How to Fix Google AdSense Policy Violation: 9 Easy Solutions

Recently we got an email from AdSense in which Google AdSense says, “We found some policy violations on your site, We can't serve ads on your site until you fix these issues. You need to resolve these issues to be able to use AdSense.” So questions arise in our mind that:

  • How do I find out what is wrong with this site?
  • What is this google AdSense policy violation?
  • How to fix google AdSense policy violation?

Remember that only policy violations must be fixed. Publisher restrictions aren’t required changes. However, content with publisher restrictions receives restricted ad serving.

Google Adsense approval is like a dream these days. Over a billion blogs are out there, and most niches are saturated. They start rejecting even good-looking websites because of this google AdSense policy violation.

Think twice before doing a blog if you are falling under this niches:

  • Insurance
  • Cooking
  • Technology/Gadgets reviews
  • Mobile phones reviews
  • Hosting reviews
  • Song lyrics
  • Quotes
  • Viral videos

These are some very saturated niche examples. We advise you to change your niche/topic if you fall under these topics unless you have 50+ good quality blog posts. Always go with the micro-niche and mix so many topics in a single blog or website.

Micro-niche example: If you are planning to write a pet blog, try to narrow it. Try something like Dog blog, a cat blog, or even specific breed animals, if possible.

Fix Google AdSense Policy Violation

What is a Google Adsense Policy Violation?

How to Fix Google AdSense Policy Violation With Easy Solutions
AdSense Error – Fix Google AdSense Policy Violation

Google Adsense policy violations occur when publishers violate Google ad policies and get their ad accounts suspended or ads temporarily removed from their websites.

Google Adsense demands something unique, fresh from their publishers. You can check out Income School’s 350+ Free micro-niche Ideas if you are out of topics. I explained everything in this excel sheet, from what niche to go with or not, traffic, affiliate ability, seasonal or not, and an overall score for better understanding for a noob blogger.

IMPORTANT ABOUT GOOGLE ADSENSE POLICY VIOLATION: These days, Google AdSense strongly considers the quality of pages where ads are displayed, and they take this very seriously.

Anyway, Let’s go back to the topic, how to fix google AdSense policy violation. So we share some common things to do before applying for Google Adsense or how to improve if your website or blog is rejected because of a Google Adsense policy violation.

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IMPORTANT: Most applications for Adsense are unsuitable, and the generic refusal message says that there are policy violations. That doesn’t necessarily mean serious violations – it’s just that the site is not suitable for Adsense.

They are looking for high-quality, well-maintained, and well-established sites that offer something new and original, attracting visitors from search engines, not in overdone niches. If yours doesn’t fit that, it will be turned down or a policy violation error.

It’s actually complicated to rectify the exact issue if you got this policy violation error. Most of the time, Google AdSense explained the problem, such as:

  • Valuable inventory: no content
  • Valuable inventory: under construction
  • Valuable inventory: scraped content
  • Valuable inventory: nonsensical content
  • Valuable inventory: templated Page

So, Let’s talk about the Google AdSense policy violation issue. This occurs because of multiple problems. We have explained the steps below, how to resolve this policy violation. Make sure you follow all the steps before reapplying for Adsense.

Steps to Fix Google Adsense Policy Violation Issue

How to Fix Google AdSense Policy Violation
AdSense Issues – How to Fix Google AdSense Policy Violation

These are essential steps to follow before applying or reapplying for Google AdSense.

1. Quality Content

Make sure you don’t copy and paste someone else content, you don’t use any software to create spin/spun content, you don’t rewrite someone else content in your own language and publish. Don’t buy content if you are new in this field. Try to write valuable, unique, and meaningful content to help your user and the internet.

Keep your keyword density under 1%. Please don’t put it randomly and make your content meaningless. Use Proper Heading tags, meta tags, and alt tags. Make it free from spelling mistakes and grammar to avoid google AdSense policy violation.

Make sure you are not writing for a very competitive niche such as insurance, health, cooking, etc., because it’s tough to rank, and chances are Adsense will reject your application as always.

Before applying, make sure you have enough content for Adsense approval, as we all know that Adsense is a text-based advertisement platform. I suggest you go with a minimum of 20-25 posts with an average of 900 words per blog post.

2. Use Minimal Design and Proper Navigation

Google Adsense wants its user can easily navigate or find all the available content on your website without any issue. I see so many bloggers use flashy things, unwanted widgets, no proper primary and secondary structure, etc. Delete all your unwanted widgets, plugins, flashy gifs.

Create a primary menu and secondary menu. Primary for your categories and your content. Secondary menu for all necessary pages like about us, contact us, privacy policy, etc. Put your secondary menu to the top or footer area.

Create a minimum of 4-5 categories, put at least 4-5 blog posts into each, and use not more than 5-6 tags; otherwise, your post will look spammy. Always use a premium theme for your blog or website for better results. I see a lot of encrypted scripts in free themes.

Make sure your web pages do not take more than 5 seconds to open. 5 seconds is itself an alarming number. It should be mobile-friendly as 60% of the users are mobile devices these days. This could be the main factor in resolving your google AdSense policy violation.

Keep your sidebar Widget clean, don’t add useless things like categories, pages, blog stats, search bar (If you already have them in your main or top menu), or any affiliate HTML codes.

3. Create all Necessary Pages

Ensure you have all the necessary pages before applying or reapplying for Adsense. Here is the list of all essential pages required:

  1. About us: Give a brief of your website in 4-5 lines. What is your point to create this blog, how it can help your visitors, etc.
  2. Contact us: Create a contact form and link it to this page. Make sure you provide the correct e-mail id while creating the contact form.
  3. Disclaimer: Google it; you’ll find many samples for this page. Copy and change your URL.
  4. Privacy Policy: Same as a disclaimer, google it, you’ll find many free websites that create a privacy policy for your website.
  5. Cookie Policy: Earlier, you don’t need this page, but now Google is very strict about their user’s privacy.
  6. Privacy Policy: This is a must-have page for all website owners.
  7. Sitemap HTML (Optional): It will help bots crawl all of your websites' URLs if you have a sitemap HTML page at the top or bottom. This page will help your website to index better.

Before applying for any ad. publisher, these are the essential pages, whether Google Adsense or

4. Use Copyright-Free Images

Always use Copyright-free images in your blog. Don’t just download random pictures from Google images and use them. If you still want to use those images, try to edit them before using them in your blog.

How to Fix Google AdSense Policy Violation – 10 Easy Solutions
Copyright Free Images – Fix Google AdSense Policy Violation

But I strongly recommend you always use royalty-free images. There are dozens of websites available, providing royalty-free photos to use in your blog, youtube videos, Instagram, etc., without any copyright issue. You can use pixaby images or pexels website.

If you are using random images in your blog, I suggest replacing all with copyright-free images before reapplying for the Adsense account.

5. Use Top Level Domain

Google Adsense is a premium publisher. If you use some shady domain extensions like .ga, .ta, .me, .xyz, etc., you’ll not get approval at all or even You may get approval, but it would be a lot of difficult compared to top-level domains like .com, .net, .org, etc.

So don’t reapply for Adsense if you are not using the top-level domain. You can easily get .com, .org or .net domain under $10 from any website.

6. Remove All Unwanted Ad Codes and Affiliate Links

Before applying or reapplying for Adsense, we recommend removing all other 3rd party advertisements ad codes.

You also have to remove all do-follow affiliate links, including Amazon affiliate links, all unwanted embed, exclude Youtube, unwanted gifs, and snappy flash things from your blog.

This may cause an issue with your Adsense approval. Make your blog super clean and easy to read for your visitors.

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7. Submit Your Sitemap

Submitting Sitemap is actually a crucial step for Adsense approval. Make sure you create a sitemap and submit it to the Google search console.

To create a sitemap, you can use various free plugins like Google XML, Yoast SEO, etc. If you created your sitemap using Google XML, then your sitemap URL will be like this, or if you created using Yoast SEO, then it’ll be like

After submitting your sitemap in the Google search console, wait for at least 4-5 days to let your all blog posts index on the google search engine. Then you are ready to go for reapply.

8. Traffic Sources Matter

See, you don’t need the traffic to get Adsense approval for your website. Many bloggers try to get traffic from various sources like buying traffic, creating WhatsApp/ telegram groups to get traffic, Pinterest traffic, etc.

I suggest you stop doing this, you don’t need the traffic to get Adsense approval, and if you are buying traffic, I suggest you wait for a few months and then reapply.

Always try to get organic traffic. Referral traffic will not generate an income for you as it has a very low CPM.

9. Social Media

How to Fix Google AdSense Policy Violation With Easy Solutions
Social Shares – Fix Google AdSense Policy Violation

Social media plays a significant role in your website authenticity. Try to create all primary social media handles as:

Once you have all Social media handles, put your website URL there. This step will generate Web 2.0 links.

Share some of your blog posts with your social media handles before applying for Adsense.

Pro Tips to Avoid Google AdSense Policy Violation

How to Fix Google AdSense Policy Violation With Easy Solutions
Easy Solutions – Fix Google AdSense Policy Violation

Publishers are an integral part of Google’s advertising. To help publishers remain on the safe side, Google encourages them to follow some best practices. Here are some of them we have listed below:

  • Avoid clicking on your own ads to prevent invalid traffic.
  • Prepare content from a user’s point of view that is useful.
  • Keep the content family-safe and valuable to the reader.
  • Ditch deceptive page/ad layouts or call-outs to invite clicks.
  • Create quality content, avoid duplication, and update regularly.
  • Observe Google’s copyrights and terms of service thoroughly. 
  • Don’t make modifications to the AdSense code. 

Publishers are advised to stay on top of AdSense policies, product updates to avoid google AdSense policy violation errors.

FAQs About Fix Google AdSense Policy Violation

  1. How do I get unbanned from AdSense?

    Typically if you are banned from AdSense and your appeals are rejected, you are banned for life under whatever name/Gmail account you signed up for. Our suggestion would be to make a new Gmail account and website and then try applying to AdSense and see if you can get approved.

  2. What happens if you violate Google's terms of service?

    What happens if you violate Google's terms of service? Technically, you could be banned from AdSense for a lifetime, but more likely, you'll get warned or lose access to the Google program with the violation.

  3. What do I do if my AdSense account is suspended?

    If your account is suspended, you'll receive an email stating whether this action was due to policy violations or invalid traffic. You can search your email for a message from AdSense and review the relevant section below: 
    1: Account suspension for policy violation(s) 
    2: Account suspension for invalid traffic.

Conclusion: Fix Google AdSense Policy Violation

We have explained everything above to fix the Google Adsense policy violation issue. Follow each and everything we have mentioned above to eliminate this issue. If you still have any queries, feel free to comment below.

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