OVHcloud Hosting Review 2024: Pricing Details & Features

OVHcloud is a global cloud hosting provider that delivers VPS and dedicated, bare-metal servers, hosted private cloud, hybrid, and public cloud solutions. Today, we will discuss all the aspects of OVHcloud hosting in our exclusive OVHcloud hosting review of 2024.

OVHcloud provides the best cloud services features in 2024:

  1. Best Performance: The company uses NVMe SSD to make the solution more compatible and maximize its performance. The VPS solutions are arranged and configured by the next-generation Intel. 
  2. A devoted environment: To get the most out of your hardware resources devoted to you, a dedicated environment has been provided. 
  3. Unlimited Traffic: Unlimited traffic is provided by them to minimize your work. A maximum bandwidth of 2 GBit/s on your choice of model. 
  4. Anti-DDoS: It reduces the risk of DDoS attacks by which your services will always be active.

What Services OVH Hosting Offers?

Ovh Hosting is a company that offers an excellent variety of services. As well as the quality and security guaranteed, available to all users who contract the services offered by this company.


  • Dedicated servers.
  • Virtual private servers.
  • Hosted private Cloud.
  • Storage and backup.

Public Cloud:

  • Compute.
  • Storage.
  • Network.
  • Containers & orchestration.
  • Data & analytics.
  • Databases.


  • Domains.
  • Hosting and websites.
  • Hosting Plesk.
  • Email address.
  • Office 365.


  • Extension of data centers.
  • Certified cloud solution for the public sector.
  • Big data, artificial intelligence, and grid computing.

What is OVH? OVHcloud Hosting Review 2024 Details:

Established in 1999, the France-based OVH started from scratch, providing European clients with essential hosting products and web services. The company has grown to more than 700+ employees, 32+ data centres, and over 190,464+ servers, working to deliver high-value and reliable hosting solutions in Europe. OVH now develops cloud-based hosting plans to help clients succeed in constantly changing times.

With 22+ years of heritage, OVHcloud is committed to developing responsible technology as the group strives to be the driving force behind the next cloud evolution.

OVHcloud Hosting Review

In 2006, OVH expanded to the rest of Europe when it opened subsidiaries in France, Spain, and many more countries. OVH is the largest hosting provider in Europe and has expanded to North America and Africa.

OVH hosts about 20+ million websites and has registered almost three million domain names. That’s pretty good for a European company.

Why Choose OVHCloud Hosting?

Ovh Hosting offers you many products at a very low price for all of you. This web service provider stands out for the high quality of all its services.

OVHCloud Hosting
OVHCloud Hosting

It has a perfect quality-price ratio. Thanks to the many locations offered to all its users, you can choose the data centre of your choice.

OVHcloud Hosting VPS Configuration
OVHcloud Hosting VPS Configuration

With this web service provider, you can work with CMS such as WordPress and cPanel with easy access. The web hosting services offered by Ovh can benefit all the new projects you want to start.

All Ovh users have total confidence and security in all their services contracted with this company, guaranteed by their positive opinions.

Due to these characteristics, this is an excellent candidate to help your website develop correctly.

How do OVHcloud Data Centers Work?

As a cloud computing service provider, OVHcloud owns data centres that store physical servers connected to the internet and host these services. Since cloud solutions are often the basis of a business, you need a professional service and IT resources like computing power and storage space adapted to these uses.

How do OVHcloud Data Centers Work
How OVHcloud Data Centers Work?

OVHCloud design all of its infrastructures, from server production to deployment. According to an OVHCloud statement, they can also scale their infrastructures to fit customer requests like additional resources and technical advancements (component changes, improvements, etc.).

For customers, one of the critical advantages of hosting in OVHCloud data centres is the measures put in place to ensure constant service availability and optimal performance. To do this, they work with market players to select next-generation components and configure high-quality servers.

These servers are then set up in rooms with hardware redundancy to prevent power outages, hardware failures, and other unpredictable incidents.

OVHcloud Data Centers

The location of data centers is a significant factor for a hosting provider to consider. With an international customer base offering services globally, any web hosting solutions must be adaptable and based as closely as possible to their users.

OVH Data Centers - OVHcloud Hosting Review
OVH Data Centers – OVHcloud Hosting Review

As a cloud computing service provider, OVHcloud owns data centres that store physical servers connected to the internet and host these services. Since cloud solutions are often the basis of a business, you need a professional service and IT resources (computing power, storage space) adapted to these uses.

Where are OVHcloud data centers located?

Offering services in the country where you do business is a guarantee of trust, security, and performance. OVHCloud has set up its data centres worldwide and continues to expand the geographical coverage of solutions every day. You can find OVHCloud data centres in these countries: France, Canada, the USA, Australia, Germany, Poland, the UK, and Singapore.

Data Center Security

OVH has complete control over the physical security of data centers, as they are the sole operator. To ensure maximum protection within the site, access to buildings is limited and controlled in compliance with the strictest standards and requirements.

Only employees assigned to the building carrying a badge can access the premises and physical servers. 24/7 video surveillance and security ensure complete control of each site.

OVH offers some of the best security options in the business. As you can probably imagine, if you are hosting an Exchange email server or a cloud-based file server for your company, you want to protect your sensitive data. OVH runs hardware-based firewalls to shield your server from attack.

Is OVHCloud Really Easy to Use?

You’ll be prompted to choose a pre-installed CMS from WordPress, PrestaShop, Drupal, or Joomla after selecting the plan you want to use, or you can choose not to use one. A CDN and additional SSL certificates (Let’s Encrypt SSL is free) are available as add-ons. 

Following that, you may select your domain name. Every OVHcloud plan offers a domain name for free for the first year.

You must log in right away if you have an OVHcloud account. Creating one will require your full name, email address, and password if you don’t already have one. Reading the “Terms of Service” before moving on is also good. 

OVHcloud Account
OVHcloud Account

After that, you must accept an email verification and provide all the necessary information (your phone number, nation, city, zip code, and language) to complete the account creation process.

When everything is finished, you’ll have access to the OVHcloud dashboard, where you may end purchasing if you haven’t already. 

OVHcloud VPS Hosting Order
OVHcloud VPS Hosting Order

You should be able to monitor and manage every aspect of your account from here, including password changes, backup creation and restoration, database creation and deletion, and other operations.

OVHcloud Hosting Extra Paid Features
OVHcloud Hosting Extra Paid Features

Unfortunately, with some plans, you can only select from cPanel, Plesk, DirectAdmin, and ISPconfig3, even if you are ready to spend money on an easy-to-use industry-standard control panel. 

For example, cPanel offers dedicated server hosting plans, which start at $63 per month, but most consumers looking for straightforward solutions won’t be prepared to pay this steep price.

Quality of Support

Although OVHcloud claims to be wholly committed to its customers, this doesn’t seem to be the case with its customer support. On the web, you can find different opinions about it. From users who complain about technical support. Even users who appreciate the help provided by the service.

Due to the variety of opinions on the web about OVH, we ensure the proper functioning of the technical support offered by Ovh Hosting.

OVHcloud Support OVHcloud Hosting Review
OVHcloud Support – OVHcloud Hosting Review

If you need help with Ovh, you can count on advice to place your order. It allows you to find help with them via email or phone.

You can contact OVHcloud’s sales team via telephone (on weekdays from 8:30 AM to 5 PM) and email/ticket; however, don’t expect to get anything but basic information here. OVHcloud also claims they’re planning to launch live chat support soon.

Also, if you want a technical consultation of your services with Ovh hosting. You can also be sure that they will help you. Contact Ovh hosting for this case by phone, email, and Twitter.

In case of server problems, contacts are made via telephone or email.

Methods of Payment

Ovh Hosting thinks about its users and about providing a variety of payments for the convenience of all of you.

To acquire the services Ovh Hosting offers, you should consider the payment methods.

  • Bank card.
  • Paypal.
  • Money Order.
  • Prepaid account.
  • Transference.

As you can see, Ovh Hosting allows you to pay for all its services in different ways. Options such as Paypal are helpful for most users interested in the services available from Ovh Hosting.

Confusing interface and inconsistency Across Borders

Their interface is not always the most user-friendly. OVH also has a lot of different management interfaces. This can get confusing for new users who want to reconfigure their website. Management interfaces and the level of support offered also vary by location. That can be a bit inconvenient for multinational customers.

OVH hosts servers worldwide, but accounts are limited to one location per server. If you want to set up a server in another location, you’ll have to sign up and shell out for another account, and if you're going to expand your site’s server capacity, you’ll have to pay up.

OVHcloud Hosting Plans & Pricing Details

OVH hosting cloud guarantees expertise in the world of bare metal. All servers come with the latest-generation components, Bare Metal Cloud, Hosted Private Cloud, Public Cloud, Reseller Hosting, and Web Cloud Hosting.

OVH offers excellent prices for all kinds of web hosting configurations. They do provide a 30-day money-back guarantee.

OVHcloud Hosting VPS Solutions

To pick out the VPS that best suits your needs, it is crucial to consider the following factors:

  • Required resources (processor, memory, disk space, bandwidth, etc.).
  • The needed operating system (Linux or Windows).
  • Technical requirements are essential for the application to work correctly (e.g., a database needs high read/write speed).

This will help you make the right choice from OVhcloud VPS solutions.



  • 1 vCore
  • 2 GB
  • 40 GB SSD NVMe
  • 250 Mbps unmetered



  • 2 vCore
  • 4 GB
  • 80 GB SSD NVMe
  • 500 Mbps unmetered



  • 8 vCore
  • From 8 GB to 32 GB
  • 160 GB to 640 GB SSD NVMe
  • 2 Gbps unmetered

OVHcloud servers are hosted in their own data centers. OVH's cuS offering is available in US-Vint Hill and US-Hillsboro data centers.

Energy Efficient

OVH is also in the market for eco-friendly data centers. Since 2003, OVH has been committed to energy efficiency, acknowledging the impact of energy-intensive servers on the environment. 2010 air conditioning was removed from all data centres, and the cooling systems were optimized to reduce energy usage. 

OVH consistently scores between 1.0 and 1.2 on the Power Usage Effectiveness Index, which is better than most companies have achieved.

Speed and Uptime of OVHCloud

Speed is a crucial aspect of any website’s performance. Search engines love faster websites and rank them higher. Users hate slow websites. In fact, recent studies suggested that a single-second delay can cost you 7% fewer conversions and 11% fewer page views.

OVHCloud Speed Test Results
OVHCloud Speed Test Results

In page loading speed tests, OVHcloud performed incredibly well with a speed index of 1.0 seconds. This is an excellent result considering Google recommends a maximum good user experience is 1.3s or less.

We also used Pingdom to run the same website speed test, which has already displayed results with GTMetrix above. You can see the results in the screenshot below:

Pingdom Speed Test Result
Pingdom Speed Test Result

This test was just measuring the test site with a single user. We wanted to see how OVHCloud Hosting will handle multiple users accessing the website during peak hours.

To run this test, we used a tool called LoadImpact. This tool creates virtual users and sends them to a website, gradually increasing them to 100. You can see the result in the chart below:

LoadImpact Data Results of OVHCloud
LoadImpact Data Results of OVHCloud

As you can see that our site performed well until it reached 25 users. After that, it slowed down as traffic kept increasing.

Now let's talk about the uptime of OVHCloud. At a minimum, I expect web hosts to achieve 99.99% uptime, a benchmark score popularised by some international hosts’ famous guarantees; even 99.9% uptime allows for 43 minutes of downtime over a month.

Uptime of Data of OVHCloud
Uptime of Data of OVHCloud

The data screenshot above shows that uptime reached 99.974% over four months. That’s not bad, but there were constant drops in availability, around 3-4 minutes each time, every week or two. This is a bad sign, as most other hosts we tested had maybe 3-4 periods of unavailability during the entire testing time.

OVHcloud VPS for Minecraft

With its distinctly bright, blocky style, the sandbox survival game Minecraft has become iconic across the globe. Its popularization can be attributed mainly to massive online and real-life communities, and the thousands of mods that exist for it are also a crucial factor in making it the bestselling video game of all time.

With PC, console, VR, and even mobile platforms, the game is easily accessible and offers players total freedom in how they choose to play it, whether casual or avid gamers. While many enjoy playing on publicly-accessible servers, private gaming servers are becoming increasingly popular for those who want to isolate a world, build it with just their friends, and play by their own rules.

Why Choose an OVHcloud VPS Rather than a Dedicated Server?

Smooth gameplay and flexibility are vital aspects of the ultimate gaming experience offered by dedicated computing resources. However, dedicated servers can often be too costly, and many users may not require all the resources provided by bare-metal technology.

This is where OVHcloud VPS server hosting solutions come in. If you are looking for a cost-effective way of hosting private Minecraft games with a group of other players, then a VPS will be the right solution for you.

OVHcloud VPS for Minecraft
OVHcloud VPS for Minecraft

Users can harness many advantages associated with dedicated servers at just a fraction of the price. Like a bare metal server, the allocated resources of a VPS are dedicated solely to you, so you will get lightning-speed performance, quick landscape rendering, and lag-free gameplay without any impact from neighbouring customers.

OVHcloud Refund Policy 

OVHcloud offers a money-back guarantee of 30 days. OVHcloud says that within 30 days of the withdrawal request, you will receive a refund of the initial payment after deducting the price for the days of services used. Other hosts like HostArmada offer a 45-days refund policy.

What is OVHcloud Anti-DDoS Protection, and What is it Used for?

OVHcloud system protects against distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks. The aim of these attacks is to compromise several servers and force them to saturate others with requests. The targeted infrastructure is then overwhelmed with several thousands of connection requests per second, making it unavailable.

OVHcloud Anti-DDoS protection is not optional — it's included with all of their servers at no additional charge.

OVHcloud Hosting Review

DDoS attacks are becoming more widely used by malicious parties, but OVHcloud is working hard to stop them from impacting services.

FAQs About OVHcloud Hosting Review 2024:

  1. Is OVH secure?

    OVH takes the security and availability of its customers' data very seriously. That's why OVHcloud offers you complete solutions to ensure the high availability of your infrastructure at all times. In that regard, their anti-DDoS protection is included with all products.

  2. Is OVH suitable for VPS?

    OVHcloud VPS has many great features. Their lowest hosting level is a regular or cloud-based VPS solution. It is priced in line with most companies' shared hosting options, but you'll have the added power of the VPS, which is nice. The cloud VPS is slightly more expensive but still a good deal.

  3. Is OVHcloud VPS backed up?

    OVHcloud does not take backups of the data hosted on your VPS. You are responsible for ensuring that your VPS is backed up. You can use the following options: manual backup (snapshots) or automated backup to make backups.

  4. Is the OVHcloud VPS compatible with vRack?

    OVHcloud VPS ranges are not compatible with the vRack private network. Their Public Cloud instances may be a better option for using this service.

Final Words on OVHcloud Hosting Review 2024:

OVH offers affordably dedicated VPS hosting, but with this low cost comes fees for extra features and fewer perks. If you want to use dedicated servers on the European continent or Africa, they’re well-established enough that their reliability and affordability may be adequate.

But a provider like Hostinger may be better if you're based in North America. Hostinger offers plans at similar prices, but as a US-based company, they have more servers based in this hemisphere and more responsive customer service.

Choosing the correct type of web hosting provider is an important decision. It can be a crucial choice if you want VPS and dedicated servers. Always check plans carefully to see what is not included in your price.

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