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Is UserTesting Legit or Scam? Shocking UserTesting Review

By Isabelle Merlin

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Reviewed by: Patrick Brian

Is UserTesting Legit or Scam Shocking UserTesting Review Uncovered

Are you tired of wasting time on online platforms that promise quick cash but deliver nothing but disappointment? Is UserTesting legit or a scam user testing site worth signing up for?

If you want to become a freelance usability tester, chances are that will be the first platform to pop up during your search.

It is, after all, the most commonly used and well-known of all user testing platforms.

UserTesting is a platform that helps companies increase the usability of their website and help eliminate bad user experiences. To make this happen, testers and users need to give feedback about websites and let companies know about their experience.

It’s time to uncover the real deal behind UserTesting. In this no-holds-barred UserTesting review, we spill the beans on whether it’s a legit goldmine or a scam waiting to devour your precious time.

Stay tuned as we reveal the secrets, expose the hidden truths, and provide you with the ultimate verdict on UserTesting that will leave you shocked.

Don’t make another move until you’ve read this eye-opening UserTesting review.

Is UserTesting Legit or Scam?

In the gig economy era, many platforms offer various opportunities to earn money online.

UserTesting is one platform that claims to provide a straightforward way to make money by testing websites and applications.

However, with numerous scams circulating on the internet, it’s crucial to determine whether UserTesting is a legitimate source of income or just another online scam.

This comprehensive UserTesting review will examine the platform from various angles, including its trustworthiness, user experiences, payment processes, and overall credibility.

By the end of this article, you’ll clearly understand whether UserTesting is a legitimate way to earn money online or a potential scam to be avoided.

What is UserTesting?

Before diving into the legitimacy of UserTesting, let’s first understand what the platform is all about.

Legitimacy of UserTesting
Legitimacy of UserTesting

UserTesting is a company that offers a platform connecting businesses with real users to gather feedback on their websites, mobile apps, and other digital products.

This feedback is invaluable to businesses as it helps them identify usability issues, uncover bugs, and improve the overall user experience of their products. Users, on the other hand, are compensated for their time and insights.

The basic premise of UserTesting is simple: Users sign up to the platform, perform tasks on websites or apps, and record their thoughts and experiences. Businesses then use these recordings to make informed decisions about their digital products.

Is UserTesting Legit?

UserTesting is a popular platform that claims to offer an opportunity for individuals to make money by providing feedback on websites and applications.

But with the rise of online scams and dubious opportunities, it’s essential to ask whether UserTesting is legit or a scam?

In this comprehensive UserTesting review, we’ll dive deep into the platform’s workings, user experiences, and payment processes to provide a clear answer.

A. Trustworthiness and Credibility

One of the primary concerns when evaluating whether UserTesting is legit or a scam is the trustworthiness and credibility of the platform. Here are some factors to consider:

1. Company Background: UserTesting is a well-established company founded in 2007, which lends credibility to its operations. It has a track record of serving major companies, including Google, Facebook, and Airbnb.

2. Online Presence: UserTesting has a solid online presence, active social media accounts, and a professional website. Scam websites often lack this level of online visibility.

3. Payment to Users: UserTesting pays users for their participation, and many users have reported receiving payments, which adds to the platform’s legitimacy.

4. Privacy and Data Protection: UserTesting takes privacy and data protection seriously. They have measures in place to ensure that personal information remains confidential.

B. Payment Proof

One of the essential aspects of evaluating the legitimacy of any online earning platform is whether they actually pay their users.

UserTesting pays users for each completed test, and payments are typically made via PayPal.

Many users have shared their payment proof online to verify the legitimacy of these payments.

UserTesting Payment Proof
UserTesting Payment Proof

However, it’s important to note that while UserTesting does pay its users, the earnings may not be substantial. We’ll delve deeper into the earning potential in a later section.

C. User Feedback

User feedback is often a reliable indicator of whether a platform is legit or a scam. A quick search online reveals a mix of opinions regarding UserTesting.

Some users have had positive experiences, citing timely payments and enjoyable testing opportunities.

Others, however, have reported frustrations with test availability and competition for tests.

It’s worth noting that user experiences can vary widely on UserTesting, and some negative experiences may be attributed to individual circumstances or expectations.

How Does UserTesting Work?

Now that we’ve addressed the legitimacy aspect, let’s explore how UserTesting works in more detail.

1. UserTesting SignUp: To get started, users must sign up for a UserTesting account. This typically involves providing some personal information and completing a sample test.

2. UserTesting Qualification: UserTesting may require users to complete a qualification test to meet specific criteria. These criteria can include demographics, language skills, and other particular qualifications the client needs.

3. UserTesting Test Selection: Users can access available tests on their dashboard once qualified. Tests are usually first-come, first-served, so acting quickly when a suitable test becomes available is essential.

4. UserTesting Performing Tests: Tests involve visiting a website or using a mobile app while recording your screen and providing spoken feedback. You’ll be given specific tasks to complete, and your feedback should be honest and constructive.

5. UserTesting Payment Process: You’ll receive payment via PayPal after completing a test. The exact payment amount varies depending on the length and complexity of the test.

6. Client Ratings: UserTesting clients can rate your performance, and maintaining a high rating can lead to more testing opportunities.

Requirements to Get Started UserTesting in 2024:

If you’re interested in becoming a UserTester, there are a few things you need to get started. Here are the requirements:

  1. You must be 18 years of age or older.
  2. You should be able to communicate in English.
  3. You’ll need to download UserTesting’s screen and voice recording software.
  4. You’ll need either a Mac or a PC.
  5. You must have a stable internet connection.
  6. Don’t worry about buying an external microphone because internal ones are fine.
  7. Lastly, you’ll need a PayPal account to get paid.

Once you meet all these requirements, you’re ready to become a UserTester and earn money by providing valuable feedback.

Earning Potential on UserTesting

While UserTesting is a legitimate platform, managing your expectations regarding potential earnings is essential. The earning potential on UserTesting can be summarized as follows:

1. Payment Per Test: UserTesting typically pays between $10 and $60 per test, depending on the complexity and length of the test. Shorter tests pay less, while longer and more intricate tests pay more.

2. Test Availability: The number of available tests can vary significantly daily. Some users report a consistent flow of tests, while others find it challenging to secure testing opportunities regularly.

3. Competition: Users often compete for available tests, so acting quickly when a suitable test becomes available is essential.

4. Frequency: The frequency of available tests can depend on your demographics, location, and qualifications. Users with specific qualifications or in high-demand demographics may receive more test opportunities.

Overall, UserTesting can be a legitimate way to earn some extra income, but it may not replace a full-time job or provide a consistent income stream for everyone.

UserTesting Ratings

You’ll get a 4 or 5-star rating from the UserTesting staff member to be more likely to get future tests.

You do not want to get a low rating from any test. Low ratings will make it harder for you to get more tests.

Is UserTesting Legit or Scam?

A No Rating is Better than a Low Rating: For example, I average 4.6 stars at the moment. But out of the 19 tests I’ve taken so far, only 3 have given me a rating. However, because I haven’t received a low rating, I still maintain my 4.6 stars.

UserTesting Rating System
UserTesting Rating System

To get a low rating, you would have to not follow instructions or not do an excellent job of explaining your thought process.

I think it would be pretty hard to mess up. (Please don’t try to prove me wrong). Just go into each test with a helpful mindset and be sure to understand the tasks presented.

How Many Tests Can You Do on UserTesting?

The number of tests you receive essentially depends upon business needs. It usually varies. You can expect 1-2 tests to appear daily on your dashboard.

Another factor that impacts the number of tests you receive is your rating (testers with 5-star ratings tend to receive more tests), profile, and devices you own.

On average, I received 3 tests daily in my initial days after signing up. However, I could not clear the screening round for any of the tests.

UserTesting Supported Countries is now accepting applications from people worldwide in 2024. That’s right, you can join from anywhere as long as you live in one of the following regions:

  • United States
  • Canada
  • Europe
  • Latin America and the Caribbean
  • Asia Pacific
  • Africa, the Middle East, and India

Does Do Surveys?

Yes, conducts surveys.

However, unlike most online survey sites, UserTesting surveys are combined with usability tests for a more complete picture of the user experience.

Pre-Test Surveys:

Pre-test surveys, or recruiting surveys, help UserTesting determine suitability. The UserTest survey questions, in this case, might include:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Profession
  • Hobbies
  • Marital Status
  • Income
  • Do you rent or own your home, etc.…

There will also be specific questions related to the product you are testing. These are usually multiple-choice, and examples would be:

  • Which activities do you use the product for?
  • What features do you use most? 
  • Do you use the product for personal use or business purposes?
  • How do you use the product?
  • Why did you start using the product?
  • Do others in your household or team use the product? 
  • Where did you learn about the product, and why did you choose it over others?

These are generic questions because we're not referring to any particular product.

However, if the product was tax software (just as an example), you may be asked about your bookkeeping methods and questions to determine the complexity of your tax returns.

If you were testing productivity software, you might be asked how you communicate with team members or the number of hours per day you use it.

Post-Test Surveys:

Once you have completed your test, there may be a follow-up survey.

These UserTesing survey questions aim to verify or expand on specific insights you may have mentioned during the test. Examples include:

  • Your level of frustration with a particular feature.
  • What do you consider to be the product's best or most useful feature?
  • Your overall opinion of the product.
  • How you would improve the product. 

UserTesting surveys may direct you to a third-party research platform such as SurveyMonkey. 

UserTesting Pros and Cons

To give you a balanced view of UserTesting, let’s explore the pros and cons of the platform:

Pros of UserTesting:

Legitimacy: UserTesting is a legitimate platform with a long history of operation and a track record of paying its users.

Flexibility: You can complete tests on UserTesting from the comfort of your own home, making it a flexible source of income.

Payment via PayPal: Many users appreciate the convenience of receiving payments via PayPal.

User Feedback: Participating in UserTesting tests allows you to provide valuable feedback that can genuinely influence the development of websites and apps.

Cons of UserTesting:

Competition: The competitive nature of securing tests can be frustrating, especially for new users.

Limited Earnings: The earning potential on UserTesting is limited, and you may not receive a consistent stream of tests.

Qualification Requirements: Some users may struggle to meet the qualification requirements for specific tests.

Good Skills: Good skills in English and technology are required. If you don’t have these, is not for you.

Payment Delays: While UserTesting aims to pay users within seven days, some users have reported delays in receiving their payments.

Crowded Testers: As I am doing my research through UserTesting, I found out that they let in more testers than they can assign tests to. There is an overcrowding of testers on the platform. So, you must be constantly online to snag the latest available tests.

Disqualifying the Screener is Disappointing: For tests with a screener, it is uncertain whether you will qualify for the test. I was presented with many tests daily after my sign-up, but each test had a screener, and unfortunately, I was not qualified for them. I was a bit disappointed with it.

Technical Issues: Some usability testers have encountered technical problems uploading tests and reporting bugs. This is uncommon but not unheard of. After doing your best and fully completing the test, this can be highly frustrating. However, as I previously mentioned, customer service goes out of its way to ensure everything works out. Just make sure to contact UserTesting if something goes south. You will likely be offered compensation for unsolvable technical issues not caused by the usability tester.

Qualified Surveys are for People with Good Ratings: The tests can be found on your dashboard. You might not be aware of this, but the tests offered on your dashboard are the only ones you might be qualified to join. So here are some basic mechanics for your ratings. Clients will rate you on every test you do. Your rating is based on your work, and your bad ratings can affect the number of opportunities coming to you. So, I’ll be honest: you might only get a few invites, as the first thing they look at is your rating. In the worst-case scenario, if your rating isn’t good, there is a chance that you will not get an offer at all.

As you can see, UserTesting has both good and not-so-good sides. If it is worth joining, it depends significantly on where you live and your expectations.

You should only participate if you would like to give feedback just once in a while but do not expect to be able to do it very often.

But if that is okay with you, it can be a fun and exciting way to make a little extra money, and it pays pretty well for your time for the tests you qualify for.

UserTesting Review 2024:

UserTesting Review
UserTesting Review

UserTesting is a powerful tool that can help you improve the user experience of your product.

It is easy to use and has a wide range of features. Here is a detailed review of the platform:

Features of UserTesting:

UserTesting offers a variety of features that make it a valuable tool for user testing. These features include:

  • Recruitment: UserTesting has many users to recruit for your tests. You can filter users by demographics, interests, and other criteria.
  • Tasks: You can create custom tasks for your users to complete. These tasks can be anything from testing a new feature to providing feedback on the overall usability of your product.
  • Recordings: UserTesting records videos of your users as they interact with your product. This lets you see how they use your product and identify usability problems.
  • Feedback: Users can provide feedback on your product through written comments and ratings. This feedback can be invaluable for improving the user experience of your product.
  • Reporting: UserTesting provides detailed reports on your tests. These reports include information on the usability problems that your users encountered, as well as their feedback.

Can You Really Make Money on UserTesting?

Yes, it is possible to earn a legitimate side income on UserTesting. If it were a scam, the platform would not be such a popular choice among freelance usability testers.

However, you will be disappointed if you consider usability testing a golden ticket to quick and easy money.

The amount you can potentially earn in is determined by 3 key variables:


You will not be demographically qualified for every test that becomes available.

This has nothing to do with how diligently you are willing to work, your experience as a freelance usability tester, or your tester rating.

Thus, there is always a bit of luck involved with how much you can make on

Your Tester Rating:

This is the variable that is entirely under your control. Do not expect a lot of tests immediately after signing up for UserTesting.

But, when the chance comes, make the most of it and start providing high-quality feedback from the first test. Over time, your rating and your earning opportunities will grow.

Client Demand:

UserTesting is the most significant player of all usability testing platforms, and the demand for their services is generally very high.

Still, the amount of your work as a usability tester always comes down to the needs of the customers of

Fewer clients for UserTesting means fewer tests will be distributed and conducted. More clients for UserTesting means more tests are to be distributed and performed.

Overall, users of UserTesting can earn some extra money by taking surveys. Although it's not a primary source of income, it's a great way to supplement earnings.

The website is legitimate, although some negative reviews may suggest the contrary. Users might experience technical difficulties, but it's nothing out of the ordinary and won't affect the overall experience.

Best UserTesting Alternatives

If you’re looking for alternative ways to earn money online or are exploring other usability testing platforms, here are some alternatives to UserTesting:

1. Userlytics: Like UserTesting, Userlytics offers usability testing opportunities for websites, apps, and prototypes. They also pay users via PayPal.

2. TestingTime: TestingTime allows you to participate in remote user testing sessions and pays users for their time. Payments are made via PayPal or bank transfer.

3. Respondent: Respondent connects users with various research studies and interviews, offering higher payouts for longer commitments. Payments are typically made via PayPal or bank transfer.

4. TryMyUI: TryMyUI provides usability testing opportunities for websites and apps. Users are paid $10 for each test they complete.

Best Practices to Make Money With UserTesting

If you decide to try UserTesting or any similar platform, here are some tips to help you maximize your experience:

1. Act Quickly: Since tests are often first-come, first-served, it’s essential to act quickly when a suitable test becomes available.

2. Maintain Quality: Provide thoughtful and constructive feedback during tests to maintain a high rating, which can lead to more opportunities.

3. Diversify Your Income: UserTesting earnings may not be consistent, so consider using multiple platforms or methods to earn money online.

4. Check Notifications: Enable notifications on the UserTesting app or website to be alerted when new tests become available.

5. Review Test Requirements: Before starting a test, carefully read the requirements and instructions to ensure you meet the criteria.

How Much You Can Make With UserTesting?

The pay for testing can vary depending on the complexity and length of the test, but generally, you can expect to earn anywhere from $3 to $60 per test.

Most tests will pay around $10 for each evaluation. For each 20-minute video you watch and provide feedback on, you’ll earn $10.

To get started, you only need a computer or mobile device to access a website or app and complete a series of tasks. After completing the tasks, you’ll be asked to provide verbal feedback on your user experience.

You don’t need to be an expert to give constructive criticism, but you should have a good command of the English language. The tasks usually take between 10 and 20 minutes to complete.

You'll need a PayPal account to get paid for your testing work.

It’s also important to note that you’ll need access to PayPal from your location to receive payment. After you complete the test, you’ll receive payment within 7 days.

Final Words on UserTesting Review About Is Legit or Scam?

In conclusion, UserTesting is a legitimate platform that offers an opportunity to earn money by providing feedback on websites and applications.

The company has a solid track record, and many users have reported receiving payments for their participation. However, it’s essential to approach UserTesting with realistic expectations.

The earning potential is limited, and the availability of tests can vary, leading to a somewhat inconsistent income stream. Additionally, competition for tests can be fierce, especially for new users.

Ultimately, UserTesting can be a legitimate way to earn extra income or provide valuable feedback to businesses. It’s not a scam, but it may not be a reliable full-time income source.

If you’re looking to supplement your earnings or gain experience in usability testing, UserTesting is worth exploring.

As a tester, it’s a good platform for you to earn some extra bucks. You must have fluent English-speaking skills and a technical background to perform tests.

The website has a straightforward and transparent way of working; however, how many tests you can take is uncertain.

Qualifying for the test depends upon many factors, including your demographics, industry, work experience, income, age, devices you own, web applications you use, your shopping pattern, etc.

However, for a more stable income, you may want to consider alternative online opportunities or combine UserTesting with other income streams.

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