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8+ Best PPD Sites for Publishers in 2024 | Pay Per Download Networks

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A Pay-per-Download Platform is a service that allows you to upload your content and set a price for each download. It is a great way to monetize your content and earn money from your downloads.

Best PPD Sites for Publishers - Pay Per Download Networks

Do you know about the best pay-per-download sites in 2024? If not, then you are on the right page.

Adsense isn’t enough to generate cash from our websites and blogs in this competitive era. Who doesn’t want to enhance his income from their blogs and websites?

If you are one of them, these best PPD sites will help you to make some extra cash.

If your website’s revenue depends only on Ads, you won’t be able to make enough money to expand your business.

There are many other ways, too, which you can use to generate some extra cash online.

One of those ways is PPD, i.e., Pay Per Download, which allows you to make money without installing any particular software or tool. So, why wait for more?

Let’s explore the list of the best PPD sites of 2024 to find a better option for yourself.

What is a Pay-Per-Download Network?

PPD or pay-per-download network means a system through which, if specified, locked file downloads by your traffic after completing any small task or survey, PPD Network will pay you.

So, it’s natural that the best pay-per-download network can significantly increase your income and guarantee your payment.

So, today, I will review the best PPD sites for publishers you should join to make a lot of money at home.

Why Does PPD Network Pay Money to Publishers?

Best Pay Per Download Networks
Best Pay-Per-Download Networks 2024

It’s an excellent strategy for advertisers to promote their online or offline products or services to consumers.

Advertisers rely on the PDD network to get customer information or sell services, which are done through the publisher.

The business owner or service provider offers the PPD network to promote their product or wants to get consumers' details.

The publisher locks some valuable files to the PPD network and receives a link to promote them.

When any user wants to get that file the publisher uploads for a lead, the user must complete a small task or survey.

That means the user must complete any task an advertiser provides to promote their product or service.

This could be surveys, app downloads, or software download offers. As a publisher, you should know this most critical pay-per-download network point.

So, according to service provider demand, users will submit their details to get that valuable file, and you will get paid from PPD networks.

How to Choose the Best Pay Per Download Network in 2024?

Most of the time, we have a problem choosing the best online income platform in every sector for many scammers.

So, you have to find the best and trusted network to join. It’s effortless: browse our list of best pay-per-download sites and join the one you like best.

If you are a beginner and want to make money online, you must spend a lot of time getting good feedback or learning a professional skill.

The PPD site is one of the easiest methods. You can earn money quickly by blogging or social sharing. There are fewer competitors here, so earning is easier.

But this is not enough to earn a significant income, something like a six-figure income. In this case, blogging is easy for all kinds of people.

You can earn money by publishing ads like Google AdSense or other ad networks on your blog or website and getting some traffic, and you can do it through SEO or social sharing.

Types of PPD Sites in 2024:

There are two types of PPD Networks available on the market:

PPD Sites with Survey:

Pay-per-download websites with surveys are PPD networks that give users a list of surveys before file downloads. Users must complete the survey to start downloading the file.

So, with these PPD networks, PPD sites earn money from those surveys and share some amount with you once the survey is done.

These sites also pay higher than PPD sites without surveys.

PPD Sites Without Survey:

A pay-per-download website without a survey is a PPD network that doesn’t require any survey for a file download, but they put some banner ads, video ads, redirects, etc., to generate revenue.

Users can easily download their files by avoiding these ads and redirects; that’s why these networks pay less compared to PPD sites with surveys.

List of Best Rated PPD Sites of 2024

Below, we have listed some of the best-rated pay-per-download sites to make money by uploading files. All of these are the highest-paying PPD sites.

Our list includes some of the best pay-per-download websites. Some users make over $50 a day. The post below provides all the features and details.

So, here is the list of the best PPD networks of 2024. You can earn money by joining one or more sites from this list.

1: DollarUpload

DollarUpload is a website that has been online and paying regularly without issue. You can make money by uploading and downloading files and locking a link to your content.

You can lock your whole website or part of it and earn cash each time your visitor gains access to your site through the converted link.

The payment ways are PayPal, Bank Transfer, Payoneer, Check, etc., and the minimum cashout requirement is $10.

It’s a high-tracking and trusted site. You can earn approximately $20 per day by DollarUpload. You get an average of 60 cents to 20 dollars after a download.

Key Features of DollarUpload:

  1. You can check your reports daily, which is necessary for upgrading your work and efficiency.
  2.  You can optimize your detailed work anytime, which will help you to attract more visitors to your id.
  3. This site supports more than 250 countries, which offers a big chance to earn more. Each link downloaded gives you $1.
  4. They have millions of publishers working on DollarUpload. They offer multiple offers on time, so you should check your profile daily.
  5. PPI installers, Lockers, and PPD are worthy features, making this PPD site excellent and user-friendly.

Join Now Dollarupload

2: AdWorkMedia

Adworkmdeia is well-known as a CPA marketing network, but it is a combination of many works.

Adworkmedia's content-locking system is one PPD system where you can upload your important files and lock them or links.

When a user downloads a file, he/she must complete one of many offers. With AdWorkMedia, you can monetize apps, download links, articles, and parked domains.

Adworkmedia has over 2500+ high-converting affiliate campaigns to easily monetize traffic from any country.

They have affiliate campaigns like email submissions, downloads, surveys, mobile SMS/pins, trials, etc.

Key Features of AdWorkMedia:

  1. The commission types are CPA and PPD; you can generate the most profit from your web and mobile traffic.
  2. AdWork Media's monetization solutions are the ultimate platform for content publishers, website owners, and game & app developers.
  3. Minimum Payment: $20
  4. AdWork Media's monetization tools are intelligent, powerful, and optimized to target the best ads for your users based on their country, viewing device, and other factors.
  5. Payment Methods: PayPal, Wire Transfer, Payoneer

Join Now at AdworkMedia

3: DailyUploads

DailyUploads is one of the best pay-per-download networks. You can upload a file in DailyUploads and promote your link to earn money.

It’s a trusted and best PPD site. You'll get $1- $10 per download whenever someone downloads your file. After making $25, you can withdraw your money.

Your file must be at least 1 MB in size to be eligible for a prize. The website is quite ancient, and many users have trusted it.

One reason to use this platform might be this. Other payout options give you many options for withdrawing your money.

You can even earn some extra cash through its affiliate programs. You can earn a 10% referral commission whenever a user registers from your affiliate link. comprises four tiers. Each tier contains some countries with rates. If your audience is from developed countries like the United States or the UK, you’ll get $16 per 1000 downloads.

However, if there are some other countries, the amount may vary with the countries. You can find the details for each tier from their official site.

Key Features of DailyUploads:

  1. Commission Type: PPD
  2. Daily Uploads offers solutions for secure remote storage capacity for off-site backups.
  3. Payout Methods: PayPal, Skrill, WebMoney.
  4. Traffic generated using automated hits or manipulated traffic is not allowed.
  5. The minimum payout is $25, and they pay on request.
  6. Payout Schedule: 10 days after cashing out the request.

Join Now at DailyUploads

4: Indishare

Indishare is another popular and best PPD site for publishers. Indishare earning system is a file locker and link locker. It offers the publisher unlimited upload opportunities.

It’s so much for the publishers; you can upload your valuable files to earn money. It has powerful tracking software and analytics tools.

This excellent PPD site offers a potential income of up to $10 per 1000 downloads. You must upload the files (Videos are allowed) and promote the link to earn this amount.

Now, whenever someone clicks on your link, he/she will be landed on this PPD site where they can download the content. Once the download is complete, you get paid.

Key Features of Indishare:

  1. The Indishare rewards program offers you the perfect opportunity to earn money by sharing your files with friends or family. 
  2. You can earn up to USD 10 per completed 10,000 downloads. 
  3. Payout methods are PayPal, Neteller, Bank Transfer, Payza, etc.
  4. There are no restrictions for any country; anyone can download using their free system.
  5. Minimum Payout: $5
  6. Indishare counts and pays monthly on the 20th. All you need is to request a payout.

Join Now at Indishare

5: BitcoinPPD

To monetize your website, BitcoinPPD is one of the best networks.  Its primary commission system is CPA (Cost per action) and PPD.

Here, you’ll have an excellent opportunity to earn Bitcoin.

Creating a locker with BitcoinPPD is easy; simply select the locker type and fill out the form accordingly.

If you create a locker as a guest, you can specify the Bitcoin wallet where you would like to receive your payments.

Registered users don't need to specify their wallet for each locker; all the payments will be added to their account balance, and they can request them quickly from the withdraw page. 

Registered users can also accept PayPal on their lockers, visitors can unlock your contents with PayPal, and an equivalent bitcoin amount will be added to your account.

All you have to do is create a locker, whether as a guest or registered user, share your download link with friends and colleagues, or promote it online; you will earn for every download you bring.

Key Features of BitcoinPPD:

  1. You can accept multiple cryptocurrencies.
  2. The earnings of all currencies will be added to your account balance, and you can withdraw easily. 
  3. Supported currencies. BitcoinLitecoinEthereumBitcoin CashMoneroDash, and DodgeCoin.
  4. Minimum Payout: 0.00300000 BTC
  5. Payout Schedule: within 10 days after payout request.

Join Now at BitcoinPPD


Another popular PPD advertiser media is The commission system is CPA, content locker, and PPD.

It’s a high-paying, trusted, and best PPD site for the publishers. It is entirely authentic and has consistently been voted the top PPD site. compensates users for every 1000 downloads. As a result, users can anticipate payment of between $1 and $11 for every 1000 downloads.

This fee is calculated based on the country of origin of your leads.

One pleasant aspect of is that this ad-free website lets visitors download files without seeing pop-ups or bogus links, enhancing the overall UX.

They provide unique programs such as those that let users create a YouTube video about and earn $5 and allow customers to write articles about and include their referral link to get $2.

Additionally, they offer a referral program enabling customers to earn 15% of their income by referring others.

Key Features of

  1. The PPD model pays per 1000 downloads, whereas PPS (pay per sale) pays for sold files.
  2. All users will get 50 GB of free storage space and upload PDF, ZIP, APK, EXE, and other files like videos and music.
  3. Payments can be made through Paypal, Payeer, Webmoney, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Payoneer.
  4. Users can upload with unlimited speed, no matter the size of the files they're uploading.
  5. The minimum payout is $5, and they pay a daily average of 24 to a maximum of 7 days, except weekends and holidays.

Join Now at

7: Adsendmedia

Adsendmedia's offer wall enables you to deploy a complete rewards-based monetization solution on your site in minutes.

You can create a new revenue stream by giving users the power to quickly earn your virtual rewards by watching videos, downloading apps, taking short surveys, and completing other quick offers.

You generate revenue for each offer your users complete. Since AdscendMedia is highly ranked, signing up is tricky, and most first-time applicants are rejected.

Additionally, partnering with Adscend Media is a surefire way to increase your income.

Key Features of Adsendmedia:

  1. Their dashboard provides straightforward reporting with actionable statistics to analyze and optimize your real-time results.
  2. PayPal, Check, Wire Transfer, and ACH are all acceptable payment methods.
  3. You can deploy their easy-to-install solutions on your website within minutes.
  4. Its global advertisers base ensures maximum revenue, regardless of the country of your users.
  5. Net 7 and Net 15 are the payment schedules.
  6. With the Industry's most innovative offer wall, you can increase user retention, earnings, and engagement.

Join Now at Adsendmedia

8: UsersCloud

UsersCloud is also one of the top PPD sites, and it is a file hosting service that gives free unlimited storage for uploading your files to the cloud.

The most important thing about UsersCloud is that it provides unlimited space, plus files between 1KB – and 50MB will never expire or be removed, so you can earn by uploading as many files as you want without any space restrictions.

You can also earn money from their referral program. You can refer as many friends as you want and earn 30% from each referral profit.

Key Features of UsersCloud:

  1. You can earn up to $5 per 1,000 downloads; the minimum payout is $5.
  2. If you need secure remote storage capacity for off-site backups, offers solutions.
  3. Payments are made via Bitcoin, Payza, Paypal, Perfect Money, Webmoney, Payoneer, Neteller, and Wire Transfer.
  4. Earn 90% from every premium account you sell and rebill.
  5. All your files are stored securely on our servers in protected folders only accessible to you.

Join Now at UsersCloud

Pay Per Download Affiliate Program Benefits in 2024:

After reading about the best and most high-paying PPD sites listed above, I want to share the significant benefits of using pay-per-download affiliate or earning programs.

Here are the reasons why we should use these websites to make money online by uploading files:

Easy to Get Approval: Most PPD sites are easy to get approved. Blogs with less quality and traffic are also supported by PPD websites.

Lower Payout Threshold: Most PPD sites have a low threshold, up to $5 only. One can quickly cash out their earnings almost daily.

High Payout: They pay up to $1 for a single download. Just 5 downloads will make you earn $5.

No Ban: You won’t be banned from pay-per-download sites like Adsense.

Other Notable Pay-Per-Download Sites That Pay Attractive Rates in 2024

You should avoid these mistakes in 2024 when working with pay-per-download networks:

Pay-per-download networks can become a great source of passive income online; however, if you do not follow their terms and conditions, you can face a ban. Avoid these if you don’t want to get banned:

  • Don’t fake or self-download using a VPN or proxy.
  • Don’t use bots or automated traffic to generate downloads.
  • Do not upload pornography or copyrighted material.

FAQs About Best PPD Sites for Publishers in 2024

  1. How Pay Per Download Works?

    PPD networks have a mechanism of paying some amount per download. This means you earn some amount for each download whenever someone downloads your hosted digital products from PPD sites.

  2. Is Pay Per Download a Good Way to Make Money?

    Yes, become a member of a PPD website that best suits your needs, upload your content there, and get paid.

  3. How Much Can I Earn With PPD Sites?

    Your earnings with PPD sites depend on the number of downloads your files get and the payout rates of the PPD site you use. Some uploaders make hundreds or even thousands of dollars per month.

  4. Are PPD Sites Safe?

    They can be safe if you use reputable ones with a good track record of paying their users. However, you should always be careful when downloading files from PPD sites, as they may contain viruses or malware.

  5. How Do I Choose a Good PPD Site?

    To choose a good PPD site, look for one with a good reputation, high payout rates, and reliable payment methods. You can also read reviews and ask other users for recommendations.

  6. What Kind of Files Can I Upload to PPD Sites?

    You can upload any file to PPD sites, such as software, music, videos, e-books, etc. However, ensure you have the right to distribute the files you upload.

  7. How Do I Get Paid by PPD Sites?

    They typically pay their users through various payment methods, such as PayPal, Payoneer, or wire transfer. You need to reach the minimum payout threshold before requesting a payment.

Conclusion on Best Pay Per Download Networks of 2024:

These are the top highest-paying PPD websites. PPD sites are one of the best ways to earn extra money through your blog's traffic.

I suggest one thing to remember before starting work on any PPD site: read the terms and conditions carefully.

So that you can get more advantages from these sites, and by following their rules and regulations, you can avoid the risk of getting banned.

Hope you like this list of best PPD sites for publishers in 2024 post; if you think it helps you, please don’t forget to share it with your friends, colleagues, and family members.

Please comment below if you face any issues or want to ask anything. I’ll reply soon.

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