Scala Hosting Review 2024: Is Scala Hosting Really Good?

According to the opinions of expert users in the web hosting field, Scala Hosting is the best-rated web hosting and cloud provider, and we will cover all the aspects of this great web host in our Scala hosting review.

It has over 15+ years of experience in the market and around 838,386+ hosted domains, profiling itself as one of the best hosting for websites and WordPress. Read on to learn more about the features and benefits of Scala Hosting in our Scala hosting review.

The main objective of Scala Hosting is to provide each website with a high-quality VPS performance, ensuring adequate security. It is also characterized as economical hosting, with multiple options that offer quality service according to the customers' needs.

Scala Hosting provides a full range of web hosting services to meet the demands and needs of all projects. They got them from their mighty virtual private servers, fast SSD cloud servers, or mighty dedicated hosts if you need them.

Scala Hosting Overview

Speed687.91 ms (New York)1.68 sec (Canada).
Uptime99.99% (last 243 days).
Data CentersThe USA and Europe.
Backups and RestorationAutomated daily backups of the last day. Monthly charges for more backups. 1-click Manual Backup and Restore.
MigrationNo limits on migrations.
Customer SupportEmail Tickets, 24/7 Live chat, Extensive Knowledge Base.
FeaturesCustom SPanel, Free Cloudflare CDN, Website Staging, WordPress, Apache/Litespeed servers, 473+ apps, Unlimited Inodes, Referral Program.
Developer ToolsMySql, PHP, Perl, Python, NodeJS.
Security Free Let’sEncrypt SSL, 2FA, SShield, SpamAssassin, CSF Firewall, ModSecurity, ClamAV Malware Scanner.
Hosting Plans30-day Refund Policy.
Payment MethodsCredit and Debit Cards, PayPal, Bank Transfer.
Refund Policy30-days Refund Policy.
PricingStarting from $3.95/month.
Scala Hosting Review

Who is ScalaHosting Hosting Good For?

ScalaHosting is perfect for anyone who wants high-quality, secure, and reliable web hosting. There's something here for everyone, from students and freelancers to small businesses and large-scale teams. ScalaHosting is suitable for online stores that require the fastest loading speeds, redundancy, and reliability.

Customers can choose traditional, shared hosting plans and more advanced VPS configurations. The managed VPS segment is where Scala Hosting differentiates the most, and it’s where it provides the user with unique perks and benefits. Ask-anything 24/7 human support, free SSL and CDN, Cloudflare Integration for better speeds, a 1-click WordPress and Joomla installers, GIT, SVN, WP-CLI, cloning & staging, are just to name a few.

Here are some examples of who can benefit from Scala hosting service:

Scala Hosting Domain Register or Transfer

You get a free domain name and your hosting for the first year. However, this only applies to domain extensions – com, net, org, info, and eu.

Scala Hosting also functions as a domain registrar. Below are the annual prices for registering popular domain extensions on Scala Hosting. The same prices are charged on domain renewals and transfers. You don’t need to pay any additional charges after the first year. 

Scala Hosting Review

Scala Hosting Domains are Included With Free Features:

Scala Hosting Network and Data Centers

Network and Data Centers - Scala Hosting Review
Network and Data Centers – Scala Hosting Review

The data centres of Scala Hosting are available in the USA (Dallas and New York) and Europe.

Network Details of USA Datacenter, Located In Dallas, Texas:

In the US, Scala hosting has established its presence at the Tierpoint Dallas facility, SSAE 16 SOC 1, Type II, audited and staffed 24/7. See the features below about the USA Datacenter.

  • High-performance IP-managed premium network and budget-friendly IP Plus network.
  • True BGP with intelligent routing.
  • Multi-homed, carrier-neutral.
  • DWDM connection to the INFOMART.
  • 13 on-net providers with dual fibre entrances.

General Specifications of Europe Datacenter, Located In Sofia, Bulgaria:

In Europe, Scala hosted its equipment at the Telepoint facility, with ISO certification for quality (ISO 9001:2008) and data security protection (ISO 27001). See the features of the Europe Datacenter below:

  • Multiple layers of security & authentication, including card key.
  • Redundant HVAC with Liebert air handlers.
  • A, B, and C Diesel Generator Groups.
  • Generators are tested bi-weekly and routinely run at full load.
  • Completely independent (N+1) A and B UPS 220V AC power feeds.
  • Completely independent (N+1) A and B 48V DC with starting configuration of 600Amps for each.
  • VESDA – Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus.

Reliability and Connectivity Details of NY Datacenter, Located In Hawthorne, New York:

  • 2N A-side and B-side power distribution design.
  • 3 redundant 1,000kW generators; 2 redundant 2,000 kW generators on-site.
  • 24×7 Remote Hands technical support.
  • 100% uptime SLA.
  • Carrier-class, carrier-neutral facility.
  • Cloud on-ramps and fabrics.
  • Multiple, diverse fibre feeds with dark fibre connectivity are available.
  • Direct Points of Presence at 60 Hudson Street (NYC) and III 8th Avenue (NYC).

Scala Hosting Security Rules

We've just mentioned how malicious bots can typically scour the web, looking for sites that have known vulnerabilities that can be exploited. Besides these bots being nefarious, they are eating away at your website's performance, using up resources that could be better used by your actual website visitors.

Scala hosting has specific security rules that can block 99.9% of bad bots and web attacks.

Dedicated Firewall

A firewall is another facet of website security. A dedicated firewall is available with each hosting plan, and the best thing? You don't have to do anything to maintain the firewall. It is entirely handled by the Scala hosting team.

WordPress-Specific Security Rules

The team at Scala Hosting also deploys custom security rules for your CMS, whether this is WordPress or another CMS. 

Malware Scans and Removals

Malware protection is essential to safeguard your website from malicious software. Scala Hosting includes malware scans and proactive protection measures to protect your site. In addition, their security system monitors suspicious activity and takes automatic actions to block potential threats.

Even with so many security features, you never know where malware comes from (e.g. if you install a nulled plugin or theme with a malicious backdoor). Each plan on Scala hosting gets automatic malware scans and removals to ensure your site isn't compromised.

Free SSL Certificate

If you are handling customer orders, you must ensure they are not snooped as they are being transferred to your website. SSL certificates ensure that communications between your web server and your client's browser are encrypted and safe.

Scala Hosting Review of Additional Security Features:

Besides the security measures mentioned above, Scala Hosting also offers additional security features such as:

  • Web Application Firewall (WAF): WAF protects your website from various online threats and attacks by filtering and monitoring HTTP traffic between the web application and the Internet.
  • SPAM Protection: Scala Hosting includes built-in spam protection to prevent unwanted emails from reaching your inbox.
  • SSH Access: Secure Shell (SSH) access allows you to securely log into your server, providing an encrypted method for managing files and folders.
  • IP Blocker: This feature allows you to block specific IP addresses you believe are malicious.
  • SShield: This cybersecurity feature ensures security for your website. It’s an AI-powered tool that detects behaviours that may pose threats to your site. User reviews have attested that it prevents 99.998% of attacks and automatically notifies you if the tool detects vulnerabilities.
  • SPanel: It is Scala's native cPanel/WHM alternative that is built-in with Scala-managed VPS hosting. The company has received zero reports of hacked VPS servers in 2024 with SPanel.

If you want to boost the security of your website, you're better off with the platform's managed VPS hosting than with shared hosting. Managed VPS provides users with a dedicated cloud environment. As a result, you get faster loading speeds, easy scale-up, and better cybersecurity.

How to Install Scala Hosting for Your Website

To purchase a Scala Hosting service, all the procedures can be done through their website from your browser. Creating an account, selecting products and making payments through the available methods does not require downloads.

Downloads and installations are necessary for the hosting service or specific products like WordPress. You should always download from the provider’s site; in this case, Scala Hosting has all the tools they recommend for managing each product.

Downloading and installing Scala Hosting’s cPanel (or SPanel) is a simple procedure, as is using it to manage your server. Depending on whether the service is managed or not, you will have to make the rest of the relevant configurations and installations through it.

To upload your WordPress or other CMS-developed website, you must do it through cPanel, selecting the option to add the site to be uploaded.

Scala Hosting can help you with effective and efficient customer service if you have questions about installation. You can contact them by phone to solve any doubts or problems with the hosting service.

SPanel by Scala Hosting

ScalaHosting's flagship product, SPanel, has been developed as a direct cPanel alternative. You can operate many essential hosting elements from here – domain names, your site's files and databases, email accounts, security options, and many more.

SPanel by Scala Hosting
SPanel by Scala Hosting

Here's the big difference with cPanel: unlike the frequently rising fees of the industry-leading control panel, no licensing costs are involved in using SPanel. Every Scala client can get a VPS with SPanel for their WordPress needs at no extra charge. Moreover, the development team is actively working on a Licensing option allowing you to use the proprietary control panel with almost any other host.

SPanel is a very community-driven product, and the users are heavily involved in updates and improvements for the platform.

It’s very similar to cPanel, if not with a more minimalistic look. Other than that, all management modules are the same:

  • Email can help you set up a professional mailbox with your domain name and manage forwarded or autoresponders. What’s worth noting is that ScalaHosting includes SpamAssassin, which works to battle spam issues.
  • Databases are where you can see, create, and manage databases.
  • Settings allow you to change passwords or manage other stuff related to the control panel.
  • Domains will help to assign new domain names, create subdomains, and edit DNS.
  • You can reach the file manager, backups, and FTP in the files tab.
  • The tools tab contains SSL manager, Softaculous installer for WordPress and other apps, and PHP manager.

Should your project also need a billing automation platform, SPanel can easily integrate with WHMCS, one of the leading tools.

SShield Security

Along with your site performance, the security of the WordPress project should always be a prime focus of the operation. In that regard, ScalaHosting implements SShield to all SPanel VPS plans at no added cost. This security monitoring system employs machine learning and advanced AI mechanisms to detect possible threats before they reach your server. Its overall efficiency is 99.98%, getting even more substantial with time.

The way SShield operates, it analyzes all incoming traffic to your server, looking for anything unusual. Should it detect a possible risk, it immediately notifies the administrator with a full report and suggestions for a possible fix.

The great thing about SShield is that it’s 100% automated. Customers who have opted for scala hosting managed cloud VPS hosting solutions can ensure the service runs on their server. To do that, they must log into their SPanel and click Server Status. See the screenshot below:

SShield Security Setting by Scala Hosting
SShield Security Setting by Scala Hosting


  • Blocks 99.998% of Attacks.
  • Automatic Notification in Case of a Hack.
  • Built-in AI to Detect Malicious Behavior.
  • 100% Automated.
  • Protects All Your Websites.

SShield is an excellent addition to any mission-critical project.

SWordPress Manager

This one is specifically developed for the needs of WP websites. SWordPress Manager is an easy-to-use tool that contains several vital functions every user will need somewhere along the way.

You can install WordPress and a few essential plugins in less than a minute. Changing the login credentials or setting up automatic updates are also no big deal, helping you harden your defences without any previous technical experience.

SWordPress Manager by Scala Hosting
SWordPress Manager by Scala Hosting

Regarding your site protection, SWordPress Manager has a unique Security Lock feature. This option allows you to block all outside access to your files and databases, making them non-editable.

No hack can inject malicious code or hide backdoors, even if they somehow get into your hosting account.SWordPress Manager is absolutely free of charge and comes as part of SPanel.

Scala Hosting Uptime Performance

Another thing you should know about our Scala Hosting review is its reliability. In my experience, they have always maintained rock-solid uptime and server speeds. This is something that really sets them apart from their competitors online.

Scala Hosting Uptime Performance
Scala Hostings 30 Days Uptime Performance

Something very unique about Scala hosting is its uptime guarantee.

If you experience downtime that is not scheduled, they will credit you with a % of your subscription. For example, if your website falls below 99%, they will credit your account, which I think is fantastic. I think the only other web hosting provider that gives credits is Dreamhost.

Why is Uptime Important to Know?

Excellent uptime and server performance are extremely important for your business because customers will search for you online. If a website is down, you are losing money. If your website is up, then you are making money. It’s that simple. Also, having slower website speeds could affect your SEO and, essentially, page views.

Think about it from another angle. So, today, you searched online for a good “Scala Hosting review” and made it to my site from the search engines. However, imagine that your potential customer searched for you online from the search engines, and for some odd reason, your website was down?

How would this affect your business? For starters, your potential client would be discouraged and likely bounce off your website and go to your competition.

This is why partnering only with web hosting providers with rock-solid uptime performance is essential. This way, you can ensure that your website is always online when people search for your business, and you don’t lose money. This is why I recommend using a reputable web hosting provider like Scala Hosting that is super duper reliable.

We have been monitoring the uptime of Scala web hosting for the last 1 year. In the previous 243 days, scala hosting observed a 99.99% uptime with a total downtime of just 36 minutes. There were no significant incidents observed either. Thus, the uptime has been remarkable in our experience.

This is a good result and is well above our industry-standard uptime of 99.90%-100%.

Scala Hosting Review

Here’s the last 12-month average uptime of Scala Hosting’s servers:

  • December:  99.87%
  • November:  99.94%
  • October:  99.97%
  • September:  99.99%
  • August:  100%
  • July:  99.98%
  • June:  99.99%
  • May:  99.95%
  • April:  100%
  • March:  99.99%
  • February:  99.96%
  • January 2024:  100%

Scala Hosting offers an uptime guarantee of 99.99%. If they cannot achieve this standard, the credit for the specific duration is issued to their users’ accounts.

Scala Hosting Backups

The Backup options on Scala Hosting are impressive. You can easily create manual backups under the Backups option in the SPanel. You need to click generate backup and choose what you wish to exclude from the backup, like databases, emails, etc.  

Generate Backups - Scala Hosting Review
Generate Backups – Scala Hosting Review

What we found interesting is that you can store your backups on a remote FTP server. This ensures better security of your data in case of emergencies or accidents.

Scala Hosting also creates automatic backups that can be restored with a single click. They keep 7 copies of your data, but what disappointed us most was that you only get 1 backup for free. This means you can only restore a backup from the previous day. 

Backup Fees - Scala Hosting Review
Backup Fees – Scala Hosting Review

If you want to access older backups, they charge a healthy amount. For example, you must pay $3/month for keeping the last 3 days’ backup and $7/month for maintaining backups from the previous 7 days. 

Most other web hosting companies store automatic backups for longer durations (up to 30 days) and do not impose any fee on downloading them. 

Scala Hosting Review

In our opinion, Scala Hosting should at least offer the previous 7 days’ backups for free. The backup service is good, but the backup options need improvement.

Automatic WordPress Updates

With every new release of this open-source CMS, the developer community fixes bugs, incorporates new features, upgrades existing features, and improves performance to keep up with evolving industry standards.

At the same time, the massive popularity of WordPress also makes it a target for cybercriminals. Especially when a security issue is discovered. By updating their WordPress site, users can counter security risks while making the most of new features.

There is no way around it: to avoid running a WordPress site at a version with known security vulnerabilities that hackers can potentially misuse, you must update your system to the newest version as it is released. You also don't want to deliver a WordPress experience different from competitor sites using the latest versions.

Even minor WP releases shouldn't be overlooked, as bugs sometimes go under the radar during testing and are subsequently tackled via quick releases.

All this sounds like a hassle and will most certainly be if you're a time-poor entrepreneur or want to solely focus on business development. Scala's automatic updates will give you peace of mind by automatically updating your WordPress to the latest version in the background. 

Scala Hosting Customer Support & Reviews

One thing that matters most, in addition to costs and excellent uptime, is fast customer support. Scala Hosting has excellent 24/7/365 customer support, which is perfect if you have issues and need assistance. We think that they usually respond in under 30 seconds or less. This is super fast compared to other web hosting providers that are online.

Also, many reputable websites like rate Scala Hosting with an impressive 4.9 stars out of 5. We find it amazing that 98% of the Scala hosting reviews rate them “Excellent“ This is the highest rating we have seen with any web hosting provider online. This is another reason we recommend using them today in our Scala Hosting review to create your website.

When you take a look at the Scala Hosting reviews on Trustpilot, this is the breakdown:

Scala Hosting Reviews - Scala Hosting Review
Scala Hosting Reviews – Scala Hosting Review

Even when you checkout Scala Hosting Reddit Reviews, they are very positive in threads. We mentioned these points in our Scala Hosting review because we feel that having incredible customer support that is super fast and knowledgeable is extremely important. This is precisely what you get today when signing up with Scala Hosting.

Customer Support - Scala Hosting Review
Customer Support – Scala Hosting Review

You never know when you have questions or need help with your website, but it’s always great and comforting to know someone is always there 24/7/365, ready to assist if required.

Scala Hosting offers 24/7 live chat support, email support, and an extensive knowledge base of helpful articles. We found their live chat support to be relatively fast and responsive.

ScalaHosting has a simple knowledge base divided into just a few categories – getting started, SPanel, hosting, and billing, yet everything you need to know is there. The search bar allows you to quickly find a solution to your problem.

Unlike many of its competitors, Scala Hosting does not outsource its support. It is pleasantly surprising to be able to speak to a support team that actually works in the same office where everything else happens. Their support is available 24/7, and you can contact them via email, live chat, and phone.

Is ScalaHosting Fast?

We checked them to ensure a perfect review of ScalaHosting based on facts.

With the help of a live site that is hosted on ScalaHosting’s servers, we did multiple Speed tests and from different geographical locations.

Speed Test Findings from Asia: [We used Pingdom]

We have a snapshot below where you can see the proof that the test is conducted. On the test date, this site was using ScalaHosting’s servers.

Test conditions: The homepage, with a page size of around 667kb and 64 requests, was tested from Asia. The page is full of images; you can see the results below.

ScalaHosting speed test review from AsiaGood Speed

As per Pingdom, the performance grade is 74, which may not be excellent, but the entire page was loaded in just 432 mili seconds.

ScalaHosting speed test review from Asia
ScalaHosting Speed Test Review from Asia

I will now conduct another test from the USA’s Washington server location. Let's see how it performs.

Speed Test Findings from the USA: [We used Pingdom]

Another proof where you can see the same page was put on a test from North America’s Washington location.

Test conditions: Homepage of a live site, 669kb page size with requests 62 to process and location is Washington. Live site with natural Java, plugins, images, and everything you usually have on your site.

ScalaHosting speed test review from the USAGood Speed

This time Pingdom, the score confirmed was 70, and the load time was 474 mili seconds. As per these two results, “ScalaHosting has passed the speed test”.

Scala Hosting speed test review from the USA
Scala Hosting Speed Test Review from USA

What about ScalaHosting’s mobile speed score as per Google Pagespeed Insights? As per Google’s page experience report, you cannot ignore the speed and mobile user experience. So I decided to test through Google’s page speed insight.

Speed Test Findings Using Google Page Speed Insights:

Test conditions: Live site, mobile speed test, same 669kb page with about 60+ page requests. The test server is not disclosed by the tool.

ScalaHosting mobile speed test review using Google Page Speed InsightsExcellent

I got excellent results; a 93 score on the mobile speed test is simply amazing.

Scala Hosting Mobile Speed Test Results
Scala Hosting Mobile Speed Test Results

All of these tests were run multiple times just to confirm the results. I can expect that, in general, this performance rate is a norm that most users can expect from them.

Scala Hosting Plans and Pricing at a Glance

You can choose from three shared Scala pricing plans and their WordPress-ready variants. All the key features are available across the board, though the more extensive plans include more resources, a few advanced tools, and free domain registration.

Let us see the available plans and their pricing.

Web and WordPress Hosting Plans:

  • Free Domain, Free SSL and CDN.
  • Free Website Transfer and Unlimited Emails.
  • Unlimited Databases and SSH Access and WP-CLI.
  • 7 Backups for the last 7 days and On-demand Backups.
  • WordPress Staging and Cloning with Brute-force Protection.
  • Free Security Scans on Request with 30-day Money-back Guarantee.

Plans and Pricing:

($5.95/mo at Renewal)
($8.95/mo at Renewal)
($13.95/mo at Renewal)
1 Website
20 GB SSD Storage
Unlimited Bandwidth
Unlimited Websites
50 GB SSD Storage
Unlimited Bandwidth
Unlimited Websites
100 GB SSD Storage
Unlimited Bandwidth
SShield Cyber-securitySShield Cyber-security
Pro Spam Protection
SEO Analysis worth $49
Priority Support
Scala Hosting Review 2024


Basic resources for 1 website.

Starting from: $2.95
On Sale – Save 43%


More resources for multiple sites.

Starting from: $5.95
On Sale – Save 34%


More space and power for complex websites.

Starting from: $9.95
On Sale – Save 29%

Managed Cloud VPS Hosting Plans:

  • Daily Disaster Recovery Backups.
  • SShield Security Protection.
  • Free Website Migration and Free Snapshots.
  • Dedicated IP Address with HTTP/3 Support.
  • 30-day Money-back Guarantee

Plans and Pricing:

Build #1Build #2Build #3Build #4
($41.95/mo at Renewal)
($77.95/mo at Renewal)
($149.95/mo at Renewal)
($196.95/mo at Renewal)
2 CPU Core
4 CPU Core
100 GB SSD
8 CPU Core
150 GB SSD
12 CPU Core
200 GB SSD
Scala Hosting Review 2024

Self-Managed Cloud VPS Hosting Plans:

  • Scalable Resources with High Availability.
  • You can Build a Custom Server & Save Money.
  • 3 Snapshots for Free.
  • 30-day Money-back Guarantee.

Plans and Pricing:

2 CPU Core
4 CPU Core
100 GB SSD
8 CPU Core
160 GB SSD
16 CPU Core
240 GB SSD
Scala Hosting Review 2024

Reseller Hosting Plans:

  • 1x CPU Power and Free SSL and CDN.
  • SShield Security Protection and Remote Daily Backup.
  • Free Migration for Unlimited Websites.
  • 30-Day Money-back Guarantee.

Plans and Pricing:

1 TB Bandwidth
20 cPanel Accounts
Unlimited Bandwidth
40 cPanel Accounts
Unlimited Bandwidth
60 cPanel Accounts
Scala Hosting Review 2024

Email Hosting Plans:

Scala Hosting is one of the few reliable web hosting providers offering a dedicated email hosting service. Email hosting plans are used by a lot of satisfied clients.

  • Free Migration with Web-based E-mail.
  • POP3/IMAP/SMTP with Brute-Force Protection.
  • Normal Spam Protection.
  • 30-Day Money-back Guarantee.

Plans and Pricing:

(3.95/mo at Renewal)
(5.95/mo at Renewal)
(8.95/mo at Renewal)
(24.95/mo at Renewal)
50 GB E-mail Storage
10 E-mail boxes
1 E-mail Domain
100 GB E-mail Storage
50 E-mail boxes
5 E-mail Domain
150 GB E-mail Storage
100 E-mail boxes
10 E-mail Domain
50GB Upgradeable NVMe SSD
Unlimited E-mail boxes
Unlimited E-mail Domain
Pro Spam ProtectionPro Spam ProtectionPro Spam Protection
Priority Support
Free Domain
Dedicated IP Address
Never Blacklisted
Scala Hosting Review 2024

Payment Options of Scala Hosting

Regarding Scala hosting payment options, Scala hosting accepts credit card and PayPal payments for all plans. They also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee for all hosting packages, so you can try out their services risk-free.

Scalahosting also offers discounts for annual or multi-year payment plans, saving you money in the long run. In addition to the packages listed above, Scala hosting offers various add-ons and extras to enhance your hosting experience.

These include website backups, SSL certificates, domain registration, and more. Each add-on comes at an extra cost, so factor these into your budget when selecting a hosting package.

Scala Hosting Pros:

Easy to use SPanel: The SPanel provided by Scala Hosting is clean, organized, and easy to use. It resembles the cPanel and can be an affordable alternative to it.

Optional LiteSpeed Servers: You get Apache servers on Scala Hosting by default. However, you can request their support team to install Litespeed servers on your plan for improved performance.

Good Speeds: Because its servers are in the US region, you get to experience faster speeds of under 700 ms in the US. In other parts of the world, the speeds rise over 2.3 sec.

Exceptional Uptime: Scala Hosting observed an excellent uptime of 99.99% on our websites in the past year. This is remarkably better than most other popular hosts. 

Fast and Reliable Support: We personally liked the 24/7 live chat support of Scala Hosting. Their staff was intelligent, polite, and quick in responding to my queries.

Impressive Security Features: It offers a range of security features, including 2FA, SSL, SShield, SpamAssassin, CSF Firewall, ModSecurity, ClamAV Malware Scanner, and more for the all-around protection of its users.

Developer-Friendly Hosting: It supports Python, MySQL, PHP, Perl, NodeJS, etc., making it a friendly hosting solution for developers.

Scala Hosting Cons:

Poor Load Handling on Basic Shared Plan: Scala Hosting performs poorly in the load test with the basic shared hosting plan with default Apache servers. It cannot handle many requests and has a very high response time. Even with Litespeed servers and the Litespeed cache plugin installed, it still doesn’t meet the expectations. 

No Default Cache Management: You don’t get a cache management system with Scala Hosting by default. If you install Litespeed servers on your plan, you can use the Litespeed cache plugin. 

Limited Data Centers: Their data centres are only in the USA and Europe. It would be great if they could establish data centres in Asian locations like Singapore or Japan.

Only 1 Free Backup: It only stores one automatic backup for free. If you need more backups, you need to pay additional charges.

Expensive Plans: The Managed VPS plans of Scala hosting start at a costly rate of $39.95/month. The best discounts are seen when you purchase a plan for 3 years. 

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  1. Is Scala hosting fast?

    Scala hosting uses SSD vs HDD to ensure the fastest performance and page loads. Also, they have free content delivery networks, server-level caching, and several data centres. These help process higher traffic volumes with clients’ websites and provide a better page experience for visitors.

  2. Does Scala Hosting come with cPanel?

    Scala Hosting's shared web hosting plans come with cPanel. But the VPS plans include SPanel, a proprietary control panel, and an all-in-one cPanel alternative.

  3. Is Scala hosting a perfect web host?

    Scala hosting is really great for beginners and experienced users. They have some of the cheapest shared, WordPress, and Managed VPS hosting services for entrepreneurs. They have excellent customer support, fast page loads, and solid uptime performance. Scala Hosting has lower renewal fees when compared to many competitors and alternatives.

  4. What are SPanel, SShield, and SWordPress?

    SPanel is an all-in-one hosting platform and cPanel alternative for managing cloud VPS services. SShield is an innovative security system that protects your websites in real-time and blocks 99.998% of attacks. SWordPress makes managing your WordPress websites much more effortless and adds multiple layers of security.

Final Words on Scala Hosting 2024 Review:

In general, Scala Hosting is the next step in the evolution of web hosting. Its different possibilities meet users' expectations, profiling itself as one of the best hostings of the moment for its response to the demands.

The database, storage, and unlimited bandwidth proposal have revolutionized the market; its domains and free SSL certificates elevate it as an innovative web host.

Scala hosting has been on the market for over ten years and is highly regarded internationally. Each user receives quality from its innovative technology, security, and ease of hosting services.

At Scala Hosting, you can expect only the best of the best. Their web hosting solution promises a 99% increase in your website, with better speed, load time, and cybersecurity. As for the price, it is one of the cheapest hostings concerning its quality service. It is definitely the host you need to hire.

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