Why Google AdSense is Not Good for Your Blog: 10 Best Reasons

Have you ever considered why Google AdSense is not good for your business? Google AdSense is one of the most popular and preferable Ad networks, but why might google AdSense not be good for your business?

Obviously, many bloggers and publishers wanted to make money from their blogs. And Google AdSense program is at the top of the internet regarding earning money. It is the number one choice for almost every blogger. But you will see tons of AdSense alternative sites and networking programs available on the internet that many bloggers looking to make money on top of their AdSense Ad revenue.

Google AdSense is a professional kind of program. This is nothing but an Ad network service that Google provides, and till now, Adsense has been the best ad program to make money for bloggers and publishers.

Understanding Facts Why Google AdSense is Not Good for Your BlogThere are several reasons why it may not be the best choice for every blogger…

Here are some things you might want to consider carefully before using AdSense for your small business or personal brand website.

Google Adsense Multiplex Ad Preview
Google Adsense Multiplex Ad Preview

You have to understand that AdSense works with its particular rules and regulations, so it is evident that every blogger has to do their blog pages according to AdSense requirements.

Some people do not fit in with Google AdSense rules and regulations. So such people try to find other alternative options to make money outside AdSense.

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Reasons Why Google AdSense is Not Good for Your Business:

Please check out the below points talk about the reasons why people looking for AdSense alternatives:

Whether you are looking for an alternative option for AdSense or just another complementary advertising option, there are plenty of other services available that you can use to monetize your site on the internet, but not just for this reason. There are a few reasons why bloggers are looking for alternatives to Google AdSense. This is what we are going to discuss on this page. Make sure to read this article carefully.

1. Google AdSense Approval

As we all know, AdSense is one of the popular Ad network programs that provides Ad services to various websites. Since Google facilitates it, most bloggers prefer Google AdSense during the initial stages of their blogging journey. This helps bloggers earn money by posting Google AdSense-approved Ads on their websites. There are thousands of websites created daily, and to make money online, creating a Google AdSense account is mandatory.

There are tons of hurdles people face while they try to approve an AdSense account. I've seen thousands of bloggers give up on blogging just because all their efforts couldn't be enough to get the AdSense account's approval.

Why Google AdSense is Not Good for Your Business

However, let me make this very clear to you, which you might already know, getting an AdSense account approved from Google is a challenge. It takes more time to get this approval. This is one of the primary reasons bloggers seek alternatives to the AdSense ad network.

2. Not Having Enough Content

Not Enough Content - Why Google AdSense is Not Good For Your Business
Not Enough Content – Why Google AdSense is Not Good for Your Blog

It has its own Adsense term and conditions for every blogger. Your Google AdSense account won't be approved if you don't have enough content on your website. You will not make money online unless your AdSense account gets approved. Having 25 to 50 pages on your website is mandatory to approve the Google AdSense account.

Google does not consider those websites failing to adhere to their terms and conditions. Google refuses the sites when there is no appropriate content for the advertisers. Also, Google continuously monitors the websites regarding content, information, author profile, visits, etc.

It is another reason bloggers divert their money-making decision and look for an alternative to AdSense. Some publishers don't have enough content to present to the audience even though the information is demanding or promising.

3. Lack of Web Traffic

Google AdSense is always looking for a quality writeup and monitors the traffic coming onto your website. You must write quality and valuable content to drive a maximum number of people. This is the only way you could generate massive traffic on your website. In Google's world, “Content is the King,” and you must follow this rule.

Website traffic depends on how you write your blog and how qualitative and attractive content you presented to the people.

Why Google AdSense is Not Good for Your Business

So, to generate organic traffic for your website, you will have to enhance your writing skills, style, or format.

This is another reason bloggers look for AdSense alternatives when they don't have enough website traffic. Obviously, bloggers switched to another option since they wanted to make money online.

4. Unsupportable Niche to Google

“Niche” is basically a topic around which all your content moves. Hence, while developing the blog, you must select a very well-supported topic by Google. Otherwise, all your efforts will be pointless when the subject is not demanding from Google's perspective.

I've seen Google AdSense rejects many websites for not having enough or appropriate content for advertisers or if “the subject” (niche) of their website is not enough to drive more traffic.

Why Google AdSense is Not Good for Your Business

Deciding your blog Niche is very much important, according to Google. So, a blogging niche has to be selected carefully. Also, you must be very keen while publishing the content on your website.

You can't simply start a blog if something pops up in your mind; the topic should last long and has to be something that falls within Google's criteria, and this is one of the big reasons behind bloggers looking after AdSense alternatives when they are seriously working on a “unique niche” that stands outside Google's radar.

5. Violations in your Blog

As you know, Google AdSense has its own terms and conditions, and it is mandatory to be followed by every blogger. I've seen many bloggers attempt to violate the rules of Google AdSense and get punished. If you try to break even a single rule, AdSense does not just ban the website; they won't even let you open a new AdSense account.

The “violations” include trying to post controversial topics, unwanted posts, copied content, or trying to bypass someone else's copyrights, etc. In these cases, Google AdSense no longer supports you. In fact, Google may ban your website forever. And that's where thousands of bloggers try to look for an AdSense alternative.

6. Monetizing Website to Get Extra Income

Extra Income – Why Google AdSense is Not Good for Your Business
Extra Income – Why Google AdSense is Not Good for Your Blog

Many bloggers are eager to earn massive money by posting Ads on their websites, and “Google AdSense” is mainly referred to by many bloggers. But it is not your only choice because there are plenty of Google AdSense alternatives. Many bloggers unsatisfied with their Google AdSense income look for AdSense options and monetize their websites by following other Ad network programs.

There are many different alternative advertising programs available that offer you great features. They also allow you to make additional income from your website. And that's why people turn from AdSense to another Ad network program.

7. Ad Formats

Undoubtedly, Google AdSense is one of the best and most popular ad networks on the internet. But as you can see, contextual texts or non-responsive ad formats sometimes don't fit incorrectly according to the design and layout. Some set ad formats that bloggers had to follow instead of customized ad formats that bloggers can use and post anywhere on the website.

Google AdSense Ad Formats
Google AdSense Ad Formats

However, responsive advertisement formats and customized money-making ad formats are available on the internet that most bloggers utilize on their websites. So, to make high revenue, bloggers always look for other ad networks, giving them better results and better user engagements than Google AdSense.

8. Not Enough AdSense Revenue

As mentioned in this article, Google AdSense always looks for quality writeups and content on your website. And because of the lack of quality of your information, it will not generate massive traffic. Alternatively, you won't generate enough revenue from Google AdSense.

But not every blogger can write quality content all the time. Still, some alternative options make money even though the quality of content is average. And this is another reason why some bloggers are looking for AdSense alternatives that will respect their content's average grade.

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9. Lower Percentage of Europe and US/UK Countries

Why Google Adsense is Not Good For Your Business
Tier 1 Countries – Why Google AdSense is Not Good for Your Blog

Your website traffic all depends on how you write content on your website. If the content is attractive, catchy, and promising, your page will drive massive traffic from well-developed countries like; USA and UK. Alternatively, it also generates enormous Google AdSense revenue. The more traffic you will get, the more revenue generated from Google AdSense.

Obviously, they fail to drive massive traffic from US and UK countries. Since Google AdSense always looks for these countries first, such bloggers are mostly affected because their US/UK traffic is insufficient from Google AdSense's perspective. As a result, these bloggers tend to switch to another ad network.

10. AdSense Rules and Conditions

10 Reasons Why Google AdSense is Not Good For Your Business Website
Terms and Conditions – Why Google AdSense is Not Good for Your Blog

So far, you must have clarified that Google is very strict with the rules, regulations, terms & conditions. Even the design and layout of your website have to follow Google AdSense conditions.

And this is one of the biggest reasons many bloggers prefer to choose AdSense alternatives. Other ad networks easily support the customized layout and design of the website. Also, some ad network programs efficiently work with many websites with responsive ad formats.

FAQs – Why Google AdSense is Not Good for Your Website:

  1. Is AdSense really worth it?

    Yes! Definitely, AdSense is worth using it. You will earn a lot more in a secure way with AdSense. AdSense has more revenue power.

  2. Is AdSense still profitable?

    AdSense is free and easy to set up, but the main question should be how to get the traffic that makes it profitable. So the valid question is: can you still get high traffic on a blog or website to earn more with AdSense? The answer is definitely yes, but very few people succeed at it.

  3. Is Google AdSense safe?

    Google AdSense continues to be a safe and stable means to earn an income online, but you must first understand the rules and conditions. You can read our other AdSense resources if you want to know more.

Conclusion About Why Google AdSense is Not Good:

Google AdSense is a popular advertising program that allows website owners to earn money by displaying third-party ads on their sites. While it can be tempting to use AdSense to monetize your blog, there are several other reasons, including, as we mentioned above, why it may not be the best choice for every blogger.

Google AdSense pays relatively low commissions compared to other advertising programs. For example, AdSense may only pay a few cents per click, meaning you would need significant traffic to your site to make a meaningful income. This makes it less attractive for bloggers with a smaller audience or starting out.

Another reason is that AdSense can be restrictive regarding the ads displayed on your site. While you can customize the types of ads that appear, you do not always have control over the specific ads that are displayed. This means that some ads may not be relevant to your readers or even be offensive, which could harm your reputation and lead to a loss of readership.

The main reason Google AdSense may not be suitable for you is AdSense can also negatively impact the user experience on your site. The ads can be distracting and take away from the content on your site, leading to a lower engagement rate and fewer return visitors. Moreover, some users may have ad-blockers installed, which would prevent them from seeing the ads altogether, resulting in lost revenue.

You should not forget that using AdSense can also limit your ability to build relationships with advertisers directly. By relying solely on AdSense, you miss out on the opportunity to negotiate higher rates and develop long-term partnerships with brands that align with your blog's values and niche.

So, at last, we can say that while Google AdSense can be a helpful tool for some bloggers, it may not be the best choice for everyone because of its negative impact on user experience and limitations on building direct advertiser relationships. As such, bloggers looking to monetize their sites should carefully consider all their options and choose the best approach for their goals and needs.

These are a couple of reasons behind bloggers are looking for AdSense alternative ad programs. However, if you find something more promising than what we've listed above and want to suggest anything, do not hesitate to use the comment section below.

Feel free to get in touch with us anytime. Happy to hear from you and would like to share as much information as possible to help others.

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  1. Great topic and very accurately written. AdSense should always be avoided at all costs and alternative ad networks should always be looked into.

    For newcomers to the world of blogging I’d definitely recommend dipping into being an affiliate. For example I am an affiliate of my hosts for my website who have an excellent rate of commission and although I have not yet set that up on my website yet I do know other website owners who virtually live off being an affiliate. Google AdSense is a thing of the past, time to leave them there!


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