How to Clean and Sanitize Keyboard in 12 Minutes Easily

For almost any used computer keyboard to clean and sanitize keyboard from time to time. We will share some recommendations to clean keyboards and, later, sanitize the keyboard in 12 minutes.

Hand washing may be the number one avoidance of illness, causing bacteria. However, this is not enough, mainly when one often forgets to clean their fingers. For individuals who own a pc, here’s one method to keep your step ahead of those germs by cleaning and sanitizing the keyboard.

How to Clean and Sanitize a Computer Keyboard

When you clean your keyboard, the first thing you should do is completely power off your computer. This prevents you from pressing any keys that could potentially start programs, change settings, delete files, and other unwanted actions.

Take it one step further; unplug your computer from any electrical source. This is a safety measure if the keyboard gets wets and something shorts.

How to Clean and Sanitize Keyboard
How to Clean and Sanitize Keyboard
Sanitize a Computer Keyboard
Clean and sanitize the keyboard in 12 minutes. Safely remove streaks from your screen, smudges from your mouse, and grime from your keyboard.
Unplug keyboard first
Always unplug the phone or device before attempting to clean it.
Be careful
Cleaning instructions vary from one manufacturer to another. If in doubt, consult the manufacturer’s website.
Tools to use
There are many tools you can use to clean a keyboard. If you want to keep it simple, however, here are the basics:
1. Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol
2. Scratch paper
3. Cloth
4. Cotton Swab
5. Toothpick or Tweezers
6. Flashlight
Easily clean under the keys
Shut your computer down first. For laptops, aim for a 75-degree angle, per Apple’s website. If you have compressed air, you can start doing short blasts from top to bottom to squeeze any of those crumbs out of the areas between keys. use a clean toothbrush to sweep out larger or stubborn debris in short strokes
Wait for the surface to become dry
Allow the disinfectant to air dry on the surface for at least 10 minutes before you wipe it down with a soft, clean towel.
IMPORTANT: Do not use disinfectant wipes containing bleach or disinfectant sprays in general to clean and sanitize keyboard.

Why You Need to Clean And Sanitize Keyboard

Being a blogger, you must be working on your computer day and night, and obviously, you don’t even count how many times you have used a keyboard and mouse.

How many times have you dropped water or any other liquid on your Keyboard?

How to Clean and Sanitize Keyboard

You might find people eating and using their laptops most of the time. It might be just one single click on your keyboard, but guess what, you just made contact with your keyboard while eating.

We are trying to say that you work with your keyboard and mouse throughout the day and maintain personal hygiene as a blogger. This is one of the must-have things that you should keep clean and germ-free. So, here we are with tips to clean and sanitize the keyboard.

Why It's Important to Clean?

Most people do not know that keyboards are way dirtier than toilet seats. Analysis displays that more bacteria are seen on keyboards. Knowing this, you might want to think things over, especially if you tend to accord your keyboard and mouse to other people.

How to Clean and Sanitize Keyboard
Be Careful – Clean and Sanitize Keyboard in 12 Minute

Maybe it is about time you cleanse and sanitize your keyboard more often. You might likely get sick not knowing that you got the bacteria from your keyboard. So get rid of those disease-causing bacteria and start cleaning.

How to Clean your Keyboard?

Here are guidelines that anyone can follow to cleanse and sanitize their keyboard. First of all, remove the keyboard from your unit or separate the batteries for those using a wireless keyboard. Then turn it upside down and give it a few quakes.

Run a keyboard vacuum to remove crumbs, dirt, and other things found between your keys. Do not use the regular vacuum, which you use to clean the carpets. You might find your keys in the dust bin if you do.

If you have no keyboard vacuum, you can make do with the hair blower. Please set it to cool air only and utilize it to blow the dirt away between the keys. Wipe all the keys with lightly damped cloth, including the palm rest. Then with a dry cloth, wipe the keys dry.

How to Sanitize Keyboard?

However, to sanitize the keyboard, use sanitized wipes first. Squeeze out excess liquid from overly damped wipes, then wipe the keys. After which, wipe it with the lightly damped cloth, then dry the keyboard with a clean, dry cloth.

To cleanse and sanitize your mouse, you have to remove the device first from the computer or separate the batteries for those using a wireless mouse. 

How to Clean and Sanitize Keyboard

With sanitized wipes, clean the mouse thoroughly by scrubbing those grime out. Remember to squeeze out excess liquid from the wipes before utilizing it on the mouse. Then wipe it with a lightly damp clean cloth and dry with a dry sterile cloth.

How to Clean your Mouse

To cleanse the scroll on the mouse, flip it upside down and roll the scroll wheel on the sanitized wipes, to the same on a lightly damped cloth and a clean, dry cloth.

How to Clean and Sanitize Keyboard
Cleaning Mouse – Clean and Sanitize Keyboard in 12 Minute

It is advised that you be careful when cleaning your keyboard and mouse. Do not spray anything on it or allow any liquid to enter any opening. Any moisture that might find its way inside your device's circuits can cause it to short circuit the wirings. 

Some might opt to dismantle their keyboards and mouse to cleanse them. It is highly dissuaded since it may nullify your bond. The above is also applicable to portable computers; remember to remove them from the power source and separate their batteries. Now get cleaning and say goodbye to those diseases causing microbes. Stay clean and healthy.

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FAQs About Clean and Sanitize Keyboard

  1. How to clean a phone or tablet?

    Remove the case, wipe it down with a damp microfiber cloth, and move on to your device. While cleaning your phone or tablet, you have to be cautious since it probably has a fingerprint-resistant coating that could be damaged. Tempered-glass screen protectors likely have the same coating too.

  2. How to clean a desktop PC?

    Use water and a microfiber cloth to wipe down the monitor's back and the bezel around the screen. Wipe down your computer tower and wipe off the dust on your desk while you’re at it to get your home office area clean.

  3. How to clean a laptop?

    Change your laptop computer upside-down as well as gently tremble out the keypad to get rid of dust and crumbs. Grab the can associated with compressed airflow and blast the keyboard and inputs. Use plain water or eyeglass cleaner on a microfiber cloth for touch displays.

What not to do While Cleaning and Sanitize Keyboard

Here are a few things to stay away from if you plan to clean your keyboard further.

  • Never spray liquid onto your keyboard as it can cause water damage.
  • Do not wipe too aggressively or you could damage the keyboard.
  • Don't submerge your keyboard in water.
  • Don't yank the keys off the keyboard because it could crack, break or otherwise damage them.
  • Don't use any cleaning products that contain bleach.

Conclusion-Clean and Sanitize Keyboard

Do you share what method you use to clean your mouse and keyboard? Do you maintain personal hygiene by cleaning your system every day, or are you lazy and waiting months to clean your computer?

We will be happy to hear your thoughts

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