10 Best WiFi Signal Booster App for Android

It’s getting harder to find homes, offices, public places, stations, or institutions without WiFi. The number of Internet users is now very high. All people prefer WIFI too much than cellular data to use the internet. But what if the WIFI connection is slow? Which is the best WIFI signal booster app for android phones?

Imagine you’re trying to connect free WIFI to the railway station. But many people are trying to use or use free WIFI as you do. That’s why WiFi speed has decreased.

Best WiFi Signal Booster App for Android

You are even a little far away from the router, and the WiFi signal is not available properly. There are no people who have not faced these problems. We all have to face this kind of situation. That's why we need the best WIFI signal booster app for android.

Hopefully, one of the solutions is found by the programmers. That’s the WiFi signal booster app for android tablets and smartphones. Many app makers and programmers have created many apps for people’s needs.

These best WIFI signal booster apps for android phones can be used for various purposes like increasing WiFi speed, strengthening connections, increasing the range, etc. But the question is, which app is useful? Which WIFI signal booster app for android phones offers more performance and more service? I’m trying to answer the questions in this article.

Best WIFI Signal Booster App For Android

In case of need, modern phones can find out more WIFI-networks or improve the quality of the signal; you only need to help them. We have collected the best WIFI signal booster app for android phones to improve your wireless network in one place.

Here is the list of the top best WiFi signal booster app for android tablets and smartphones.

1. Network Signal Speed Booster

Best WIFI Signal Booster App For Android Tablets and Phones
Network Speed Booster – Best WIFI Signal Booster App

This is one of the best WIFI signal booster apps for android phones and an excellent application for WiFi Connection Boost. This app uses a straightforward interface, and it is user-friendly. Network Signal Booster is useful. You can find joy using this app to watch videos, other streaming, or any movie or drama.

Cause it gives the most substantial WiFi connection on your mobile. That’s why I’m rating this as a good network booster.

Best WIFI Signal Booster App for Android

Unlike other similar applications, this program is easy to use. You almost do not need to do anything; just run the application and watch how the signal level increases.

This application senses that it connects your smartphone to the closest cellular tower with the strongest signal. This application is one of the best and easiest software to improve signal reception. And it is also free, so it’s worth trying.

The pioneer, original, best network signal speed booster for Android OS.

Download for Android

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2. Wifi Doctor Free

Best WIFI Signal Booster App For Android Tablets And Phones
WIFI Doctor – Best WIFI Signal Booster App

The app’s name says the definition of this best app. WiFi Doctor detects errors in your WiFi connection. And it solves.

After installing and open the app, you will see two options. These are – “Detect” and “Boost.”

Best WIFI Signal Booster App for Android

WiFi Monitor: Scan all devices connected to your personal WiFi hotspot, including Android Phones, iPhones/iPads, PCs. Show details of all connected devices, so you can find out who is consuming your WiFi and slowing down its speed.

With the Detect option, you will see all the problems and other information about your WiFi connection. The app will let you know how many users use your WiFi connection. The connection is slow when the user is more.

Super Boost: Some apps automatically relaunch themselves in the background without authorization. Super Boost features can stop them from re-launching by using the accessibility feature, so these apps will be completely closed and never automatically relaunch themselves.

You can boost WiFi connections with the Boost option. If this option doesn’t work as expected, you can use the Advance Boost’s option on the app. However, you can use the app. It’s free. I hope you will enjoy the app.

Download for Android

3. WiFi Manager – WiFi Network Analyzer & Speed Test

This is another perfect app. It allows you to know the connection details quickly. With this app, you will also learn about the signal’s ability, network security, frequency, channel, etc.

Best WIFI Signal Booster App For Android Tablets And Phones
WIFI Network Analyzer & Speed Test – Best WIFI Signal Booster App

Speed Test: The WiFi speed test will quickly test internet speed and show accurate broadband speed test results.

WiFi-Manager – WiFi network analyzer & boost & WiFi speed test is a powerful WiFi protector and WiFi blocker / WiFi spy blocker to detect who uses your WiFi and protect your WiFi security.

WiFi Signal Strength Meter: WiFi speed test can view your current WiFi connection signal strength and detect WiFi signal strength around you in real-time.

Download for Android

4. Wifi Analyzer

It’s another great app for boosting wifi signals instantly. You can analyze every type of signal with it. One of the best app available on the Google play store with more than 10 million downloads.

Check all the signals instantly and connect to a network with the best signal strength and speed. Best app ever for finding the best wifi.

Turns your android phone into a Wi-Fi analyzer.

Download for Android

5. WIFI Router Booster

Another great free app for boosting wifi signals. This is just available free on the Google play store with more than100 a thousand downloads.

  • Your WIFI router may receive many interferences from your neighborhood, and these interferences change day by day.
  • To have the best performance, from time to time, your WIFI router needs to be re-configured by channel, by boosted TX power, sometimes by elevated the TX priority.
  • WIFI Router Booster is the only APP in Google Play that can boost WIFI router automatically.

How to use:

  • Check on the related checkbox: choose to ask for channel recommendations only or auto-configure all router parameters.
  • Click the boost button. You may need to re-click the boost button again when the wireless environment changed several days later.

Download for Android

6. Internet Booster And Optimizer

Internet Booster & Optimizer promises to enhance your internet browsing experience by automatically putting your browser as the top priority on your Android system. It optimizes commands to get the most out of your ISP’s internet speed.

This app is intended to enhance your internet browsing experience.

Your Internet Service Provider determines your internet speed, and we cannot change that, but many other factors may affect how your device takes advantage of this speed.

Best WIFI Signal Booster App for Android

Whether your device is rooted or not, or if you have a WiFi or Mobile Data connection (2g, 3g, 4g LTE), it performs a series of automatized tasks to accelerate internet speed and browser performance.

These tasks are pausing secondary processes, cleaning RAM, cleaning cache memory, and flushing DNS.

Download for Android

7. Wifi Analyzer With Heat Map

Dealing with your Wi-Fi associations will be simple if you use Acrylic WiFi Home. It basically lets you scan for accessible systems and interface with them. On the off chance that you have over many systems accessible, overseeing them would be simple with this application.

The application has two gadgets devoted to showing the data about every association and switching among a few accessible systems. It additionally has a graphical channel that improves the association quality, giving your association speed a lift each time you utilize the application.

The Wifi Analyzer will provide useful information about wireless signals around you. Wi-Fi scanner supports 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz wifi networks.

Best WIFI Signal Booster App for Android

About Wifi Analyzer app
– Helps to find optimal placement for wifi receivers
– Wifi Analyzer provides you information individually on wifi channels
– Shows signal strength in the history graph
– Wifi Analyzer recommends the best channel for a new access point
– Information of the channel width (20/40/80MHz – only Android 6+)
– Wifi Heat Map – let you create a heat map of wifi signal quality around you

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8. WiFi Overview 360

Best WIFI Signal Booster App For Android Tablets And Phones
WIFI Overview 360 – Best WIFI Signal Booster App

Finding a solid Wi-Fi connection can never be an issue if you have this application. To ensure that you have a strong connection, you can put the application to use and change the frequency range to catch hold of a strong WiFi connection.

This is how the application can help better network and graphically show you all the networks near you. You can hence, see the best connection that can get your strong connection, and then you can see the application for better results.  

WiFi Overview 360 and the Pro version is not only a WiFI-Scanner, which shows all WiFis in range; the app is much more. This app is a “Swiss Army Knife” for WiFis.

Best WIFI Signal Booster App for Android

The main features are:

  • WiFi Detector – the powerful open network finder (only Pro version)
  • “Quick connect shortcut,” you can set a shortcut to switch/connect quick and easy between/to WiFis (only Pro version)
  • Change WiFi priority manually (only Pro version)
  • WiFi scanner
  • WiFi sorting options for “strength”, “alphabetically”, “channel” and “open/known Wi-Fis”
  • Automatic WiFi activation at startup – if off, and automatic turn-off at the end
  • Manual way to add a network
  • Detailed WiFi information
  • Graphical representation of all wireless networks in the operating range
  • Channel checker for the best channel choice
  • Tablet support
  • WiFi Internet connection check

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9. Connection Stabilizer Booster

Best WIFI Signal Booster App For Android Tablets And Phones
Connection Stabilizer Booster – Best WIFI Signal Booster App

This is another good internet booster for Android with robust features. However, the app is helpful for both cellular and WiFi networks.

This Android app can do everything you need to do if the WiFi connection is weak. It has three options for Internet Boost.

Best WIFI Signal Booster App for Android

If you don’t use WiFi for a while, and if that time, the WiFi connection is turned off. Then you’ll select the “Keep-Alive” option for this booster. If your Internet connection is automatically disconnected repeatedly, then use the “Active Reconnect” option.

There is also another option called “Force Connect.” Which seems to me to be very useful and funny. This means it will also force the weak WiFi signals to connect to the internet. It works exceptionally on all networks like 2G/3G/4G/EDGE/WiFi. It would help if you used this free WiFi booster.

Download for Android

10. Opensignal

Best WiFi Signal Booster App For Android – 9 Solutions
OpenSignal – Best WiFi Signal Booster App

OpenSignal is a lot like Network Cell Info. However, this one also works with WiFi signals. Basically, if you can connect to it, OpenSignal can probably find it. This one works well for a variety of reasons.

Speed test for mobile and Wi-Fi: Opensignal speed tests measure your mobile connectivity and signal strength. Opensignal runs a 5-second download test, 5-second upload test, and a ping test to provide a consistently accurate measurement of the internet speed you will likely experience. The speed test runs on standard internet CDN servers. The internet speed result is calculated with the middle range of samples.

Opensignal is a free to use, advert free mobile connectivity and network signal speed test app.

Best WiFi Signal Booster App for Android

Cell tower compass: The cell tower compass allows you to see in which direction the closest or strongest signal is coming from, enabling you to use broadband and signal boosting technology more accurately.

Note: The cell tower compass uses aggregate data, and accuracy issues can occur in certain areas.

There is also a coverage map to see if you live in a weak zone on your carrier. There’s a lot of good information here to help diagnose a signal problem, making it one of the better signal booster apps.

Download for Android

FAQs – Best WIFI Signal Booster App for Android

  1. Do Wi-Fi signal boosters work?

    WiFi boosters can, in fact, expand the range of your wireless network. Their effectiveness could be limited by factors, including the internet connection speed coming into your home and the distance from your router. It also depends on areas in your home in need of WiFi coverage and the WiFi demands of other members.

  2. Is there an app that boosts Wi-Fi signal?

    NetSpot WiFi booster app has successfully combined professional features with simplicity and usability. WiFi Analyzer is another popular Android WiFi booster app that you can use to discover WiFi networks in your area to pick the most minor cluttered channel for your own network.

  3. Does Wi-Fi work through walls?

    Wi-Fi signals are capable of passing through walls and other obstacles relatively quickly. However, some walls are thicker or reinforced concrete in reality and may block some signals. Wireless signals can easily penetrate materials such as drywall, plywood, other kinds of wood and glass.

  4. Do Wi-Fi boosters increase Internet speed?

    WiFi boosters and WiFi extenders are usually associated with filling in dead spots. Still, they can also be used to add faster speeds and even new features to your WiFi network.

Final Words on Best WIFI Signal Booster App

So these are the best WiFi signal booster apps for android. Download and boost your WiFi signal and speed now. You will get the best results on your smartphone.

It’s a challenging task to find the top WiFi booster for Android. Because almost all boosters are the same, all of them are the best. Maybe a little less feature on an app, maybe more features. But nearly all boosters are free and small.

The calculation of this size begins with two MB. If one doesn’t work, try using the other. If you have any different opinions, please comment.

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