Content Lenth

Shareable posts are almost over 1,000 words. Longer content, somewhere between 2,500 to 3,000 words, attracts more shares than short posts. In fact, more words mean more opportunities for SEO. This means a higher conversion rate.

For a better understanding, see the data graph below:

Shares and Readers Engagement Data by Article Words
Shares and Readers Engagement Data by Article Words

Your posts need to be north of 3,500 words because longer posts are good for backlinks and organic leads, giving you lots of evergreen content.

Apply the Basic SEO to Your Website

There are a variety of ranking factors that help search engines determine where a post should rank in search results. We can break these down into two groups: on-page and off-page optimization.

On-Page SEO to Improve Blog Traffic:

Optimization under this bucket relates to the content on the page itself. They’re often things under your control and happen page by page. To optimize a blog post for more organic traffic, focus on these things:

  • Include the primary keyword in the URL slug, image file name, and introduction.
  • Include secondary keywords throughout your content, including heading tags.
  • Write a strong title tag and meta description.
  • Upload alt text for images in your blog posts.
  • Internally link to other relevant blog posts on your website.

Off-Page SEO to Improve Blog Traffic:

Off-page optimization is anything outside of your control, happening on another website. Search engines use off-site ranking factors as an unbiased way to rank content. All on-page factors being equal, a site with 50 backlinks from other high-quality websites is surely more authoritative than one with some low-quality links.

While it might sound counterintuitive to focus on off-page SEO, there are a few link-building tactics you can use to optimize your blog for more website traffic:

  • Publish guest posts on other websites in your niche with a link to your blog.
  • Contribute quotes to other people’s blog posts with a link to your site as credit.
  • Appear as a guest on someone’s podcast and add a link to your blog in the show notes.

Simply put, anyone can do SEO for their websites without hiring an expert. There are plenty of SEO tools and plugins, free advice, and step-by-step tutorials available that you can use.

Participate in Blogger Roundups

Round-ups are where content creators collaborate on a piece of content. Everyone contributes something and is all put together to create one roundup content or blog post.

Each person then shares the content with their audience. The advantage is that as each person shares with their community, you gain exposure to their communities. 

If you have provided valuable information in your contribution, more people will want to connect with you or read more of your content. This is a great way to increase blog traffic.

Always Think Long Term

Blogging takes time. You want to have a passion for your topics to improve your blog audience. You need to enjoy reading and writing about it for its own sake, not for the money. To stay motivated, think about how your content improves people’s lives. Otherwise, you’ll quit too soon.

Maybe your blog is not getting enough traffic right now, so posting for a more popular blog with a relevant audience may get you noticed. Try writing a series of guest posts to create content for other blogs to improve your blog audience.

If this is your first time building a blog, you won’t earn a full-time income upfront. You may not make any money blogging for a while. But if you keep at it, putting in the hard work, we believe that your time will come also.

Write Great Headlines

Users who find your content in search results or RSS feeds see your article headline.

Quality is more important than quantity. However, if you mix the two, you will dominate the content game.

Strategies to Improve Blog Traffic

A catchy blog post title stands out and gets more clicks. Whereas a dull and boring headline gets ignored, users can scroll by it.

Guest Post On Other Blogs

Another way of driving traffic to your blog is through guest posting on other blogs and guest features on podcasts and other YouTuber channels

This allows you to grow your audience and tap into the following that others have already built. When you guest post, other people learn about your work and may like it so much that they become fans of your content.

People also love to communicate and share their point of view. You can provide them a platform on your blog where they can share their experiences. There are four benefits of this;

  1. You get free content for your blog.
  2. You get exposure to their audience when they share their feature on your blog with their community.
  3. You build a relationship with that blogger for future collaborations.
  4. It will potentially increase engagement by your community when they regularly get her other people’s stories.

Create a guest post feature link and put it in the main menu of your blog so that people who visit your blog know how they can get featured on your blog to share their articles. You can do this for free or charge for the service, as this will also be a form of marketing for them.

Invite Experts to Guest Post for You

Having an industry expert write a guest post on your blog is just as effective as writing a guest post on someone else’s blog.

Hopefully, your guest blogger will share the post with their social media followers and maybe even link to it on their website. This allows you to tap into their following and build links.

Having someone you respect guest blog for you will also increase the legitimacy and authority of your blog. First-time readers who recognize your guest writer will be more likely to return.

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Make Your Blog Your Business

There are millions of blogs on the internet. What does your blog have that others don’t? The answer is you. The best thing you can do is develop your blogging style to improve your blog audience.

How to Improve Blog Audience by 300% With Easy Steps
Make Your Blog Unique

The internet nowadays is filled with information. Your way of delivering that information brings a reader to your page. So, develop a unique style that sets you apart from other bloggers to improve your audience.

Give readers something they won’t find on any other website page. A unique style will make you better qualified for specific content marketing projects.

Facts You Keep in Mind to Improve Blog Audience:

1. Top-ranking content articles in Google searches have an average word count of 2,135 and 4,200 words.
2. Blog posts over 2,500 words receive 23.9% more Facebook likes and 69.1% more tweets on average.
3. Long posts generate 11 times more leads compared to short articles.

A backlink is an incoming link to your content from an external website. Backlinks are one of the most apparent signals in Google’s rankings.

Getting backlinks from reputable websites and blogs is very difficult. Not just for beginners; even experienced bloggers struggle with it.

Here are some tips to get quality backlinks to your website:

  • Reach out to influencers and reputable blogs in your industry, and then tell them about your website's specific content they might want to link.
  • Write guest posts on other blogs and websites.
  • Interview influencers and bloggers on your blog. They will likely want to let their users know to check out their interview, and you’ll get a backlink.
  • The easiest way to get a backlink is to add a link to your website on your social media profiles.

More Secrets to Improve Blog Traffic in 2024

Now that you know this, the best thing to do is begin implementing strategies to mitigate any little thing. Here are a few tips that may help:

If you want your readers to keep coming back, you need to engage with them.

Strategies to Improve Blog Traffic

Expand your list of emails to over 5000+ subscribers: Your email list is your protection against updates to Google. Focus on it.

Create a blog on WordPress: We recommend that all bloggers start seriously hosting their WordPress blog and choose the right domain name.

Establish daily tasks: These are tasks that you should stick to. Only work when even all night. Do not check your emails at midnight. It’s not very good for your brain.

Do exercises: Studies show the need to exercise to stay healthy. Walk a little, do some jogging, etc. That will keep your mind fresh to publish new content ideas.

Find software or an application to organize: We use Evernote to hold ourselves. We can store what we need and use it as a reminder.

FAQs About How to Improve Blog Traffic Quickly in 2024:

  1. How to increase the visibility of your blog?

    Improve your keyword research. Share the new content on social media and other platforms like any other new content. Make your blog mobile-friendly. Share your blog posts everywhere. Install Analytics and learn from its results.

  2. How to increase blog traffic fast?

    Use keyword research to identify good topics to blog about. Always focus on producing long-form content. Keep your content fresh by updating existing posts. Try your best to optimize your blog posts for search engines.

  3. How to improve your blog?

    Always write about proven topics. Search what’s already trending using Google Trends and create a blog article from those topics. Heading tags (e.g., H1 and H2) will also help optimize search engine posts.

What We Have to Say at Last About How to Improve Blog Traffic in 2024?

So, at last, we are here to give you a final conclusion with examples of the most important steps you can take to increase your blog traffic in 3 months, which will give you definitely positive results:

Write high-quality content that people want to read. This is the most important factor in increasing blog traffic. Your content should be well-written, informative, and engaging. It should also be relevant to your target audience.

EXAMPLE: To write high-quality content, you can start by brainstorming a list of topics your target audience would be interested in. Once you have a list of topics, do keyword research to find the right keywords. Then, write your blog posts clearly and concisely using the keywords you found.

Optimize your content for search engines. This means using keywords and phrases in your titles, meta descriptions, and content. You can use a keyword research tool to help you find the right keywords.

EXAMPLE: To optimize your content for search engines, use a keyword research tool to find the right keywords for your titles, meta descriptions, and throughout your content. You can also use a tool like Yoast SEO to help you optimize your blog posts for search engines.

Promote your content on social media. Share your blog posts on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. You can also use social media to connect with other bloggers in your niche and guest blog on their websites.

EXAMPLE: To promote your content on social media, you can share your blog posts on Twitter and Facebook. You can use images, videos, and infographics in your posts to get more engagement on social media.

Run email marketing campaigns. Collect email addresses from your readers and send them regular updates about your blog posts. This is a great way to keep your readers engaged and returning for more.

EXAMPLE: To run email marketing campaigns, you can collect email addresses from your readers by offering them a free ebook or other incentive. Once you have a list of email addresses, you can send them regular updates about your blog posts. To make your email marketing campaigns more effective, you can segment your list and send targeted emails to each segment.

Guest blog on other websites. Guest blogging is a great way to get exposure to a new audience. When you guest blog, link to your blog so readers can learn more about you.

EXAMPLE: To guest blog on other websites, you can find websites in your niche that accept guest posts. When you guest blog, be sure to write a high-quality post that is relevant to the website's audience. You can also link to your blog in the post so readers can learn more about you.

Submit your blog to directories. Many directories list blogs. Submitting your blog to these directories can help you get more exposure.

EXAMPLE: To submit your blog to directories, you can find directories that list blogs in your niche. To submit your blog, you will usually need to provide the URL of your blog, a short description, and some keywords.

Run paid advertising campaigns. If you're willing to invest money, you can run paid advertising campaigns to promote your blog. This can be a quick and effective way to increase traffic.

EXAMPLE: You can use platforms like Google AdWords or Facebook Ads to run paid advertising campaigns. When you run paid advertising campaigns, you must set a budget and choose the keywords you want to target. You can also choose the targeting options you want to use, such as demographics, interests, and keywords.

These are some ways to work on your blogging skills and improve your blog audience, and you should remember one final thing: consistency is the key here. Quality is vital when it comes to content marketing.

Reading a list of blogging tips helps you understand what you need to do, but there’s a difference between reading about it and doing it. So, make a plan. Start by finding your topic and audience.

Don’t think about all the tips at once. Remember, take one step at a time. The more of these tips you implement, your site will become more valuable.

As usual, this is just the beginning of a small list of things to start a conversation. So you have to add something you can comment on below.

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