12 Tips to Start a Successful Food Delivery Business

When it comes to food, almost everyone is ready to pay for the food they love. Over the last five years, we can see a tremendous rise in the food delivery business because most people opt to deliver their food to their homes or offices instead.

If you’re an entrepreneur and want to start a successful food delivery business, this article could help end your search. So this could be the moment to start with proceedings.

Understanding the Global Story of Online Food Delivery

Globally, most food delivery services are mostly run through region-based portals ranging from the big ones having a nation or continent-wide presence to the delivery services that cater to the population of a single state or region. 

Global Story of Online Food Delivery by Country
Global Story of Online Food Delivery by Country
The above chart shows that China has the most extensive online food delivery market, followed by the United States, India, the United Kingdom, and Japan.

In the US, online food delivery services dominate most of the food delivery market. United States boasted an estimated 185 billion U.S. dollars in revenues last year, with more than 62 billion dollars generated in the meal delivery segment.

In the upcoming 2 years, the market is forecast to grow even further as the online grocery and meal delivery segments continue their upward climb in the United States.

On a global scale, especially in countries with a large chunk of the affluent middle-class population, the popularity of food delivery applications is at its peak. In the US, smartphone food delivery app users were predicted to increase by 3 percent more in the next year.

Many factors are responsible for the growth; one of the biggest causes is internet technology, where people get the culture of ordering necessary products online. In addition, these services give rise to job opportunities for people looking for a job, and with their hard work and dedication, these apps grabbed the attention.

For instance, Domino says they will deliver your Pizza in 30 minutes, or it’s free. So here, more than the brand, delivery valets become more crucial, and they deliver within 30 min (mainly) and continue to maintain the promise Dominos claims.

However, unlike any other business, a few tips are to be kept in mind before starting an online food delivery business.

Essential Steps to Start Food Delivery Business:

The convenience of ordering food from your favorite restaurants and having it delivered right to your doorstep has made these services a hit with consumers. However, starting and maintaining a successful food delivery business can be pretty challenging due to the intense competition in the industry. Here are some quick tips to help you succeed in the food delivery business:

  • Focus on Customer Experience: To succeed in the food delivery business, providing an excellent customer experience is vital. This includes offering a user-friendly website or app, prompt delivery, transparency in pricing, and quality food.
  • Offer Discounts and Promotions: Offering discounts and promotions on orders can help you attract new customers and retain existing ones. However, ensuring these promotions don't affect your profits is essential.
  • Build a Strong Brand: Building a strong brand is vital for any business, including food delivery. Your brand should convey the values of your business and its commitment to providing quality service.
  • Use Technology to Your Advantage: Using technology to streamline your operations and improve the customer experience can give you a competitive edge. For instance, using GPS tracking to keep customers informed about the status of their orders or offering a loyalty program through your app can make your business stand out.
  • Focus on Quality Control: Ensuring that the food you deliver is high quality is crucial to building a loyal customer base. Implementing strict quality control measures and partnering with reliable suppliers can help you maintain consistency in the quality of the food you deliver.
  • Invest in Advertising and Marketing: Investing in advertising and marketing can help you reach a wider audience and build brand awareness. Social media advertising, influencer marketing, and email marketing are all effective ways to promote your food delivery business.
  • Develop a healthy menu. Your menu is the heart of your business. Make sure it's full of delicious, high-quality food that your customers will love.
  • Set clear goals and objectives. What do you want to achieve with your food delivery business? Do you want to increase sales, grow your customer base, or expand into new markets? Once you know what you want to achieve, you can develop a plan to make it happen.
  • Stay up-to-date on industry trends. The food delivery industry is constantly changing. It's crucial to stay up-to-date on the latest trends to stay ahead of the competition. You can do this by reading industry publications, attending industry events, and networking with other food delivery businesses.
  • Hire the right team. No one can succeed in business alone. You'll need to hire a team of talented and dedicated individuals to help you run your food delivery business.
  • Get the necessary permits and licenses. Depending on your location, you may need to obtain specific permits and licenses before starting your food delivery business.

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Succeeding in the food delivery business requires lots of hard work, but implementing these tips can increase the chances of success for your food delivery business. So now let's discuss every main factor in detail to help you succeed in the food delivery business.

1. Select Your Niche

It is always better to start small and develop into a more prominent player in the market. Practically you can’t be a big player from day one. Regarding online food delivery, things go a bit differently because you have to give your best services to customers.

People ordering from home could want to enjoy the culinary delights in the comfort of their houses. People ordering from the office could need lunch and snacks that taste good, hence ordering from an online food delivery business.

You must select any categories and geographical locations to start the business and grow if you find prospects and increase orders from areas outside your jurisdiction.

2. Partner With the Restaurants

If you want to start your food delivery business partnering with the restaurants is very important; check the ratings and quality of the restaurants and then proceed with the partnership. If you deliver from the highest or good feedback restaurants and famous names, you will get more delivery services and bring more clients.

Also, you can partner with small individuals who want to start their own restaurants online. This will help you gather finances for the project and help those people reach out to a broader client base over the Internet through your business. 

3. Hire Employees

It would be best to start a successful business by hiring employees to collect the food from a restaurant and then serve it to the customer’s location. Make sure that you select employees who can ride a two-wheeler, and if possible, they should own a two-wheeler and have some kind of classes to teach them how to be polite with customers during delivery. If any staff appears disrespectful during delivery, you may get a complaint against you.

You need to pay them the fuel charges based on the kilometers they have traveled on their bikes. Having an efficient workforce shall allow you to establish your brand in a better way.

These employees will lead your brand into the market and will be the physical emblem of the brand in the area.

4. Decide Pricing Strategy

People generally don’t like to get ripped off regarding pricing. But how much is too much? You can find out if you test different options. This is one of the most critical questions when deciding on a pricing strategy. So make your first delivery and experiment with different price points.

I like to think about pricing strategy in terms of value. You must determine what you’re offering your customer and how much it is worth, then price it accordingly. As you look at positioning yourself in the market, you need to consider how much your product is worth. Once you know how much you’re offering, you can determine if the price is too high or low.

Remember that if you set a price that your clients don’t like, they will eventually stop ordering from you. You will lose money because you will not make as much profit. You can also consider how much you pay for ingredients and food processing.

5. Branding is Important

For an online food delivery business, it is essential to properly brand its agents so that people will recognize your brand easily when they travel to serve and collect food.

For instance- highlight your brand on the delivery bag they carry food in. Also, you can give your brand name or logo t-shirts to highlight and appeal to your brand, instantly catching people’s attention.

These things won’t cost much; when it comes to marketing or brand promotion, these steps will help you in branding, and once it clicks in the mind of people, they will surely order from you.

6. Focus on Food Innovation

Food Innovation - Start a Successful Food Delivery Business
Food Innovation – Start a Successful Food Delivery Business

Introduce new food items that draw customers to grow your food delivery business. You can innovate your store's layout as well as its food items. Mobile food trucks, for instance, have gained popularity in many places because many food businesses adapting the same.

Additionally, it has been observed that businesses frequently hire restaurants for catering services. Another fantastic technique to gain attention is to cater for birthdays, anniversaries, corporate events, and other special occasions.

7. Launch Brand Website

Your online food delivery business’s website is the only element that shall attract a person to place an order. See the Uber Eats website example below:

Launch Website - Start a Successful Food Delivery Business
Launch Website – Start a Successful Food Delivery Business

Professional and experienced web designers should design it; the colors used should be according to the theme color of the logo so that there is a similarity.

A food delivery business must have a mobile app for its website. Get hold of app developers for all three platforms – Android and iOS. Ordering food from their phones is more convenient than a PC or a laptop.

8. Introduce Customer Preferred Payment Modes

Customer Preferred Payment Modes
Customer Preferred Payment Modes

Nowadays, customers order food from restaurants that offer them to pay online or offline. Similarly, customers would like to pay either using master cards or using cash at the time of food delivery. Hence, they won’t have to worry about low cash as they can select their preferred mode of payment. 

Such a convenient option for food clients is one of the best ways to please potential consumers. So, as a restaurant owner of a food delivery business, you should be ready to accept payments via card, google pay, or apple pay. Especially when most companies offer no contact delivery, it would be easier for customers to choose their preferred payment options.

Moreover, when you have enabled online payment options, there would be less chance of order cancellation. Hence, this step would provide a better customer experience. 

9. Finance

The profit margin is low in this kind of business; however, there are many other ways your online food delivery business shall earn substantial profits.

For restaurants to get listed on your online business, they shall pay a monthly or yearly charge. You can partner with various small businesses and give them the platform to sell their delicious food.

As a result, such businesses will save on the cost of establishing a full-fledged restaurant and instead pay you for providing them with the platform through which they are getting sales.

10. Marketing Planning

For your online food delivery business to perform best, it is advised that you get a professional marketing person as well as an SEO.

From a marketing perspective, your brand can tie up with some of the good causes and contribute a part of the profit to the well-being of a good cause. In addition, this will showcase you as a trustworthy brand from the customer’s perspective.

SEO experts shall drive traffic to the website so that there can be increased sales. They will target keywords and post blogs to rank your online business better on various search engines, and more people will opt for services from your website.

11. Create Social Media Presence

Social media is the most effective approach to draw in and keep the vast audience circling on all these platforms. As a result, be sure to put your food delivery business on social media pages and regularly update and optimize them.

Post consistent images and videos that capture the activities in your kitchen. From these social pages, you can get reviews and comments that can help you improve how your food delivery business is run. 

12. Obtain Licenses and Permits

The process of obtaining licenses and permits for your food delivery business can seem a daunting task. However, it is much simpler than you might think. Many states will require a few verification forms, and it’s up to you to provide what they need. You should always check with your local authorities to ensure they require permits or licenses before starting a food delivery business in your area.

You need to apply for all your licenses and permits, which include the following:

  • Business permits
  • Tax payments
  • Sanitary permits
  • Food handling seminar and permits
Note: Every country and region differs in terms of food laws and licensing requirements, and some industries, like dairy and alcohol, may be subject to additional rules. Consult a lawyer and local government for information about your business and region.

Unfortunately, many businesses don’t comply with the requirements because they operate from home. The advantage of having all your licenses and permits ready is that your customers will trust you more as you’re a legit business. In such a way, you avoid legal troubles affecting your business.

How Much Does it Cost to Start a Food Business?

Because of the different models described above, the costs to start a food business can vary wildly. For example, if you were to open a restaurant or physical food store, your upfront costs could be $200,000. But there are many ways to get started with much smaller startup costs. Going with ready-made food delivery software is one of them.

Small-batch producers who start home-based businesses have far less overhead and can expand into commercial spaces later as the business grows. Without expensive leases or staffing costs, you could start small with just a few hundred dollars to cover ingredients, website and marketing costs, and packaging. You may even be able to claim some of your housing and utility costs at tax time if your living space doubles as your business space.

If running your business from home is impossible, consider the monthly cost of a commercial facility when calculating your startup costs. Production facilities can be expensive, but many co-ops and incubators offer shared kitchens to entrepreneurs for a fraction of what you’d spend in a dedicated space.

Final Words on How to Start a Successful Food Delivery Business:

Online food delivery platforms will continue to prosper and become more popular as they expand beyond the hyper-smart metropolitan cities into small cities in developing nations. While big players are still focusing on the upmarket wealthy urban population, regional food delivery services can focus on the underserved small-town population and take an essential portion of this booming industry.

The online food delivery business is getting more popular daily, and the competition is stiff from the market leaders. Make sure you follow the leaders closely and learn from the good strategies they implement in their business.

Your brand’s social media presence has to be strong so that the clients can communicate easily with you if they have an issue.

Post regularly and provide them with offers once you have the business settled and have started making money other than the recovery cost of the business. Be professional in your conduct with the clients.

If you keep working hard and dedicated to the business, good profits will return to you in a few months.

It would be great if you had the patience to get the first sale for your business. You might just be very near to having a profitable business, but giving up on the early stages will remove you from the opportunity. All the best from the team, for your business.

Hilary Smith
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